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105 Stories To Learn About Ios App Development

by Learn RepoMay 8th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Ios App Development via these 105 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Ios App Development via these 105 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

Developing apps for iOS can be tricky. That's why we have these handy articles to help out.

1. Concurrent Requests in Swift Using DispatchGroup, RxSwift and Combine

Sometimes we need to make multiple asynchronous requests and get the result when all requests have finished. We can do this with DispatchGroup and RxSwift.

2. How to Publish On the App Store

How to publish an app to the app store. Using react native, expo, eas, MongoDB, Express, AWS, and Git to publish a full-stack app to the Apple app store.

3. I Stopped Developing iOS Apps and Switched to Web App Development After 12 Years on The App Store

After twelve years on the App Store, I've decided it's time to go all-in on the web and would like to share what that means and outline the tradeoffs involved.

4. How to Detect if an iOS Device is Jailbroken

Thanks to the mobile era we have mobile apps for everything these days. Every business from a barber shop to huge retailers has apps so that they can be closer to their customers. On one hand, we really leverage this convenience but on the other hand, there are risks of exposing a lot of confidential information while using these apps. And it becomes very vital when dealing with payments and other sensitive information.

5. A Guide to Understanding Variables in Swift

The only article you need to read to learn everything about variables in Swift. Covering each and every concept revolving around variables in swift.

6. Getting Started With Strings in Swift

In this article, we'll be looking at the concept of Strings in Swift.

7. iOS Developer Ravil Khusainov Plays a Major Role in New Apps' Success

Ravil Khusainov is the sole iOS developer at Lattis, a service that connects people with available scooters and bikes in their area.

8. 25 Common iOS 16 Issues

Here are 25 common iOS 16 issues and how you can troubleshoot them.

9. How to Disable Screenshots and Recording in iOS Apps

Thanks to the mobile era we have mobile apps for everything these days. Every business from a barbers shop to huge retailers has apps so that they can be closer to their customers.

10. Flutter Riverpod: Use StateNotifier for Configuration and Update UI

Using Riverpod for app's configuration settings and update the UI accordingly. Changing a value in the settings should not update UI not related to the value.

11. Why Mobile Application Development Is Important In Current Scenario?

In the current scenario, mobile app development is an essential part of an online business.

12. 8 Factors to Consider When Building an AI App for Android or iOS

Creating an app with AI for Android and iOS can be a challenging but rewarding task. Step-by-step guide on how to create an app with AI.

13. From Native to React Native

React Native brings down the time to fast prototyping app ideas from weeks to hours, by abstracting out the underlying device on which to deploy the app.

14. Useful Publishers in Swift: An Essential Guide

these are useful publishers by Combine Swift. Try to implement them in your own projects.

15. The Test Automation Frameworks that Define Software Development

A test automation framework is a collection of rules or guidelines for generating and designing test cases. It includes a combination of practices and tools that are developed to assist the QA professionals in testing more effectively. Moreover, these set of guidelines may encompass coding standards, object repositories, test-data handling techniques, processes for securing tests results and also data on how to access external resources.

16. Winning App Awards Will Help With Brand Recognition

Here, we look at the apps awards offered to understand the exact type of apps that are awarded.

17. Benchmarking Xcode Availability Across Hosted CICD Services

Xcode versions are the drumbeat iOS teams all around the world march to. Rapid access to Xcode versions ensures that apps are submitted, and updated on time

18. No Mac, No Problem: How to Write Native iOS Apps, Sans Apple

Photo by Thomas William on Unsplash

19. Keyboard Handling in iOS using Swift 5

“Handling Keyboard in iOS” — This has been a topic or rather a problem since the inception of iOS Development. Whether you are a beginner developer or an experienced one, you’ll always be dealing with the handling of keyboards in your apps! But there’s not just 1 issue with the keyboard that we are talking about here. We have to manually handle a couple of issues. Here, let me show you exactly what I mean -

20. The “Magic of Tidying for Photos” App — Introduction

This post shares about the idea of applying Kon Marie organising method to your digital photos, and I developed an IOS app with AppleML and PhotoKits to solve the problem. I share my reflection on lean product development strategy and my journey of making the app end-to-end using a minimum, iterable tech stack and strategy.

