88 Stories To Learn About Usaby@learn

88 Stories To Learn About Usa

by Learn RepoOctober 6th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Usa via these 88 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Usa via these 88 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Breaks Down the FTX Timeline

U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes over the FTX timeline.

2. The Highest Paying Jobs in America

The job market in America is constantly evolving and reaching greater heights. People are enrolling themselves in many online and offline courses to master a skill or two. All this is done to achieve the highest paying skill so that they can end up landing a job of their choice. There are many in-demand skills that you can acquire that will make you eligible for a lot of jobs. This article has been curated to discuss some of these highest paying skills.

3. Paying Rent is Hard Enough Without Discrimination; U.S. Government Issues Guidance

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued new guidance last week aimed at one of the most problematic practices.

4. China Releases the Kraken Against US Dollar

The view of the world community was riveted to the problem of relations between the United States and China, known as the trade war. Donald Trump's tweets, renminbi price drop, duties, and much more.

5. Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

Cryptocurrency (crypto) has become persona non grata in the capital due to the FTX collapse.

6. Online Unemployment Systems Are Showing Signals of Strain

Newly laid-off workers face crashes, long load times, and messages offering phone callbacks as states struggle to adjust

7. What Is “Suckers List” And Why Texas Drivers Sued Its Creator

A joint investigation by The Markup and Consumer Reports was cited in a lawsuit over discriminatory car insurance rates

8. President Trump's Attempt To Monopolise Potential COVID-19 Vaccine Is Not Helping

US President Donald Trump has attempted to monopolise a coronavirus vaccine currently being developed by a German pharmaceutical manufacturer, in what the press are now referring to as a “filthy proposal in times of pandemic”. The President, who initially dismissed the novel coronavirus as something outside the realm of his concern, has left the world in shock with his handling of the unprecedented health crisis so far, with the US’s closest ally the UK in “disbelief” at the President’s incredibly slow response and his tweets, which initially sought to downplay the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

9. YTS ‘Settles’ Piracy Lawsuit with Movie Company But Stays Online

The operator of the popular torrent site YTS has resolved the piracy lawsuit that was filed by movie outfit Wicked Nevada last year. In a consent judgment, which is signed by both parties, the YTS admin agreed to pay $150,000 in damages. The site is no longer allowed to share torrents of the film "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, And Vile," but YTS itself remains online for now.

10. 8 National Parks That Would Be Perfect to Work From This Summer

Who says WFH means staying chained to your desk? Try WFCampsite this summer and check out some of the most amazing National Parks the U.S. has to offer.

11. Here's Why The Global Economy Is Entering A Downturn

Is the US Economy in a recession? Depends on whom you talk to. While there have been two-quarters of contraction in economic activity, the Biden Admin is loath

12. How To Prevent Your Property From Being Taken By Eminent Domain

A closer look on how to protect your property from eminent domain.

13. Covid v2.0 (Black Death v2.0): CNN Reports Bubonic Plague in China

14. The US-China Rivalry Could Be More of a Noble Fair Play

The big question, not only for both tech behemoths China and the USA but also for the rest of the world, is whether the above countries are enemies or allies?

15. Why Can't the United States Regulate Algorithms?

Why is it so hard to regulate algorithms in the United States?

16. Is There a Major Global Collapse On the Horizon?

Kim Dotcom ponders whether a major global collapse is coming soon.

17. How Big Tech Influences Privacy Laws

The Markup reviewed public hearing testimony in all 31 states that have considered consumer data privacy legislation since 2021 and found a campaign by Big Tech

18. The Lost Childhood of Teenage Workers

For about a year, I’d been hearing that more Guatemalan immigrants were showing up on factory floors, and that among them were teenagers who worked overnight.

19. Does Anonymization of Data Guarantees Privacy?

Anonymization of data isn’t enough to guarantee privacy

20. U.S. Federal Study Shows That Police Surveillance Oversight is Outdated

A federal study found that police surveillance oversight is outdated as it doesn't take into account modern technology.

21. Hacking Against Inflation Through Real Estate [Infographic]

A look at how to hedge against inflation by investing in real estate.

22. The Culture War That Will Define Our Collective And Individual Identities

The United States is not in a political war despite the true fight manifesting itself in the domain of politics. America is instead in a much larger and significant culture war. This issue is so multifaceted and stems back so long it can’t be attributed to any one thing.

