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A new, social web experience

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Get our new Chrome extension for a whole new, social web experience. Browse the web as you always do. When you land on a page that’s popular among your friends, a toolbar will appear…

See how many and who of your friends saved the link, read their comments, listen to an audio, read a summary if available, …


  • Save (public): Save links you want to keep and find again when you really need them, for example when you search on Google.
  • Read Soon (private): Add links you want to read to your private reading list.
  • Share: Share links with your friends, by email, or on social media.
  • More: Tags, write a comment, etc.
  • Friends: See friends who saved the link.
  • Save count: See how many people saved the link in total.
  • Comments: Read your friends’ comments on the link.
  • Listen (if available): Listen to an audio version of the link.
  • Summary (if available): Read a summary of the link.
  • Discover: See your personal feed on Refind.
  • Random link: Stumble upon a great link.
  • Settings: Close the toolbar (forever), or disable it for the current domain.
  • Close: Close the toolbar.


If you have the toolbar enabled (default), the extension sends a request to our servers on every page you visit (the current URL), and our servers respond with the information shown in the toolbar, e.g., number of saves. You can disable the toolbar entirely, or for certain domains, in which case no request is sent to our servers. Click on the settings icon (cog) in the toolbar for the settings menu.



Requests are not stored in our database. See our privacy notes on https://refind.com/privacy

How it works

Browse the web as you always do. If you land on a page that‘s popular among your friends, a toolbar will appear on the bottom. You can also open the toolbar via the Refind browser button.


Get our toolbar

Get our latest Chrome extension (v. 2.0.0) from the Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/refind/dlapbpopbcangbnjdhajdlanbfokjaja


If you already have our extension installed, make sure you have the latest version (v. 2.0.0) (see chrome://extensions). If not, restart Chrome or remove and re-add the extension. If Chrome asks you to re-enable your extension, click Re-enable.


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