21. Introduction to AR Quick Look for iOS Devices

AR is awesome and has an unrivaled potential to enrich customer experience in many verticals. However, it has a friction point in most cases: you need to persuade a potential customer to install an app first. AR Quick Look solves this problem for iOS. This is a native feature of ARKit which launches a model viewer right from the browser — that's why we call it native Web AR. It utilises .reality or .USDZ files, the latter is a file format developed by Pixar, and allows showing objects in incredible detail, adding animations and sounds, locking their scale to 1:1 so models show the real size of an object.

22. Hermes Performance on iOS Compared to JavaScriptCore (JSC)

Hermes is now available on iOS as of React Native 0.64 – the latest version of React Native comes with support for the Hermes engine on iOS. We describe the full process of bringing Hermes to iOS in a series of articles:

23. How to Run MacOS on VirtualBox in Less Than 30 mins

How to run macOS in VirtualBox on Linux and Windows?

24. Address Autocompletion Using SwiftUI and MapKit

Implementing address autocomplete using SwiftUI and MapKit

25. Why iOS Development on Windows isn't Worth It

Yes, it's possible to perform iOS app development on Windows PCs, but you shouldn't, and here's why.

26. How to Set up Custom Domain Names for AppSync

One thing that API Gateway supports but you can’t do with AppSync out-of-the-box yet is custom domain names.

27. How to Add NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription Key to Info.plist File in Your iOS App

We received a message from iOS App Team about adding NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription key in Info.plist file. Our last build was rejected for this specific reason.

28. Mobile Deep Linking for Your React Native App: How to Bootstrap Conversion Easily

Mobile deep linking is a technique that allows you to funnel users deeply into your app through a specific uniform resource identifier (URL).

29. How to Create UITableView in Swift in Just 15 Minutes

Table View is one of the most useful and commonly used view components in iOS development. This teaches you how to create a UITableView in Swift quickly.

30. Recording Audio in React Native

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to record and play audio to React Native apps. We are going to build a simple screen that supports features such as recording audio, playing audio files, pausing and resuming, as well as resetting audio streams. The final app will look like the image below.

31. Mobile App Development in 2021: Native vs. Cross-Platform Development

Mobile Application technology has become advanced with the increasing demands of the users. Developers are coming up with some new and unique methods to make applications pretty easy and efficient. Mobile Applications have a significant impact on all types of online businesses and service providers.

32. Android vs iOS: Which Platform to Build Your App for First Is Better?

The choice between iOS and Android app development is one of the most critical you need to make before planning your digital startup. iOS and Android both are leading operating systems that match software and hardware components of mobile devices.

33. Strengthen TLS in React Native Through Certificate Pinning — iOS Edition

Enhance React Native’s networking API protection on Android and iOS without touching your Javascript code or manually editing the native code projects.

34. 7 Flutter Courses and Tutorials for Beginners for Mobile Apps Development in 2020

Hello guys, you might have heard about flutter framework from Google for mobile app development. It allows you to develop native mobile apps for both Android and iOS apps using a single source code.

35. A Quick Guide to Displaying Text on Images in Flutter

Text Widget allows you to display text in your Flutter application. sometimes users need to display dynamic text on a dynamic list of images as per the client’s

36. Who Would Win Between Flutter and React Native

This Flutter Vs. React Native comparison is going to be fun so stick with me till the end and you will have an answer to which one's worthy of your app idea.

37. How to Add a TextField with a Mask for Phone Numbers in SwiftUI

SwiftUI doesn’t have phone mask tools. Therefore, you’ll need to use UIKit.

38. Implementing 'UICollectionView Compositional' Layout with Pinterest Section

You can use Collection Compositional Layout to define layouts that support dynamic content and varying item sizes.

39. 7 Reasons to Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development in 2021

Dart is a robust language that provides easy coding, security options, and platform independence for a Flutter app (web and mobile-based, both).

40. Top 10 Reasons Why Building iOS Apps is More Profitable

Famous growth metrics will prove that iOS development has a bright future. So what makes developing on iOS more profitable?

