10,000,000+ Monthly Minutes Reading AMI Sites

Across AMI Publications, we achieved over 10 million minutes reading in July 2017. This amount of time reading is — IMHO — good for the world. We hope to be a significant part of creating more time reading in the world. To put 10,000,000 million minutes in perspective, we broke it down…

Per day:

It’s 5,376 hours reading.

It’s 322,581 minutes reading.

It’s 19,354,839 seconds reading.

10,000,000 minutes is the aggregate equivalent of:

6,944 days reading in July

19 years and 9 days reading in July

4 things that took less than 19 years to achieve:

The French Revolution

The October Revolution

The Cuban Revolution

The American Revolution

2 things that total less than 10,000,000 minutes:

LeBron James time on earth from birth to playing in the NBA

The total reign of the Bushes as President

Thanks for being a part of this journey together. What’s next? Hopefully more great stories. To keep on reading, click on a word that interest you below. I bet you’ll find great stories from top writers:

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