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Music Markup — Web Components for Web Audio

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@tanepiperTane Piper

Lead JavaScript Developer

Music Markup is a set of vanilla web components for creating audio interfaces with the Web Audio APIs.

The initial release comes with two components: <mm-keyboard> which allows you to define a audio context for a keyboard element, currently just using an Oscillator and <mm-key> which allows you to define a key on the keyboard with a frequency and time.

The structure of the keyboard is very declarative:

At the moment I am leaving the styling very flexible, so other interface styles can easily be created and eventually migrated to CSS variables.

It's based on an earlier app I wrote called Browser Band for a work hack day and I intend to use some of the existing code from there.

I’ll be looking to extend this component set further with:

  • Adding support for MP3/WAV files
  • Theming Support (skins such as Casio, Moog, etc)
  • Add visualisers
  • Support nested and sibling tags to create audio node connections via html tags
  • Restructure the way context and instruments are created. Allow for creation of keyboards, drum pads and other instrumental controls on a single page.

Any comments or feedback if welcome over on the Github issues page.


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