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One Hour JavaScript Coding Exercises

One Hour JavaScript Coding Exercises are some most recommended JavaScript Mini Projects. They include background color changing apps, Random Quotes, Random Objects and Random Constructors. These are short and sweet to complete and are easy to use with HTML and CSS assets. The following article is compiled by Vinay Somawat at the NIT Warangal Computer Science & Engineering, NIT, in the Philippines and is published at http://://www.nITWarangal.org/.
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@somawatvinayVinay Somawat

Computer Science & Engineering, NIT Warangal

Here are some most recommended JavaScript Mini Projects.

Change Background Color JavaScript Project 

This background color changing app was short and sweet to complete. Since I was given the HTML and CSS assets, all I had to do was create an array of different colors and then add a ‘click’ event listener to the button. Once the button was clicked, a different background color would appear.


Counter JavaScript Project

I found this project super easy. It really is a beginner’s program. The idea was to click on either one of two buttons which registered the count of the on-page element.


Pass The Message JavaScript Project

This project challenges you to select the input element’s value from the DOM. When you click on the “Submit” button you’ll see the message inputted in the box in the “Last Message Delivered” Section.


Random Quotes JavaScript Project

This Random Quotes project is fairly simple. It calls for you to access the properties on an object that’s embedded inside of an Array. When the “Generate Quote” button is pressed, it triggers a change in the quote.


Testimonials JavaScript Project

This project can easily be completed using an array of objects, but John adds a bit of complexity (if you’re a beginner) to the project by using a Constructor function.


Best of Luck! 


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