41. Why Hybrid App Development is the Way Forward: An Overview

Mobile apps and web services have been spearheading the digital transformation in the recent decade. The former provide excellent user experience and accessibility whereas the latter offer reliability and consistency across platforms, requiring only a browser to run. So it was only a matter of time before they were combined in what is known as hybrid mobile app development. In fact, this approach has been steadily gaining in popularity over the last years and has already overtaken the native development thanks to cost savings and streamlined process. However, despite its growing popularity, it won’t be suitable for any business. In this article, we’ll look at the main strengths and weaknesses of hybrid apps to help you make an informed choice.

42. How to Implement iOS UI Testing

Implementing end-to-end testing is incredibly helpful for the user experience.

43. How Much Do iOS Developers Make in 2022?

Research of iOS developers' salaries based on data from PayScale, Glassdoor, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter.

44. How to Create UILabel With HTML Tags in UIKit and SwiftUI

A process of creating UILabel which handles HTML tags and links with normal and active states for both frameworks UIKit and SwiftUI.

45. Apple Hurts Businesses Again: Lumi Wallet Users May Lose Their Money Due To iOS Keychain

By the end of October, all Lumi Wallet users using iOS devices will be logged out of their wallets because of the legal restructuring of the Lumi company. It might lead to thousands of users losing access to their funds forever.

46. How to Secure iOS Apps?

This is the mobile era and pretty much everything these days can happen from our smart phone. Thanks to millions of apps out there which help us in accomplishing anything we want. Whether it is maintaining your schedule (calendar) to managing financial information on the go, all things can be done by mobile apps running on our smart phones. Since these apps have access to so much of confidential information, as developer when we make an app we need to follow highest security standards so that information is not accessed by someone who is not entitled for it.

47. From a “Hello World” Project to a Complex Messenger

My journey of becoming an iOS developer begins in the summer of 2019. Back these days, I did not know anything about programming at all, so it was hard for me even to understand the most straightforward code. As a big fan of Apple, I decided to learn something related to iOS; therefore, I chose to learn Swift.

48. Developing an AI mobile App: Our Experience, Mistakes, and Achievements

The story of CountThis started with a great marketing creative. I'll tell you how we managed to go from idea to realization of a really cool product.

49. How To Integrate App Tracking Transparency with your iOS Unity Project

ByteSyze SDK covers iOS 14 compliant bases by integrating a custom App Tracking Transparency handler into your Unity iOS project for your ATT-dependent SDK's.

50. Abstract + Flawless App Introduction

Hello to all designers here!

51. Learn All About String Interpolation in Swift

A lot of the time, we'll encounter a situation in which we'll need to insert some values inside a string.

52. A Guide to Hiring iOS and Android Developers

Hiring mobile app developers can be your first step towards building a mobile app. Read this comprehensive guide to know how to hire iOS and Android developers.

53. How to Create a Successful Food Delivery App

54. iOS 14 features Every Developer Must Know

Apple unveiled the latest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 14, at the WWDC keynote in June 2020.

55. A Guide on How to Create a Workout App

In modern society, health is one of the most important aspects of life. Digitization of life’s all areas had a huge impact on healthcare, leading it through digital transformation too. In 2019, fitness apps ranked 13th in popularity among the whole application market. It's increasingly difficult for gyms to compete with apps today: taking into account the COVID-19 situation more people switched to the train-from-home regime, using various workout applications. As a part of healthcare, fitness and related apps’ popularity among users had tremendous growth over the last several years. Today we face unprecedented interest in various apps under the fitness category, free and accessible for all those who have smartphones.

56. 10 Reasons Why Outsourcing Your Work to a Software Company May be Better

There are many strong reasons to outsource software development to an offshore provider. Outsourcing helps you save time, reduce costs, focus on project.

57. How to Migrate iOS projects and CI/CD to M1 Macs

Tips, tricks, and necessary steps to migrate your iOS project and its CI/CD pipeline to Apple silicon

58. Sign In with Apple + Expo React Native + Firebase + Mac m1

Learn how to implement sign in with apple in a step-by-step tutorial.

59. How to Create an eLearning App like Coursera

Schools and colleges adapting to online modes of education imply a high dependency on modern software.

60. Bring Your Ideas to Life with the Best iOS App Development Tools

iOS development is not an easy task but is in high demand these days. Want to make your iOS App Development process easy? Use these development tools for easy.

61. What We Learned from Working with Modules: Summary

Read our overview of the modular architecture. What we learned from working with modules, in Android and iOS. Key takeaways inside.

