ProductHunt’s 17 Most Exciting Upcoming Products For Developers

The makers and entrepreneurs all around the world are building exciting products. These products aim to make our life easier. The Product Hunt upcoming is a great place to see what exciting products are going to launch soon. In hundreds of upcoming products, there are lots of interesting products for developers and software engineers. These products range from APIs, analytics platforms, mobile app developments, blockchain, learning and more. Check out and get early access of the products that can be useful for developers.


It is a place to discover the best online courses to learn programming and coding. Browse top rated and highly recommended courses for web development, mobile apps development, machine learning, front-end development from thousands of online courses available on the internet.

Basically, it is an intuitive editor that lets you create modern websites that can behave like apps (PWA). All without coding! Built by Stefan Rasmussen

Coinvision API

It is a new all-in-one API for 1,000 Crypto market data sources. Get deep data feeds, such as on-chain transactions, dynamic rich list tracking and non-exchange OTC movements. Built by Tiago Martins

Codeq Natural Language API

This API contains all the necessary functions you would expect from an NLP/DL platform in addition to some unique capabilities focused on questions, emotions, sarcasm, and more. Built by Russ Smith.


OpenNode is a lightning enabled Bitcoin payments platform. Focusing on simplicity, it aims to create a frictionless experience for anyone looking to monetize their creative output. It wants to help create a world where bitcoin payments are the preferred medium for everyday transactions. Built by Rui Gomes

Manifold OS

Manifold OS gives you everything you need to launch and monetize your API or dev tool. Things like: billing and payments, accounts, RBACs, audit logging and more all OOTB with easy setup. Built by Jevon.


SprintHub automagically arranges your kanban board while you are working with GitHub. Don’t manage yet another tool. Built by Daniel Heitz


DataDrivenJS is like web analytics, but without charts. Like a database, but without backend. Just a simple JavaScript API to track and read data at scale directly from your website’s frontend.


With Draftbit you can design your app visually, assembled from our deep library of components, and then export app-store ready binaries or clean, well-documented code that give you full control.


Apptics lets you connect all the services you use to track how your business is performing. You can ask questions about your metrics and create beautiful reports that are easy to share.


We’ve built a tool that lets you prototype real, interactive features, and let your users test them using their real data, direct from your database. All without a line of code. Built by Michael Skelly


It is a slick API and beautiful UX to make GDPR compliance and granular opt-in as easy as pie.

Uilicious Snippet

Write readable and clean test scripts to emulate your entire user journey on websites! With Uilicious Snippet, you can even share your bug findings of websites and verify resolved bugs on your favorite issue tracking tools like Jira for free!


Inboxkitten is an open-source disposable email service (powered by serverless kittens) that you can freely deploy / adopt on your own! Built by Eugene Cheah


It’s a Facebook chatbot builder with lot more User-friendly, impressively faster, and has a lot more exciting features. By Benjamin Merritt


Codicle combines the best coding and design tutorials into complete real project guides you can follow along. By Tiago Martins


SpotSense is building geofencing tools for developers, not marketers. Say goodbye to geofencing being used to send spammy notifications.

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