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New: Connect Pocket to Read Soon

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We all have too little time and too much to read. But technology can help us to read better, i.e., read more of the things that are relevant to us at the right time…

A smarter reading list

Together with our users, we’ve built a smarter reading list:

  • Links you don’t read within two weeks will move to your Someday list, sorted by relevance. Your Soon is always kept small and manageable, and if you ever find time to catch up, you’ll find more relevant links on your Someday list.
  • Save links you want to keep so you’ll find them again when you actually need them. No need to add them all to your reading list!
  • We’re rolling out summaries… for some links on your reading list (example).
  • Offline mode (for iOS)
  • Before reading a link on your reading list, you’ll see who saved the link.
  • … (more things to come)

Our users tell us that Refind helps them read significantly better. That’s what we love to hear, and what we’ll continue to focus innovating on… because our reading lives deserve better.

Connect Pocket

Today we’re announcing a new integration with Pocket: Connect Pocket to import your links into your private reading list.

Learn more: https://refind.com/about/read-soon

Connect your Pocket account here: https://refind.com/i/pocket


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