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The Highest Paying Jobs in America

by Alicia JohnsonJuly 2nd, 2020
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There are many in-demand skills that you can acquire that will make you eligible for a lot of jobs. The job market in America is constantly evolving and reaching greater heights. People are enrolling themselves in many online and offline courses to master a skill or two. Here are some of the highest paying profiles in the industry and are likely to see an enormous amount of growth in the future: Mobile Application Developer, Product Manager, Big Data Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Database Managers and Cloud Architect.
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The job market in America is constantly evolving and reaching greater heights. People are enrolling themselves in many online and offline courses to master a skill or two. All this is done to achieve the highest paying skill so that they can end up landing a job of their choice. There are many in-demand skills that you can acquire that will make you eligible for a lot of jobs. This article has been curated to discuss some of these highest paying skills.

Let’s move ahead and have a look at these highest paying skills that will eventually come in handy at the time when you are planning to enter the job market. Following are the most in-demand profiles in the industry and are likely to see an enormous amount of growth in the future:

  1. Mobile Applications Developer
  2. IoT Solutions Architect
  3. Senior web developer  
  4. Database Manager 
  5. Big Data Engineer 
  6. Product Manager
  7. DevOps Engineer 
  8. Cloud Architect

Now that we have a slight understanding of certain profiles that are growing, let’s move further and try to learn what these profiles hold for themselves and what would be the skills that are required for them. Let’s get started with that:

Mobile Application Developer

The ever so trending mobile apps and devices change the way we interact, perform various business activities, exchange documents, and have access to the news or entertainment world. Businesses, customers, and developers have embraced this creative platform, making mobile application developers one of the IT career choices with the most desired and rapidly growing. 

Mobile developers create code within a mobile development platform using programming languages such as Objective C, C++, C #, or Java. An app developer selects the operating system for which they are going to develop, including Android or iOS, and then learns the coding languages and software development environment for it.

The IoT solutions architect

The IoT solutions architect is a leading position in supervising the method behind IoT solutions design and delivery. In order to understand IoT solutions, compelling coding knowledge, and expertise in Machine Learning, and knowledge of hardware design and architecture must also be required. 

An IoT solutions architect will also be leading and taking part in the architecture and design functions, assisting in developing an overall IoT environment engagement based on the IoT Solution Framework, and converting business requirements into solution architecture requirements.

Senior web Developer

Duties for senior web developers include guiding a team of junior web developers, perfecting website requirements, and attempting to solve technical problems. You must have significant experience in building websites from the ground up and a thorough knowledge of at least one of the following coding languages to be successful in this position: Javascript, Ruby, or PHP. 

They also have to communicate with clients to discuss website specific requirements, coming up with schedules and quotations, writing code, working with a group of developers and content creators, and aiding in the hiring and selection of fresh junior web developers.

Database Manager

Database Managers supervise the data storage and management system for the company. By enforcing security measures, they guarantee the safety of data stored. They also create disaster recovery plans, update databases as required, install and test new software on a regular basis, and maintain backups to prevent any loss of data.

By evaluating transaction processing and database production options, they update hardware and software and are responsible for monitoring the quality of the database by troubleshooting issues. They pursue upgrading of the platform and improvements by supervising system programming. In the present situation, big companies trying to deal with big data are in an explicit need for them.

Big Data Engineering

Big data consists of large sets of data, especially coming from new sources. The volumes of these sets of data are so powerful that traditional data management software finds it hard to handle them. 

Big Data Engineering is a specialization in which Big Data specialists work and includes the development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of Big Data solutions. Big Data engineers are trained to comprehend real-time data processing, offline data processing techniques, and large-scale machine learning execution.

Product Manager

Product managers are accountable for directing a product's development and heading the multidisciplinary team which is responsible for its progress. Setting the plan, roadmap, and feature description for a product line is an essential organizational function that a project manager has to perform – particularly in tech companies. 

The product manager is an individual in charge of identifying the why, when, and what of the product. This implies they direct cross-functional teams all the way from the creation of a product to its release.

DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is an IT individual who performs functions like realizing codes and deployments along with the help of software developers, system operators (SysOps), and other IT personnel in production. The role looks for someone with pertinent hard and soft skills to surmount the existing boundaries between software development, QA, testing, and IT operations teams and to facilitate a comprehensive and creative relationship. 

By streamlining and automating integration and deployment processes, DevOps engineers often work with IT staff to enable proper connectivity between operational activities, development, and test functions.

Cloud Architect

A Cloud Architect implements and supervises the cloud computing strategy of an organization. A cloud architect is usually responsible for creating cloud architecture, working to develop a cloud strategy, and coordinating its execution and deployment, and ensuring that application architecture and deployments are done correctly within the cloud system.

In Conclusion

There are more jobs trending in the market than the ones mentioned in this list. You can check for more such articles that have created such content highlighting the highest paying skill in the US market. The Internet is also full of platforms that will help you prepare for such skills as Udemy, Coursera, etc. You just have to figure out where your interests lie and then work on them accordingly to improve and get better.