23. The U.S. is living in a Tequila Revolution

Why is America’s focus shifting toward tequila? First, of a population of 331.4 million people, about 19% are Hispanics.

24. Is China Laying the Groundwork for a State Backed Token?

China Includes Cryptocurrency In Continued Business Reforms

25. Why One State's Testing Procedures Vary From a Neighbor's?

We want to know the ways one state’s testing procedures may vary from a neighbor’s, and the reasons why.

26. Did Political Candidates Use Psychological Tricks in Their Emails?

Arvind Narayanan discusses whether or not political candidates use psychological tricks in their e-mails to supporters.

27. A Review of U.S. Tenant Screening Processes is Requested By Sen. Sherrod Brown

In a letter last week, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) detailed his committee’s findings on tenant reports from 10 companies.

28. "Public agencies in California have increasingly demanded location data collected from people"

Only 41 warrants that could clearly constitute a geofence warrant.

29. How Fed's Rate Hike affects Crypto Market Sentiment

30. Sam Kapoor Leads Presentation On Freedom And The Law

Sampada "Sam" Kapoor recently led a presentation on Freedom in the Law for the Mississippi Humanities Council's "Ideas on Tap" Series.

31. Are Courtrooms Going to Be Replaced by Chatrooms?

Online dispute resolution, as it’s known, had already been growing in popularity as a means to make often costly, slow-moving court processes more efficient.

32. The Markup Investigation: Congressman Says that Google engineered a “Walled Garden”

Comment comes as part of big tech CEO grilling by antitrust committee

33. Communism Isn't The Answer, But It's Time to Start Looking for Alternatives

This is my 6yo Niece’s Opinion of ‘Bad Guy’ Police. Let’s be clear: Trump mentioning “Second Amendment rights” while discussing the protests is a direct call to arms to the right wing radicals and other armed individuals who have integrated themselves with peaceful protesters.

34. 7 Ways Telephone Systems Support Remote and Home Workers

Remote working isn’t becoming popular. It already is. The number of people who work remotely in the US has increased by 140% since 2005, with 34% of US workers saying they would take a pay cut of up to 5% in order to work from home.

35. How To Gain Your First B2B Customers In The US Market

Acquiring US B2B customers: here are some insights and experiences I had at HRtech B2B startup - Alchemist Accelerator, which helped me enter the US market.

36. We Are All Responsible for Misinformation Management

Over the last few months misinformation has been spreading almost as quickly as the coronavirus. Social media has been inundated with false claims and misleading statements.

37. This App Is Tracking 250,000 Immigrants in the U.S.A.

“Every time they call me, I’m scared,” she said. “The truth is … I don’t feel free.”

38. Over 50 U.S. Gig Workers Murdered on the Job in the Past Five Years

A new study says more than 50 gig workers have been murdered in the U.S. over the past five years.

39. Ivy League Schools: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Ivy League colleges are all the top tier colleges that ensure a promising academic career with an abundance of career opportunities at the students’ doorstep as soon as they graduate. They provide a holistic and rigorous experience to their students however if one really breaks it down to its foundation, the purpose of an Ivy League college is the same as a community college or a virtual university; and that is to provide an education to its students.

40. How to Get the Most Out of Your TWS5 F9 Headphone

Charter Spectrum is one of the largest and most reliable AI- Artifical Intelligence service providers in the United States. Spectrum Internet prices are affordable and their high-speed internet provides consistently reliable download speeds. Spectrum’s download speed is usually faster when compared with other internet providers. You can compare the current plans, speeds and prices that Spectrum Internet has available this month.

To adhere to social distancing guidelines and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, it isn’t a good idea to have a technician install your Spectrum Internet service for you.

It is easy to do the installation yourself if a cable was previously connected to your home. This prevents you and your family from being exposed to the novel coronavirus, and you will avoid the additional expense incurred when a technician installs it. However, you will need some help and guidance on how to do self-installation, especially if it is your first time doing this.

Consider this being an excellent opportunity for you to lahore smart city how to do a technical installation. You won’t have to adjust your schedule to accommodate the installation time since you will do it at your own convenience. If you get stuck at any time during the process, Charter Communications customer support will help you through the installation process.

The Spectrum Internet self-installation kit is fairly easy to use, since it comes with easy step by step instructions. The package has everything you need to know during the installation of the internet service. You should confirm that the kit has every item required before you start. That way you won't have to stop in the middle of the process because an item is missing.

