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Read Quotes From the Brilliant Minds of the #Noonies2021 Nominees by@noonies2021

Read Quotes From the Brilliant Minds of the #Noonies2021 Nominees

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Noonies 2021

Official account for all things Noonies 2021. #Noonies2021 #DemocraTECH

The 2021 Noonies Awards campaign is unfolding beautifully and the HackerNoon team has been loving the incredible interview responses which have been submitted to us!

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Here are some favourites:   

Quotes of Noonie Wisdom 

 “My joy comes from building and inspiring people to become the best version of themselves.”- Lomit Patel 

Read more of his interview here or find him on TwitterLinkedIn, or via his website.  

“I actually got into programming quite late, in my early thirties. Before that, I studied and got a Master’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture.”- Akis Loumpourdis 

Read more of his interview here or find him on LinkedIn.


Read more of his interview here or find him on LinkedInGitHub, or Instagram.  

“I'm passionate about implantable brain-machine interfaces. I think this technology can help many people with disabilities. Directly communicating with machines can extend our possibilities but our world will totally change when it happens.” - Altynbek Usenbekov 

Read more of his interview here or find him on LinkedIn. 

 “It's OK to ask for help. If someone makes you feel bad for asking for help, don’t [let it get to you]. And if someone asks for your help, give it freely, [acknowledging] how difficult it can be [to initiate that conversation].” - Sukhpinder Singh 

Read more of his interview here or find him LinkedInTwitter, or Instagram.

“[Never stop learning.] No matter how successful you are, if you think you know almost everything in your field then try something else.”-Kali LinuxIn 

Read more of their interview here or find them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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