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Republish High Quality Blog Posts on Your Own Site or Blog

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a new digital publishing product from AMI to increase demand for writers’ blog posts

Story Licensing is a site for users to find and republish high-quality and high traffic blog posts on their own site, application or blog. As of today, this @ami service is now is public beta. We made this marketplace to increase demand for stories and writers, and make it easier for sites to increase their publishing volume of remarkable blog posts.

A lifetime ago when I was running a corporate blog, I would have killed for a service like this. It’s very difficult to increase the rate of publishing for sites and corporate blogs. Most people don’t want to pay the tens of thousands of dollars to use a content licensing service like Newscred, and struggle with the man hours to increase their volume of quality original content. By making republishing an ala carte option, we are bringing an economic viable way for many editors, bloggers, marketers and founders to republish remarkable content on their sites.

And now that I’ve spent years working with writers to optimize traffic, I’ve learned that there are too few products out there to monetize previously published stories. Past posts drive revenue opportunities like consulting work and book sales, but the blog posts themselves are also assets that can improve many sites around the web. By building a place for other sites to express interest in republishing blog posts, we will create revenue opportunities for writers in the @ami network.

How Story Licensing Works for Visitors

Visitors to Story Licensing can:

  • search for story by keyword (such as software, marketing, love, or bitcoin). Each recommended story displays source, tags and claps.
  • place a non-binding bid to republish a story.
  • get an email within 3 business days if the offer is accepted, rejected or countered by writer & publication.
  • reach an agreement with us :)
  • publish and redistribute the story on your site, app or blog. Plus we’ll give your post a social share boost via the @ami network.

What This Means for Your Site

This is great way to increase your rate of publishing with content that is already proven to be high quality and high trafficked. High quality content will be your SEO rankings, lower your SEM CPC prices, feed your company social accounts, and attract people who read what matters to your business. To find the right post for your site, Story Licensing searches a library of 30k posts that average over 10M+ monthly pageviews, including all the Hacker Noon library.

“The vast library of tech industry expertise is a life saver,” said Paul Andre de Vera, Global Lead Search Marketing @ Workday and beta user. “I’m so excited to republish more remarkable blog posts.”

What it Means for Writers

Passive Income. One of our pillars as a company is creating opportunities for writers. Story Licensing was built to increase revenue for writers. As a writer, I know that the internet always makes it easier to monetize your next post, as opposed to monetizing previous posts from your library. And yet, it’s more likely that your next post is not better than the rest of your entire library. All stories published on AMI sites are searchable on Story Licensing.

“As someone who writes 10,000 words a day,” said Writer, Founder of Digital Press, & 4x Top Writer on Quora Nicolas Cole, “I’m constantly looking for ways to increase revenue from my stories — and Story Licensing is a no brainer option.”

The Business Approach

The primary problem with publishing on the internet is the lack of long term value received by the author. Our search function is always defaulted to relevance, and as a secondary option you can filter by social proof (the metric on our sites is claps). A quality post can/should be republished to many sites and communities.

Story Licensing has a flat revenue share of 70% of bid to writers & 30% of bid to @ami (creators/owners of StoryLicensing.com). The writer’s 70% is for writing a quality story. @ami’s 30% covers lead generation, business development, payment processing fees, story promotion, accreditation techniques, and other costs of maintaining this service.

The Technical Approach

The content management API is powered by CosmicJS, the search is powered by Algolia, the emails are powered by SendGrid, and the library is powered by AMI. Simple is best. We very quickly went from concept to wireframe to application.

This application would not be possible without collaboration with Cosmic JS, the API first content management system. We met because of their contributions to Hacker Noon (read more by their founders Tony Spiro and Carson Gibbons), and I’m looking forward to working with their community more. Read the full story of the behind the scenes tech: How We Built the Story Licensing App using Next.js, Algolia and Cosmic JS.

More About Story Licensing

This is an MVP product in beta. We all ears for feedback at [email protected]

Additionally resources:

Learn more at StoryLicensing.com.


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