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Rose Now Available for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, New Trailer

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Following her initial reveal during the Street Fighter V Spring Update video, Capcom has announced that Rose is now available as the latest addition for Street Fighter V Season 5. This will be the fifth and final season for Street Fighter V.

Rose is the latest character to join the roster following Dan Hibiki in February. Rose returns to the franchise after appearances in Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3, and Street Fighter IV.

Returning from Street Fighter IV is Rose's Soul Satellite as a V-Skill, which enables Rose to summon orbs to use against her opponents. Also, Soul Illusion is back from Street Fighter Alpha as another V-Trigger, which will create a mirrored version of Rose that will deliver the same attack not longer after she does, creating a heavier amount of damage.

Her new V-Skill is the Soul Fortune, where she can draw one of four tarot cards to use as a buff for herself or a debuff on her opponents. The Soul Fortune offers players a dimension to use the technique offensively or defensively. Another new V-Trigger is Soul Dimension, which allows Rose to teleport to one of three areas of the screen and increase the amount of combo options.

Along with Rose is a new stage game stage, Marina of Fortune, which is based on her stage from Street Fighter Alpha 2.

Rose is available with the Season 5 Character Pass or the Premium Pass. She's also available as an individual purchase for $5.99 or $100,00 Fight Money. The Marina of Fortune stage is available for $3.99 or $70,000 in Fight Money.

Two characters revealed in the last Street Fighter V Spring Update video were Oro and Akira, who were slated for a Summer 2021 release. More information on these two characters will be revealed later on.

You can view the latest gameplay trailer for Rose in Street Fighter V here:

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