41. Here's Why 70% of Americans Are Overweight or Obese

Sollozzo goes over why 70% of Americans are overweight.

42. The US Dollar has Failed as a Reserve Currency

Where to from here?

43. What Do U.S. Politicians Have to Say About Mortgage Discrimination Against Minorities?

American politicians react to The Markup's findings that minorities are getting discriminated against when they apply for a mortgage.

44. What Will It Take To Save the Internet? An Interview With Jeff Kosseff

Jeff Kosseff, a former reporter turned lawyer and legal scholar, has emerged as one of the leading experts on the 1996 law...

45. 40% Americans Do Not Know What Affects Their Credit Score

Your customers’ credit score is one of the most important numbers of their financial lives. This three-digit number is the most used credit scoring model by lenders for evaluating a borrower's creditworthiness or the likelihood that they’ll repay the money.

46. Amazon's 'Essential Item' Policy Upsets Everyone

Currently that appears to include a 10-pack of rubber chickens

47. I Witnessed a Smash and Grab: Here's What Happened

A San Francisco firefighter describes a smash and grab he saw.

48. Can I Avoid Facial Recognition At The Airport?

Technically, yes, but it is not always easy

49. What To Do if Denied Housing or Apartment Due to Inaccurate Background Report

Getty Images and Ali Wijaya

50. Why Google Faces $5 Billion Lawsuits in the USA

Google Know as a Web search engine company. A person or anybody who is using the Google search engine like Google Chrome to find any thinks on the internet, Google can track your data, however, in google chrome there is an option on use Google incognito mode.

51. Main Reasons To Vote “No” On Prop 22

Hi readers, today, I’m publishing a letter that I penned with Nate D’Anna, co-founder and co-CEO of Dumpling, about Prop 22 and the status of gig workers.

52. The Problem With Utah’s Chatroom Justice Program

Utah has begun piloting a new chatroom-like system for small claims cases, known as online dispute resolution.

53. Do the Leaked Facebook Documents Show That the Company Lied?

Facebook was supposed to stop recommending users political groups. That was a lie.

54. Effects Of Video Game Piracy

What Exactly Is The Meaning Of Video Game Piracy?

55. How Algorithms Can Potentially Raise Rent

One of the algorithm’s developers told ProPublica that leasing agents had “too much empathy” compared to computer generated pricing.

56. What To Do if The Bank Mistakenly Reported You as Deceased

Investigate, complain, and maybe sue

57. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility?

Americans find unity in a set of ideals rather than a connection to some ancestral homeland. It is the United States Constitution rather than an attachment to blood and soil that allows the U.S.’s ethnically, culturally, racially, and religiously diverse country to remain cohesive. Being a blend of people from every corner of the planet, combined with Americas newfound responsibility to maintain the global structure creates a unique political environment. It is hard to find unity in a nation so diverse, ridden with such a dark past and yet such heroic moments. America, in short, is caught in a state of cognitive dissonance about who they are. Somehow, this extremely young Republic, which was seen as a mere experiment not too long ago, has global hegemony.

58. America’s Drinking Water Isn't Protected Enough

The consequences of a major water system breach could be calamitous: thousands sickened from poisoned drinking water; panic over interrupted supplies...

59. Pitfalls Of Court Hearings On Zoom

Court hearings are going virtual in response to COVID-19. Studies show they can lead to harsher outcomes for defendants

60. The Partisan Divide on Facebook Is Still Bad

Depending on your political leaning, Facebook will show you two different perspectives on the Capitol Riot that took place on January 6, 2021.

61. The Truth About Less Biased Data-Informed Predictive Policing

Critics say it merely techwashes injustice

62. What Nonprofits Need to Know Now About the New CARES Act

Editor's note: On April 23, Congress allocated an additional $370 billion for nonprofits and small businesses under the CARES Act: $310 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), and $60 billion for Emergency Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL).

63. FBI and the War on Cybercrime: What Really Happened

Take a peak at what happened with the FBI and cybercrime.

64. How Pandemic Testing Protocols Vary Across The USA

To determine how testing protocols for COVID-19 vary across the United States, we sent requests under public records laws to all 50 states, New York City, and Washington, D.C. The requests were sent to health departments the week of March 16 and were identical. The database below contains responses we have received, as well as publicly available guidance from some jurisdictions.

