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Markdown Presentations for Developers on Git.*

If you are a developer then you probably spend far too much time in front of your favourite editor or IDE bending bits, pixels, and sometimes even logic to your will. Apparently some people argue that developers don’t spend enough time sitting in front of their computer screens. I’m not one of those people. In the context of just about any work related task, for me at least, doing less to achieve more makes a whole lot of sense.

Eat. Sleep. Sleep some more. Code. Repeat.

The good folks at GitLab describe their pipeline of Git-powered goodness using the tagline, Move Faster From Idea to Production. I like it, it’s hard to argue with any solution that gives developers more time to sleep.

GitPitch attempts to offer similar efficiencies to developers and non-developers alike, in the same spirit of productivity and openness. GitPitch lets you focus entirely on your presentation content. This saves you time and effort sweating over details about layout and rendering. Not to mention saving you time spent wondering how you might share your presentation online, take it offline or prepare speaker notes for an upcoming meetup or conference.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

In the spirit of imitation, and a touch of blatant plagiarism, I think it’s safe to say GitPitch delivers on its promise to help you Move Faster From Idea to Presentation.

Looking Back To See Clearly Ahead

As mentioned in the maiden post on this blog, GitPitch is something I created having spent years working in IT where I often needed to present concepts and technologies to wide ranging audiences. And where I always wished there was some truly simple yet effective way to deliver that content. From these simple musings, the idea for GitPitch was hatched.

What’s exciting now is what lies ahead, what people just like you in the GitPitch community will create. I look forward to seeing your creativity unleashed as you get the word out about the things you care about. In the meantime, follow me right here on Medium or on Twitter @gitpitch for more news, tips and cool creations from the GitPitch community.

ps. In the earliest days of GitPitch, I was invited by the folks at GitLab to write a blog post to introduce GitPitch to the GitLab community. Here’s a link to that post for anyone interested in a little bit of GitPitch history:


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