62. Why Custom App Development Solutions Are Becoming More Popular

In this article, I’ll throw light on how to create custom apps, some trends related to it, industries utilizing custom app development, the development process,

63. iOS 14 Privacy Features: It's Time to Rethink Advertising & Marketing Strategies

Two of the world’s most powerful tech titans are on course for a collision.

64. Simple App Development Tips: 7 Reasons Why Your App has Failed

Never repeat these mistakes if you want a successful app. Check out what you need to do to ensure your app is well positioned in the market.

65. How to Get a Job at Apple as a Developer

The ultimate guide to crack mobile engineer interview. How to get a job at Apple!

66. Why Flutter has Gutters 💪

I've had the opportunity to learn and experience what Flutter is capable of. I've read a lot of articles about it, as well as my hands dirty and I've built a few little Flutter apps. In this post, I would like to send you a taste into what Flutter is with a list of questions and answers, assuming that you have at least some of these questions on your mind, so I can address them.

67. The Future of iOS App Development for 2023

The Rise of mobile devices has expanded the reach of the digital economy. In recent years, they've risen to prominence to the point that they've eclipsed all other types of advertising. Businesses have been making strides to improve their mobile presence as they've seen their customers increasingly use mobile devices.

68. Flutter Guide to Building Apps and Deploying them to iOS (without Mac)

It's now possible to develop and distribute iOS apps without using macOS. Learn how to build ios apps on Linux.

69. Effective Error Handling in iOS

Why caring about error handling, and practical improvements to apply on your iOS app. Examples in Swift.

70. Top 10 Open-Source iOS Libraries for App Development

Third party libraries can save you a lot of time and effort, here are the top 10 open-source iOS libraries. These will make app development a breeze.

71. Useful Tips to Avoid Slow Mobile App Development Procedure

In a market which experiences a tough competition, a speedy app can make every difference. A slowly built app can crash anytime. So, make sure to avoid slow app development process before your efforts go in vain.

72. The Major Difference Between PWA and Native Apps

In this article we share our thoughts about difference between PWA and Native Mobile Apps and what best suits business needs.

73. How We Helped Bring Hermes to iOS in React Native 0.64

For a long time Hermes was exclusive to Android – it was optimized for running React Native apps on Android only. Now it’s finally available on iOS as well.

74. Creating iOS Apps: Tips and Tricks I Learned the Hard Way

Creating an iOS App? This is what I would've appreciated knowing before I started building my first one.

75. How React Native Is Shaping Mobile App Development

Are you a mobile app developer looking for more efficient tools for your projects? Mobile app development is getting tougher and tougher as the market continues to grow. As a developer, you need to develop Apps which meet the demands of your users. To achieve this, adopt the right tools, like the React Native development framework.

76. How to Build a Live Streaming App

This article explains the features of live streaming apps in different fields, and how to build a live streaming app using the SDK.

77. My Second Mobile App

78. Apple iOS 14 Users Can Now Use Widgets: Here's Why You Need To Develop An iOS Widget For Your App

When iOS 14 was launched it turned out that the widgets were affected greatly. They became much smarter, faster, and accessible.

79. Advantages Of Go Language For Creating Web Servers

The Go programming language is great choice for web server development and beyond.

80. Push Notifications: 4 Tips to Increase Your Click-Through-Rate

In recent years, there's been a lot of talk about the decrease in push notifications efficiency. At Pushwoosh we've seen during COVID-19 the demand for this communication channel has grown significantly. Why? Push notifications are pretty cheap and allow companies to establish engagement with less resources than with any other channel.

81. 10 Steps To Create Your First Mobile App

It may seem daunting to start building an application, but here are 10 steps to building your first mobile app. You need a customer-centric strategy to succeed.

82. What KPIs do Mobile App Developers Use to Evaluate App Performance?

These are some basic KPIs that Mobile App Developers use to Evaluate App Performance from marketing, development, and financial perspectives to set priorities.

83. Developing & Distributing iOS apps: Apple Certificates and Provisioning Profiles

What are Apple certificates and provisioning profiles and why do we need them? The certificate is a digital identification you use to sign your iOS apps.

