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Mozilla Spring MVP Lab

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@punsachPuneet Sachdeva

TLDR: Apply to be a part of the Mozilla Spring MVP Lab at

These are stressful, frustrating times - you likely find yourself at home under quarantine and may be looking for something you can invest your time and energy into.

Mozilla values creating technology that puts people over profit and respects privacy. Now, Mozilla wants to give you the chance to put your skills in Software Engineering, Product, and Design to the test and create something in that spirit.

Why should you apply? Being a part of the Mozilla Spring MVP lab means you will have the chance to create a meaningful product from scratch, work with some of the best mentors in engineering and product, earn a $2500 stipend, AND have a chance at some cash prizes.

Visit to learn more and join our Slack channel to connect with other like-minded people (link on website).

Hope to see you apply! Join the Slack or email with any questions you may have.


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