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3 Easy Steps to Change Main Git Branch on Heroku

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I just saw that Heroku created the ability to

git push heroku
from main instead of master. Since I've been wanting to change my Git repos away from master anyway, I thought I'd check it out myself. Luckily, it was extremely simple.

(For a little background info on the issue of master vs main in Git, see here)

I followed these 3 steps:

1. First I had to move my master branch to main using

git checkout -b main

2. Then I had to delete the old master branch using

git branch -D master

3. And now I can deploy from main using

git push heroku main

(Heroku builds and runs the pushed code as the latest version of your app)

That's it. Easy and fast, and no more master branches in my Git repo or Heroku builds. Have any questions? Let me know in the comments below!


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