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No Man’s Sky to Receive New Expeditions Update

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No Man’s Sky has had quite a ride after its highly anticipated launch, to a rather lukewarm response, and now the game seems to have rallied and found its footing. This week, Hello Games founder Sean Murray detailed a new major update for No Man’s Sky called Expeditions, which includes a new seasonal gameplay mode and is free to all players for the game on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation VR.

No Man's Sky Expeditions introduces an all-new seasonal mode of play with unique challenges and rewards. As part of the update, players will be able to embark on a series of milestones through the Expedition planner. Described as a community expedition, Travellers in No Man’s Sky will be able to unlock new mission patches and content that will be accessible across all gameplay saves.

Additionally, Murray is promising this update is a great opportunity for players who are looking for a “fresh start” or new players who want to join No Man's Sky for the first time. The new update will begin with a series of seasonal adventures that are community-focused and will later expand as the seasons continue.

No Man’s Sky Expeditions Update Trailer

Based on the new trailer released for the update, players will start out together on the same planet. Using new visual tech, it appears players will have to scan and search for secrets. The gameplay mode also looks like it encourages teamwork and accomplishing the milestones together. The game has come a pretty long way, considering the early controversy where Travellers encountering other players was supposed to be rare, and it didn’t seem to work when it should have.

Completing the new exploration goals will unlock rewards such as a new jetpack, an exclusive ship, weapon and title. Additionally, completing these missions successfully will offer up mission patches for Travellers. When the season ends, the existing expeditions will be changed to normal mode saves, and gameplay will be allowed to continue.

You can view a trailer for the No Man’s Sky Expeditions update below. The game is available now for PS4, PS5, and PSVR.

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