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Product Strategy to Win the Market

Before joining Zalando marketplace, I spent over a year at N26 working on building and bringing a mobile-first bank to market. I helped create a scalable signup for internationalization, implement a monetization strategy including freemium accounts that successfully shipped many “1.0” releases.

Over time, I developed a product strategy framework which helped me scale the products I worked on. I continue to use this framework to evaluate products strategies to make sure they match the users needs, the competitive landscape and the organizations which build them. Solving for the product strategy problem is critical to the success of a startup against incumbent companies that have advantages in resources. One of the keys to crafting a successful product strategy is being able to focus on a problem and jump to the next one with the right timing.

Like all frameworks, this one is always being refined and improved upon, so any feedback and thoughts regarding your experience with building product strategy is much appreciated! Let me know what you think:

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