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6 Simple Steps to Import a Project to Azure Repos from Git

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@krishnagkKrishna G K


This article will explain how to import a project from Git to Azure Repos in 6 easy steps.

Importing Projects from Git to Azure Repos

1. Create a new project.

2. After getting the โ€˜Welcome to the project!โ€™ screen, click on the repos.

3. Under the Import a repository section, click on the import button.

4. Under the Import a Git repository screen as shown below, enter your git link, credentials as shown below:

5. After clicking import button, we get the screen as shown below:
Repository type: Git

Clone URL *:ย https://repo-url.git.beanstackapp.com/project-workshift.git


Password / PAT *:

6. After successful import, we get all the code into the repos folder along with all the commits and the branches as shown below:

This completes a successful import of the git repository into the Azure Repos.

This repository in Azure Repos can be used for Continous Integration and Continous Delivery by creating Build pipelines and Release pipelines as shown in the next post of the series.

Please stay tuned on Hacker Noon for part 2!

Also published at https://dev.to/krishnakurtakoti/azure-devops-series-1-1kmo


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