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43 Stories To Learn About Lead Generation

by Learn RepoJuly 8th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Lead Generation via these 43 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Lead Generation via these 43 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. TekPon is Offering "Free" Marketing Services Of $1.5m To Newly Launched Software Companies

A tech start-up is offering free marketing services of $1.5m to newly launched software companies

2. 6 Ways to Leverage AI for Lead Generation

Looking for new ways to generate leads with ease? Have you considered putting AI to work? Here are 6 ways to leverage AI for lead generation.

3. 4 Cost-effective Ways to Find New Customers for Your Startup

Here are four low-cost channels we discovered that would help you generate leads and take your startup to the next level

4. 5 Proven B2B Content Marketing Tactics You Can Implement Today

Content Marketing plays an important role in any B2B Marketing Strategy. B2B marketers are beginning to depend less on traditional marketing tactics. They are replacing these with content marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of B2B Marketers use it, and Demand Metric says that it costs 62% less than traditional marketing.

5. Popular Lead Generation Tactics Used By Marketing Agencies In 2022

In this blog, we are listing down a few marketing tactics that are used by agencies to increase the number of leads generated by several businesses in 2022.

6. The Best Facebook Ads Formats for Leads and Sales

Facebook Ads Offer Some Great Formats For Lead Generation And Sales. Discover More In This Article How You Can Scale Your Leads Acquisition And Online Sales.

7. 7 Tips for Creating an Effective Lead Generation Strategy

Looking for ways to generate quality leads? Here are the 7 tips that can help you create and deploy an effective lead generation strategy.

8. 3 Examples of Lead Generation Activities For B2B & SaaS Companies

Here are some examples of innovative lead generation activities that will skyrocket your sales in 2020.

  1. Triggered Messages From Chatbots 🤖

9. How To Leverage LinkedIn’s Potential for B2B Lead Generation

If you are a marketer or a business owner and struggling to generate potential leads, this is definitely a go-to platform for you and your business.

10. How Technology Profiling Helps with Lead Generation

Technology Profiling - a systematic way of collecting critical information about leads through iterative forms intended to advance the sales cycle

11. 5 Best E-mail Tracking Tools

Email tracking tool enables companies to gather crucial insights line click rate, bounce rate, etc which can help in formulating better business strategies.

12. How To Test a New Line of Business Quickly

Changing to a new line of business is a risky and uncertain process. This article outlines a procedure that explains how to do it in a relatively safe manner.

13. Basics of Emotional Marketing

Brands that sell chocolates mostly focuses on the feeling of joy and sharing.

14. What Lead Generation looks like in 2019!

This article is more like an updated guide to lead generation and what it really looks like in the year 2019. Lately, there has been a lot of buzz around B2B lead generation given that a lot more people are now using LinkedIn ads and are finding pretty good results when it comes to generating B2B leads from LinkedIn.

15. B2B Marketers Get This Wrong - Lead Generation Vs. Demand Generation

In this article, you’ll learn how to turn things over with Demand Generation and attract the right customers to boost your sales.

16. Lead Generation Life Hacks: How to Acquire Contacts of All Web Summit Visitors

Lisbon is no doubt a wonderful city, history, wine, architecture. On the other hand, Web Summit is horrible, an overhyped event with crowds of students, omnipotent sponsors, and off-target audience for a whole lot of money.

17. How to Create an Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy for Your StartUp

The power of influencer marketing can’t be denied. Although the industry is still relatively new, it is set to reach $10 billion by 2020.

18. 4 Ways AI will Transform Lead Generation In The Near Future

Lead generation is often cited as the top challenge by marketers. However, things are changing thanks to the infiltration of AI-technology into evermore aspects of marketing. In one survey, 80% of respondents said that AI would revolutionize marketing by 2020.

19. How To Create A Marketing Funnel

Are you struggling to hit the jackpot with Sales Funnel?

20. 20 Top Tools And Apps To Generate More Targeted Leads In 2021

If you are wondering what is the best lead generation software, you arereading the right article. Lead generation and acquiring leads isessential for any business, so it is very important to use good toolsto help you with this. This article will tell you everything aboutthe 20 best lead generation apps and tools some of which areconsidered the best free lead generation software currently availableon the market.

21. The Current State of Automotive Marketing with Aharon Horwitz

Aharon discusses how AI and new age technologies are disrupting automotive marketing and sales conversion.

