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16 Best Crypto Blogs to Read in 2022

by Adam StiebMay 12th, 2022
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The top 16 crypto blogs that can keep you up to date with cryptocurrencies are listed below (in no particular order) is one of the first crypto-dedicated blogs around., ChangeNOW and ChangeNOW are among the most recent blogs to be listed. The list includes news, product releases, new regulations, product reviews and product reviews. The site was founded by Shakil Khan before being acquired by Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group in 2016.

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An increase in crypto adoption in the past year means the necessity for crypto knowledge is even greater than ever before. As mainstream adoption grows, information about blockchains and cryptocurrencies will also increase, as well as daily developments.

To make smart trading decisions, crypto traders need to stay up-to-date on daily crypto developments. In the same way, casual crypto enthusiasts also want to stay informed to guide their decisions. Information and understanding of the crypto space are essential for operating successfully in the field.

The top 16 crypto blogs that can keep you up to date with cryptocurrencies, including crypto news, product releases, new regulations and product reviews, are listed below (in no particular order).

1. Cointelegraph

Founded in 2013, it is one of the first crypto-dedicated blogs around. Cointelegraph describes itself as “the leading independent digital media resource covering a wide range of news on blockchain technology, crypto assets, and emerging fintech trends.” The blog covers everything crypto-related—from news to market reports,  op-eds to interviews, market analysis to crypto education.

Despite touting itself as passionate about delivering “unbiased news,” some users have complained that the site shills scams and publishes projects without carrying out background checks.

2. Coindesk

Also founded in 2013, Coindesk focuses on Bitcoin and digital currencies. The news site was founded by Shakil Khan before being acquired by Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group in 2016. The site is not only a digital library of written articles but also of videos and podcasts. Coindesk constantly keeps an eye on industry events, which makes it a valuable data source for fundamental analysts. Coindesk’s succinct style of news has also won it its own audience, making for effective brief reading.

However, the blog is not without its con. In the past, users have significantly criticized the site as a biased news source. On the review website, Trustpilot, one user wrote: “This website is the crypto equivalent of CNN. Fully pandering in their articles, superficial stories about empowering marginalized groups, etc etc. Objectivity is not the default frame of reference here.” A similar comment described it as “not trustworthy” and “terribly opinionated with obvious motives.”

3. ChangeNOW

This is the official blog for ChangeNOW, a popular non-custodial crypto exchange platform. Despite being relatively recent compared to veterans Coindesk and Cointelegraph, ChangeNOW’s reportage is just as impeccable. Its news section is a buffet of necessary information – from crypto news to blockchain education, to market analytics.

Readers can choose to get the latest cryptocurrency news, educate themselves on basic crypto concepts and technical terms; or simply just relax with a coffee to read inspiring and amusing blockchain stories. The exchange platform describes itself as a big proponent of decentralization, with its non-custodial approach emphasizing the importance of this. This blog's unbiased style, professional coverage of hot topics, and reader-friendliness have earned it a large following. Among the blog's contributors are ChangeNOW's Head of PR Mike Ermolaev, an established crypto market analyst who writes for major crypto outlets such as CoinTelegraph, FXStreet and Benzinga, and a team of experienced crypto writers.

A reputable crypto news outlet included the blog in a list of top crypto blogs, confirming its role as an influential news source in the crypto space.

4. Bitcoin News

Ranked as one of the foremost crypto news sites of 2019, Bitcoin News is a user-centric platform that provides comprehensive news for the Bitcoin user. According to the site, its editorial policy is “informed by logic and based on Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper.” They provide every Bitcoin-related content including industry news, politics, regulations, DIY tips, reviews, and opinions.

One snag of the website is its user interface. The interface is not easy on the eyes as headlines are boldly jam-packed on the homepage. It also doesn’t help that the font style used for the main text of articles can be somewhat faint on some devices.

5. Crypto Potato

The crypto space, especially the DeFi ecosystem, is no stranger to having projects or products named after foods. So a crypto news site with the name “Crypto Potato” is not out of place. Apart from dishing out the latest industry news and opinions, the site also offers crypto beginner guides and insights on different market ecosystems such as margin trading, DeFi, and NFTs. Readers can also get the latest information on press releases, crypto price analysis, and crypto projects.

6. Bitcoinist

Bitcoinist has an interesting method of sectionalizing its articles. The site is divided into 6 sections: Bitcoin, Altcoins, Tech, Industry, Price, and How-To. The Bitcoin category contains everything Bitcoin including news, prices, acceptance, regulations, and reviews. The Altcoins category has similar sub-sections but focuses on major altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.

