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What is

Story Licensing is a site for users to bid to republish high-quality and high traffic blog posts on their own site, application or blog. Story Licensing is owned and operated by @ami and it searches a library of 30k posts that average over 10M+ monthly pageviews, including all the Hacker Noon library. We made this marketplace to increase demand for stories and writers, and make it easier for sites to increase their publishing volume of remarkable blog posts.

How does Story Licensing work?

Users can search for a @ami story, and enter a non-binding bid amount to republish. We will communicate that bid to the writer and publication. Users will get an email within 3 business days about their bid, such as accepted, rejected or countered. When a bid amount is agreed by all parties, the user can license the story onto their own site or application or blog. The story must be published with accreditation, and it will receive a social media boost from the @ami network.

What happens when I bid?

When you bid on, the amount is communicated to the publication and writer. It is a non-binding bid designed to start the discussion and move our communications to email. Within 3 business days, a human will be in touch with the bidder via email. They will let you know whether they accept, reject, or counter your bid. When an amount is accepted, we we will sign an agreement, and then @ami will provide story license to publish.

Who gets paid? has a flat revenue share of 70% of the bid to writers & 30% of bid to @ami (creators/owners of The writer’s 70% is for writing a quality story. @ami’s 30% covers lead generation, business development, payment processing fees, story promotion, accreditation techniques, and other costs of maintaining this service.

Why is that story listed on

The only stories listed on are stories currently published on an @ami site. No stories from are ever re-published without the writer agreeing to the amount and getting paid. In total, the searchable library is 30,000+ blog posts @ami stories and averages 10M+ pageviews and month.

To join the waitlist of sources to be featured on Story Licensing, please email, and to have story/stories published on an @ami site (and in turn featured on, email

When we re-publish do I have to accredit?

YES. All re-published stories must link to original story, original publication, author social media account, and include the statement “this story was republished with permission via” We see see accreditation as validation of quality.

How much should I bid to republish a story?

How much is a great story on your blog worth? We recommend starting with: how much would it cost to hire a writer to write a similar story? — and then bid half. We want to be a less risky and pricey solution than producing/writing/editing/framing your own original stories. For example, if it costs 1000$ to hire a writer with domain expertise to write a 1500 word breakdown of smart contracts — and you find a similar story on — we’d recommend a starting bid of 500$. There is a minimum bid of $10.

What information does Story Licensing store?

For website visitors, we store the email address and search terms you enter. Based on your intent, we will (via email) recommend relevant stories for you to republish. You can opt out of our emails at any time. When an amount is accepted, we we will sign an agreement, and then @ami will provide story license to publish. We do not store any payment information.

Does republishing hurt my SEO?

The worst thing for SEO is not having content. The second worst thing for SEO is having low quality content. solves both of these SEO problems. While high quality original content is the best (and most expensive) content for SEO, republished blog content is a proven way to better your search rankings. You can also add up to one anchor text link per 100 words to drive traffic and SEO juice to your other relevant pages, posts or sites.

How should I distribute my republished blog post?

While you will receive a complementary social media boost from the AMI Network, the primary purpose of Story Licensing is to help users republish high-quality blog posts. To get the most out of Story Licensing, you should combine our service with Standard best practices for distributing a blog post, such as your company twitter account, facebook account, and posting the story to relevant communities and groups. Additionally for every blog post story licensing agreements above $250, @ami will put $20 into a promoted tweet.

Can I edit the the story I bid on?

You can edit the title of the blog post, but the title must be approved in advance by the writer and publication. In publishing 50k+ blogs posts across the internet, we have become something of headline experts, and for upon request for every purchase we will suggest 3 viable headline alternatives.

What is the AMI Network Social Media Boost?

All published blog posts will go through a social media channel of the publication you re-publish from. For example, if you agree to republish a Hacker Noon story, this means a tweet or a retweet from the @HackerNoon twitter account.

Additionally for blog post story licensing agreements above $250, @ami will put 10% of the bid into a promoted tweet.

Who owns Story Licensing?

Story Licensing is a tool made, owned, and operated by ArtMap Inc. It was designed by David Smooke and built in partnership with CosmicJS Founders & Hacker Noon Contributors, Carson Gibbons and Tony Spiro — you can read more about it in “How We Built the Story Licensing App using Next.js, Algolia and Cosmic JS.”

How do we contact you?

We hope this FAQ is helpful, but we are available at Please allow 3 business days for a response.

Can more than one publisher republish a blog post?

Multiple publishers can re-publish a single post. Our philosophy is simple: the internet is a big place with many communities. Many communities would benefit from high quality posts with domain expertise.

Can I re-publish the story on multiple sites?

Each story license is for one domain or app only. However, if you’d like to publish the story on multiple domains, we can discuss discounts on publishing in multiple places.

What is AMI?

AMI (ArtMap Inc.) is a digital publishing network. @AMI is made up of digital storytelling destinations (such as Hacker Noon, ART+marketing, Extra Newsfeed, P.S. I Love You and more AMI Publications) and tools for monetizing digital publishing (such as Story Licensing, AMI Letters and Weekly Sponsorships). AMI aspires to be your friend with a story.

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