65. New Report Finds That Facebook Still Runs Discriminatory Ads

We found discriminatory ads can still appear, despite Facebook's efforts

66. Will Google's and Apple's Contact Tracing Preserve Privacy?

The proposed system is anonymous but vulnerable to trolls and spoofing

67. Tech Titans Hammered By Congress At Antitrust Hearing

Lawmakers allege abuse of monopoly power and political bias

68. You Need to Know What's Going on In North Birmingham

With the doors damaged, the toxic chemicals they were supposed to contain within the ovens leaked out at an accelerated rate.

69. How Unemployment Benefits Systems Are Failing During The Pandemic

Long wait times, passwords sent by mail, and shutdowns thwart applicants

70. US Schools Face Increasing Cyberattacks Amidst Push Toward Digitization

Public school systems often have limited budgets for cybersecurity safeguards and have become targets of more attacks.Amid a growing reliance on technology due to the coronavirus pandemic, cyberattacks have become a growing threat to schools across the United States – leading to school shutdowns and to demands for more funding to address the problem.

71. Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson to Host Eurovision in the United States

In this slogging thread, our community discusses whether it makes sense for the USA to replicate Eurovision and its impact on Eurovision fans.

72. The US and China Should Work Together to Fight Climate Change

Norvergence LLC team made this report make you understand the aspects of the US-China relationship on the ground of climate and other environmental factors.

73. US Authorities Have the Crypto Industry Under Siege

The Crypto Industry Under Siege: How the U.S. Authorities Are Declaring War on Cryptocurrencies

74. How the Government Nearly Closed the U.S. Air System

On Jan. 18, following nail-biting negotiations involving CEOs, a Cabinet secretary and White House aides, an eleventh-hour agreement averted these threats ...

75. How Are Gig Workers Coping During the Crisis

Workers fight for hazard pay, protective equipment, and better sick leave

76. How Many Americans Don't Have Internet Access?

The COVID-19 crisis highlights the costs of the U.S. digital divide

77. Putin Says the United States is Trying to Draw Russia into War

In this slogging thread, we chat about the recent geopolitical tensions between Ukraine and Russia. We analyse whether the Russo-Ukrainian war escalates further

78. Dollar: A Dominant and a Surprising Currency

79. Already Struggling with School? The Pandemic Made it Worse.

The Pandemic Didn’t Start Educational Disparities—but It Has Made Them Worse. Vulnerable students get hit the hardest via online learning.

80. Is the United States the Best Democracy in the World?

In this Slack discussion, Dane, Austin, Linh, and Jamie Finney educate me on the intricacies and faults of the US democratic system.

81. COVID-19 Layoffs and Terminations In California

The coronavirus pandemic is creating unprecedented challenges, both for public health and the economy — and those challenges are causing many businesses to lay off their employees and shutter their doors, at least for the time being.

82. How Automated Background Checks Can Freeze Out the Wrong Renters

Computer algorithms that scan everything from terror watch lists to eviction records spit out flawed tenant screening reports. And almost nobody is watching

83. Allstate's Car Insurance Algorithm: How Insurance Algorithm Was Analyzed

State regulators and consumer advocacy groups have scrutinized Allstate Corporation’s use of big data and personalized pricing in the way it calculates how much the company charges its private auto insurance customers.

84. Access to Coronovirus Testing Will Depend On Your Location

Five scenarios that show the differences in states’ testing algorithms

85. Famous Memes from Around the World

Outside of the globally famous memes, each nation has its gems. In this slogging thread, our community shares their country's most famous memes.

86. What Was Different About The 2020 Census And Its Challenges

The count is going mostly digital for the first time. Oh, and there’s a pandemic

87. Allstate's Car Insurance Algorithm: How Insurance Algorithm Squeezes Big Spenders

Seven years ago, Allstate Corporation told Maryland regulators it was time to update its auto insurance rates. The insurer said its new, sophisticated risk analysis showed it was charging nearly all of its 93,000 Maryland customers outdated premiums. Some of the old rates were off by miles. One 36-year-old man from Prince George’s County, Md., who Allstate said in public records should have been paying $3,750 every six months, was instead being charged twice that, more than $7,500. Other customers were paying hundreds or thousands of dollars less than they should have been, based on Allstate’s new calculation of the risk that they would file a claim.

88. There's Something Wrong With Google Search Results

The search engine dedicated almost half of the first page of results in our test to its own products, which dominated the coveted top of the page

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