Sadly, 'This' is America #StopAsianHateby@marinatranvu
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Sadly, 'This' is America #StopAsianHate

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The comment that my team had received on a post/ad that we ran to drive awareness about our brand EQUO, was quite surprising. The user stated “This is America. We speak English here. If you want your language and customs, go back to where you came from.” I think there might have been some sort of mistake when Facebook showed our Vietnamese language ads to this user by accident. However, the comment was absolutely uncalled for. A member of my team saw this and was particularly upset about it. With my team being entirely based in Vietnam, some of them have never left the country, let alone Asia, so were not exposed to racism, xenophobia or discrimination due to their ethnicity or language they spoke in anyway. Therefore this came as quite a shock to them. As the CEO of the company, I addressed this with them and noted that it was important for us to respond to comments like this and not remain silent. Therefore, I responded back to the user by not trying to make a snappy comeback or insulting them back, but by trying to take this comment as a chance to educate them and get them to re-evaluate their actions.
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