84. Mobile App Development Jobs Trending in 2019

Motorola cut the cord when it placed the first handheld mobile phone call over 40 years ago. Ever since, the race for smarter mobile development lives on.

85. How to Build an App like Airbnb? — Deciding on Features, Timeline & Cost

Looking to build an application like Airbnb for Android & iOS platform? Get insights into how to make an app like Airbnb & how much it will cost with WebClues.

86. The Overview of the Mobile App Development Industry in Singapore [2020]

Mobile app development has become an actual topic for many businesses in Singapore and worldwide. Enterprises, startups, and SMEs use custom mobile apps to increase productivity, set business processes, acquire new customers, generate additional revenue — there are plenty of ways how a mobile app can boost a business in the digital era.

87. How to Become an iOS Developer: An Essential Guide

To become an iOS developer you must have the proper hardware and software, and learn the Swift and Objective-C programming languages.

88. Why React Native Framework is a Preferred Hybrid Mobile App Platform

Cross-Platform Frameworks have gained popularity over Native mobile development over the years. The primary advantage in using Cross-Platform development approach is that it saves time and reduces development expenses as it uses the same code across Android and iOS platforms.

89. 7 Benefits of Using Flutter For Your Next Software Development Project

Flutter, an open-source reactive framework by Google has become the reason for the real “holy war” in the world of software development: some admire it, whereas

90. How to Become an iOS App Developer in 2022

iOS application development is the process of creating mobile applications for Apple hardware such as the iPhone and iPad.

91. App Advertising on Google vs Apple: Comparing My Setup and Results

Google Ads versus Apple Search Ads: A case study covering keyword optimisation techniques, ad campaign content, best value and results

92. Making Your Own Memory Graph To Detect Memory Issues On iOS

Explanation of how you can build your own memory graph on iOS

93. Is iOS 16 Really Worth Getting?

Apple has its own way of gaining eyeballs, and this time it's the beta release of iOS 16. While the recently launched iOS version is gaining all the attention, reactions are mixed, with some still wondering whether iOS 16 is worth getting or not. To address the same, I wanted to share an in-depth analysis of newly introduced features and usability.

94. Display Hierarchical Data as List with Search Feature

Recently I faced an interesting task to display hierarchical data as a list for the iOS platform.

95. Top 5 Courses Learn Swift and iOS for Beginners - Best of Lot

Hello guys, how are you doing? Are you thinking about learning iOS and Swift to become an iOS App developer and create that next app or game that rock the world? If that’s true then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to share some of the very best online courses to learn iOS 13 and Swift 5 in 2020 and become the start iOS App developer you always wanted to be.

96. Approaching Unit Testing in iOS Correctly

Why does my application get so buggy after each release?

97. How to Build Voice Search on iOS


98. A Detailed Guide to State Management in iOS

There are many challenges in the software development, but there is one beast that tends to screw things up much more often than the others: the problem of app’s state management and data propagation.

99. An Overview of What You Need to Know Before Starting to Develop a Mobile App

A complete guide for all who are looking to develop a mobile app. Know the fundamentals of Mobile App Development Process.

100. Tips And Tricks For iOS Application Debugging

App debugging is an essential part of the app development lifecycle. Bugs can be insidious, and we need to find them as fast as possible to get more time for fixing. Yes, of course, it would be great to write code without any issues that work just perfect, but we are people, and it’s a normal thing to make mistakes. In this article, you will read about some useful & fun tools that I prefer to use in my day to day iOS app debugging at Uptech. We will touch a few themes like:

101. How to Create an App: The Definitive Guide (2020)

Similar to any other route you would go down to create an app, there is a planning process you must go through to lay the groundwork for the project.

102. Should You Develop a Hybrid or a Native App?

With an expanding smartphone market these days, many companies are choosing different ways to include mobile apps in their workflow to expand the market reach.

103. iOs App Development Wars: React Native Vs. Swift

A comparison of React Native vs Swift for iOS app development ⚡ Which one is more convenient and practical?

104. The Complete Guide for using Redux in React Native

Redux is a popular React and React Native state management library, meant to be used in complex React and React Native apps where sharing state between multi-level components can get extremely difficult to manage. In this article we are going to learn how to use Redux with React Hooks by building a real React Native app.

105. How to Build a Mobile App that Makes Money

Not many people know how do apps make money. Here's how.

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