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React Native and XCode 10

How do you get react-native init to work for now

Note: This is for just getting a brand new react-native app working using react-native init. I haven’t tried it with CRNA. You might have to do lots of other fun things if you have an existing project.

So, if you’re trying to get react-native working with XCode 10 and encountering a bunch of mysterious errors, here’s what you do.

Change the build setting to legacy

  1. First, open your project in XCode by double-clicking on ios/<YourApp.xcodeproj>.
  2. Then go to File > Project Settings …
  3. Change the Build System to Legacy Build System in Per-User Project Settings.

Fix babel runtime

Just install @babel/runtime as a dev dependency (

npm install @babel/runtime --save-dev
# OR
yarn add @babel/runtime --dev

For folks with an existing app who upgraded to XCode 10, you probably have other issues and this might serve as a good starting point.

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