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RIP Newsletters and welcome Knowledge Letters!

How many newsletters are you receiving daily? 5, 10 or more?

Newsletters were an invention around 15 years ago, and they have faded dramatically just until two years. They started to rise again, and lots of publications and media sources began to put efforts into building a readership over email and curating a personalised content to their users. While this adds some benefits to readers, staying informed does mean you have to lose your mind juggling between news sources, social media and emails, investing so much time and getting a little ROI with an increasing culture of Clickbait.

At Knowledge Officer, we have seen the hype of newsletters both before and now, and we believe that the future is different! Knowledge is different than news and the former is more important to lead a successful life especially in the startups’ ecosystem where there are technology updates and business challenges every day.

This does not mean that it’s not important to follow up the news and stay up to date with what’s happening around you; we just think that there is room for a much greater invention to take part of the global attention that newsletter is getting now and reduce the effort and load on users who want to stay both informed and knowledgeable. Welcome Knowledge Letters alongside the newsletters!

Newsletters Vs. Knowledge Letters

We launched KO to be the primary knowledge source for people working in startups whether they are engineers, founders, designers, marketers, product managers or basically in any role within a startup. Now we are happy to announce one of the core components of KO: Knowledge Letters!

Knowledge Letter is an email sent to our users based on their choice either daily, bi-weekly or weekly.

The Knowledge letter currently has two main sections:

1- Knowledge Bite:

Carefully curated knowledge in a bite-sized format prepared by Knowledge Officer editorial team with startups lessons, interviews with top entrepreneurs, business concepts and more. This content is suitable for anyone working in a startup whatever his background is.

2- Knowledge Digest:

A list of highly personalised knowledge based on your activity and interests. We continuously work to improve our recommendation to provide you with the most relevant knowledge that supports you in your day to day job.

We believe that something you learn today may help shift your career in the near and far future, these things are what make changes to the humanity and such information is too invaluable not to be shared.

If you already receiving a bunch of newsletters today and skimming through them to stay informed but now want to try something new to stay knowledgeable, we encourage you to try our Knowledge Letters.

Signup now and receive your first Knowledge Letter! And if you like our product, please give us your love on Product Hunt.

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