Popular Lead Generation Tactics Used By Marketing Agencies In 2022โ€‚by@katiesawyer

Popular Lead Generation Tactics Used By Marketing Agencies In 2022

Social media has become more popular in recent years to promote new products. Social media is becoming more popular and more and more in the digital age of 21. Social networks are using tools like Facebook and Twitter to promote their products. Companies are using social media to increase their online presence in order to attract new customers and customers. The most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and YouTube platforms, which are used to promote products and services that can be used to attract more customers to their online audience.
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The competition level that exists today among organizations has left no room for slow evolutions or mistakes in framing marketing strategies. Thus, marketing agencies of the modern world are trying to keep up with the evolving lead generation tactics. Take digital marketing for example. Modern businesses are adopting digitalization on a massive scale and thus, the popularity of digital marketing has boosted significantly within one and a half decades. A HubSpot report says, in 2021, approximately 69% of marketers chose to invest in their SEO strategies to boost their online presence.

However, lead generation tactics have a plethora of impacting factors that modify their results.

These factors include the continuously evolving technology, new specifications of new generations of devices and operating systems, evolving ranking algorithms, and more. So, it has become tremendously important to continuously keep up with the changes and that can be done in various ways.

For startups and new businesses, one of the best ways is to keep noticing what strategies are being followed by the industry leaders. Furthermore, in this blog, we will discuss why this question is important through a point and we will also throw some light on the other six lead generation tactics. So, stay with us until the end of this blog.

1. Omnichannel Marketing

One of the most popular lead generation tactics, omnichannel marketing includes various strategies to leverage various marketing channels. These channels can be social media platforms, email marketing, newsletters, push notifications, in-app ads, television ads, etc. The eventual goal is to target the right audience on multiple platforms. Some of the leading examples of such marketing tactics are Target, Singapore Airlines, Sephora, and Bank of America among others.

2. Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is one of the most effective lead generation tactics that marketing agencies are using. One of the most common examples of referral marketing is mobile apps. Apps reward users who refer or invite other users to install and sign up for the app. Apart from that, referral marketing is also done to collect email addresses or other contact information from already existing users by offering them some useful rewards in return. These email addresses are used to approach potential customers.

3. Newsletters and Email Marketing

Even in 2022, newsletters and email marketing tactics are still very popular to generate leads. Marketers prefer these tactics to announce new products, features, or upgrades. Not only that, with the help of catchy graphics, standout CTAs, intriguing subject lines, and more, potential users are convinced to open email campaigns or click on links. For small businesses and startups, email marketing and newsletters can be the cheapest way to advertise their products or services.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media has evolved quite a lot compared to the last decade. Now, creators have the freedom of publishing full-fledged marketing movies over social media platforms to influence the masses. Marketers, however, are leveraging multiple social media features and platforms to design fruitful strategies on behalf of their client brands. Today, Instagram and Facebook are leading the social media world and almost every social media marketing specialist wants to target these platforms to generate leads. On these platforms, creators publish videos, links, pictures, infographics, etc to attract the attention of potential customers.

In some popular ways, leveraging LinkedIn to attract professional customers is included as well. LinkedIn marketing is most of the time organic and here, creators grow by using tools such as hashtags, status, etc. Marketers are also using influencers from famous platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, etc to promote their products or services.

5. Signup Bonuses and Offers

Marketing agencies have adopted the reward-to-signup or reward-to-install model to grow their conversion rates. Agencies are trying to convert visitors to customers by luring them with offers or rewards that can help new customers in saving more. App developers are also rewarding new users with incentives like in-app coins, free skins, app-specific offers, discounts, etc. These strategies have helped many apps in achieving growth in the market.

6. Getting Companies or Apps Featured

Another popular marketing strategy that is commonly found in the market is featuring companies or apps on websites. Plenty of websites list down top companies in reports for several categories. Some of these listed companies are nominated by websites, while some companies pay these promoters to review their companies and list them if they are eligible. This strategy helps new businesses in targeting and approaching new markets. Also, this strategy can have beneficial results to increase the exposure of the client. Some of the commonly heard websites that review companies are Clutch, GoodFirms, and Glassdoor among others.

7. Using SEO and ASO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or App Store Optimization (ASO) are two strategies that marketers have to use to grow their brands or apps virtually. SEO is used to promote digital content like websites, articles, videos, etc on search engines. While ASO is used on app stores to rank apps better. Both strategies evolve continuously and thus, even experts with experience in years have to keep experimenting to keep thriving in the competitive landscape. Here, using industry leadersโ€™ strategies for reference can be very helpful. There are SEO and ASO tools existing that marketers use to do a competitor analysis to find out the data such as strategies used by competitors, results of strategies, etc.

Wrapping Up

Well, these were a few popular lead generation tactics currently popular in the global business community. These strategies, however, can change depending on the requirements of businesses. And as time passes, surely expert marketers will find new ways to explore to organize more fruitful marketing activities. And when that happens, we will list them down as well for your reference in a new blog. For now, we hope you found this blog useful and informative. Keep visiting Hackernoon for some amazing insights regularly published through our well-researched articles.

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