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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 Arrives with Tokyo Escapeโ€‚by@wheeljack84

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 Arrives with Tokyo Escape

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Jeffrey Harris

LA-based entertainment journalist & 411 Wrestling Interviews Podcast host.

The mobile version of Call of Duty has come quite a ways since it had its official launch in October 2019. Now, the game is on the cusp of its third season, which will offer an interesting twist. Activision has unveiled the latest update for Call of Duty Mobile, with Season 3: Tokyo Escape. The new update will be hitting the mobile title on Friday, April 16 and adds a new Samurai theme, gameplay Maps, Modes and more to the mobile experience.

New to the update are two epic premiere weapons for players; the PP19 Bizon - Yokai or the QXR - Scorching Sun. Additionally, Season 3's battle pass will have 50 tiers of rewards, including the Samurai-themed characters, weapons and more.

In terms of the maps, players will have the chance to experience the Oasis from Modern Warfare 3 on their mobile devices; an upscale desert hotel. Also new for the update is Coastal, which is a brand-new map designed specifically for the game's Search & Destroy Mode.

For the Battle Royale, Season 3 adds the Operator Skill and BR Class. Operator Skill offers "Bull Charge," a riot shield skill that will be available after reaching Tier 14 in the Battle Pass.

The new player Class for Battle Royale is Spotter. The Spotter class won't be available until a later date in Season 3.

Running for a limited time will be the new multiplayer Night Mode 2.0 from April 22-28. This is described as an "optimized version" of Night Mode.

The next limited multiplayer mode is Swords & Stones, which will run from May 6-12. The catch with Swords & Stones is that players will only be permitted to use their melee weapons in a free-for-all contest. Swords & Stones will also have airdrops that change to the Shadow Blade Skill, Molotov Cocktail Scorestreaks and more.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 Update Breakdown

The upcoming Marquee Event for Season 3 is dubbed "Warrior's Path." Like most of the update, it will have a Samurai theme and kicks off on April 29. Players will be able to join Five Knights of the U.A.C. to finish daily tasks and earn rewards in Multiplayer or Battle Royale mode. This event will be winner takes all, and the faction that earns the most points at the ends of the day will be given control of a node on the map.

Other additions for Season 3 will include extra Seasonal Challenges, Lucky Draws, Bundles and much more once it starts.

The Tokyo Escape update will be hitting the app at 5:00 PM PST on April 16. Call of Duty: Mobile is available now for Android and iOS devices. Here's an early trailer offering a look at Battle Pass for Tokyo Escape:

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