The Tech section discusses blockchain, security, and fintech; while the Industry section is all about press releases. In the How-To section, a user can access information on a myriad of common topics such as “What is Bitcoin?,” “How to Buy Cryptocurrency,” “Bitcoin Mining,” “Bitcoin vs Ethereum,”  and “How to Earn Bitcoin.”

Sectionalizing content in this way helps users navigate and access information easily.

7. Bitcoin Magazine describes Bitcoin Magazine as “the oldest and most established source of news, information and expert commentary on Bitcoin, blockchain technology and the digital currency industry.” With categories such as “Culture,” “Business” and “Reviews”, Bitcoin Magazine is regarded for its experience and original research.

8. NewsBTC

The first thing you will see on NewsBTC is the news ticker displaying live price updates of different cryptos. This is then followed by industry news and press releases. Like other blogs, NewsBTC groups its content in categories.

The News category gives comprehensive reports about events pertaining to cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin and Ethereum) and ecosystems (particularly DeFi and NFTs). The category also covers sponsored news and press releases.

The Analysis category examines the price movements of different cryptocurrencies, while the Directory examines a list of crypto businesses, Bitcoin brokers, casinos, and sportsbooks. A fourth category is the trading course of the site.

9. CryptoNewsZ

CryptoNewsZ provides crypto updates on coins/tokens, ICOs, DApps, and blockchain. Compared to most blogs, CryptoNewZ’s contents are quite unique. Their unique selling points include price analysis and prediction, exclusive PRs, and exclusive interviews of influential people in the crypto community. Apart from crypto news, they also offer crypto forecasts, crypto exchange analyses, crypto guides and information on crypto gambling.

10. AMBCrypto

Founded in 2018, AMBCrypto is living up to its mission of “simplifying and bringing the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency news” to its readers. AMBCrypto sees its goal as an important one since the rapid advancements in the crypto industry can leave many users confused. Thus, a platform like AMBCrypto caters to the needs of users who only need quick and easy-to-understand information.

However, in this mission lies its drawback. Some consider the site too simplistic. AMBCrypto mainly provides Bitcoin and Ethereum-related news. It would have been best to provide simplified but holistic information about the ever-dynamic industry.

11. 99Bitcoins

Created in 2013, 99Bitcoins is dedicated to “non-technical newbies.” It aims to simplify everything related to crypto including guides, tutorials, and reviews. The site has some unconventional categories. For example, “Bitcoin Obituaries,” archives all the number of times an influential person or organization has predicted Bitcoin would go worthless. According to the site, Bitcoin has died 445 times, with the most recent death being on February 17, 2022, when popular investor Charlie Munger described Bitcoin as a “venereal disease.” Another category is “Dead Coins”—a list of forgotten cryptocurrencies.

12. Ethereum World News (EWN)

From its name, it appears as though this site focuses only on Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency. That’s not the case. EWN provides the latest news pertaining to the crypto industry, particularly Ethereum, Bitcoin, DeFi and NFTs.

EWN appears to have no notable strengths over other crypto blogs, however, it has held its own since its inception.

13. Blockonomi

Blockonomi provides content on every aspect of cryptocurrencies, fintech, and blockchain. Specific areas of interest include NFTs, Metaverse, gaming, brokers, guides, exchanges, and crypto education. It also provides crypto price updates.

14. Blockchain.News

Blockchain News has robust information on different aspects of the Bitcoin and blockchain economy. Part of its mission is “to educate the world on the true value of blockchain technology and the reason why it is the future.” Apart from news, analysis, and interviews, readers can also find detailed information about regulations, cybercrime, mining, data service, and blockchain application.

15. U.Today

U.Today is a simple blog dedicated to crypto news, crypto stories, price analysis, guides, and PR. The site examines crypto use cases, mining, wallets, trading bots, and crypto lending. It also holds exclusive interviews with the brains behind new crypto projects.

As one of its flaws, CryptoPanic (an aggregator of popular news) often criticizes U.Today for its dramatic headlines.

Honorable Mention: The Site We’re On, HackerNoon

The last but not least, HackerNoon is one of the best tech platforms that you ever come across. From the simple and witty interface, to ease of writing content, this UGC platform gives the writers an opportunity to express their views independently.

HackerNoon the place where readers expand their knowledge about tech, gaming and much more, and the content is really engaging and insightful. Would highly recommend it to all the gamers and tech geeks out there!

While their editorial process can be a bit slow at times, it's worth it if you are using this site as part of your content marketing strategy.

Bottom Line

As cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity, we will continue to experience an explosion of information. As a result, more platforms will need to provide authentic and reliable information since market participants use it for decision-making.

In the next few years, new entrants may climb this list, as ChangeNOW and CryptoPotato have done in the last year.