22. The (Cheaper) SaaS Tools We Chose To Replicate HubSpot's Marketing Suite

We implemented an automated marketing campaign and replaced Hubspot with a mix of 10 individual tools and a handmade process, reducing the subscription cost by 90%. Here’s how it worked.

23. How to Create a Converting Website for EdTech; An Analysis of 30 Landing Pages

I analysed the TOP30 fastest growing EdTech landings to understand their conversion techniques. Result – 42 CRO techniques you could leverage for your product.

24. Lead Generation Strategies for Cloud Management Software Companies

A robust lead generation strategy that continuously onboard new qualified leads is an essential part of any B2B strategy, and there are a lot of things to keep in mind, especially if you are dealing with a niche.

25. How to Warm Up and Nurture Cold Leads Using Videos

Is your CRM database full of cold leads that need to be warmed up? Are your current strategies not enough to nurture your prospects? It's time to hit them up with video content.

26. Data's Impact on Traditional Lead Generation

Do you know what surprises me the most in this whole lead generation business?

27. Lead Form Ads: How To Get Leads Without Landing Pages

What are lead form ads?

28. SMS Marketing 101: How to Get Started

Text messaging is a direct line of communication with the customer and is very effective but only if it is planned to keep certain rules in mind.

29. 4 Simple Steps To An Effective Sales Lead Generation Technique Strategy

Lead generation is an important part of managing a product. Having an effective sales lead generation technique strategy with these steps will help your product

30. How to Create Irresistible Lead Magnets with Content Marketing

How to create and leverage lead magnets to grow your business

31. 5 Ways to Put Your Content Promotion on Autopilot

Have you been sending out newsletters, launching social media campaigns, and doing content promotion work with age-old manual labor?

32. WTF Are Autofunnels and How To Design One for Your Business

An autofunnel is the user’s path from getting acquainted with making a purchase where you accompany him or her with pre-configured trigger messages. The important advantage lies precisely in the “auto” thing: you configure the funnel once and forever (for a long time).

33. 6 Ways to Smash Sales Quotas When Managing a Remote Team

Working remotely has been the new normal for professionals all over the world. As we continue to adapt to our unique working practices, sales professionals will still be judged upon their ability to meet and exceed quotas and targets.

34. 5 Tips For Improving Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Are you looking for a way to spread brand awareness, generate sales, and get more engagement from your target audience? If so, you could benefit from social media marketing.

35. How to Hack Awareness for Your Startup — Without Content Marketing

Startups usually focus on building their product first, and don’t even try to generate leads or interest until an MVP is ready. Some will just launch on ProductHunt hoping for some lead flow. But in the best case, they will get eyeballs for two days, and then no more leads come in. And building a lead flow is not that easy.

36. Learning Advanced Marketing with Digital Expert Marco Calamassi

Today we are talking marketing and online business development with one of the leading experts in the field, Marco Calamassi, who started up in this industry as far back as 2012, when Social Media (Facebook) was just conceived and barely launched and now is one of the very few Marketing Experts verified on both Facebook and Instagram in the world. Bare with us because a lot of data and valuable insights will be shared and no tip will be spared. Analytics attachments included.

37. Picture Your DRIP MARKETING On Top: Read This And Make It So

The first step in developing a drip campaign is segmenting your email list. Make sure you segment your email lists properly to get the maximum response rate

38. 6 Steps to Enhance Your Webinar Lead Generation

Over the last few decades webinars have been growing in popularity, but with the rise of pandemic - when traditional face-to-face tools are unavailable and more and more people work remotely - they became a crucial part that fills the gap between offline and online business communication.

39. How to Track the Progress of Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Leveraging the affiliate marketing channel is a powerful function of the sales funnel. When managed correctly, it can deliver exceptional and immediate returns, while growing brand equity over time.

40. 5 Proven LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies That I Use For Growing My Business

In the B2B space, lead generation through LinkedIn dominates all other social platforms.

41. A Step-by-Step SaaS Marketing Roadmap

This article is meant to serve as a step-by-step SaaS marketing workbook that will walk you through the entire process of building a full-funnel lead generation platform to enhance your marketing campaigns.

42. Small Businesses use AI Tools to Increase Their Leads By 50%

AI can empower sales reps by monitoring different signals and predicting a specific lead's readiness to purchase. AI tools can reduce customer acquisition costs

43. 27 Lead Generation Tools Analyzed: Pros, Cons and Pricing

Lead generation is way more than getting traffic and make people visit your website. But, If you are able to collect information of people and drive a good communication with your website traffic to convert them into loyal customers, you are on right track.

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