Monster Hunter World (MHW) Brutal Bone Guide: How to Find and Use It by@jackboreham

Monster Hunter World (MHW) Brutal Bone Guide: How to Find and Use It

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The Monster Hunter World (MHW) universe has many rare items for you to collect and find. 

These materials are needed to forge and upgrade the best equipment in the game. One such item is the brutal bone. 

The MHW brutal bone is a material used to craft some of Monster Hunter World's strongest weapons, armour and charms. 

Unfortunately, with value also comes rarity. The material is notoriously tricky to find and presents a challenge for even the most veteran of hunters.

What is the MHW Brutal Bone?

The brutal bone is an item needed to craft and upgrade Monster Hunter World's highest level weapons and armour. 

The item is only found in one specific location in the game and is randomly generated, making the material a tricky find.

As a result, the chances of getting the bone is low, with the probability of the brutal bone dropping being below 30% across mission types. 

As a result, the material is one of the rarest items you can get in the game and is only second in rarity to the warped bone in the bone item category. 


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Monster Hunter World Brutal Bone Location 

You can find the MHW brutal bone in one single location, the Elder's Recess. 

The Elder's Recess is unlocked at the end of the games primary campaign and is home to rare and powerful monsters such as the elder dragon Nergigante and the end game boss, the Behemoth. 

It is a location filled with rare monsters to find and items to collect and is considered by many to be the most challenging area in the game.


To access this area, you need to have completed the story quest Old Monster in the New World, which pits you against a pink Rathian. After defeating the Rathian and completing the quest, the Elders Recess will be accessible to you.

It is advised you enter the area through an expedition rather than through a regular quest, so you have enough time to find the material. 

The Elder's Recess is split into several different areas and consists of 4 sub-areas. The item can be found across any one of these sub-areas as a random drop.

How to Find the Item in the Elder's Recess

The item is located in bone piles across the Elder's Recess, with the probability of finding a brutal bone varying depending on conditions. 

For example, under high-rank conditions, the likelihood of the item dropping is 20% in regular bone piles, 30% in bone pile upsurges and 20% in the tail rider safari missions. If, however, you enter the Elder's Recess under master rank conditions, that probability drops to 25% across each of those categories. 

Thus, the likelihood of finding the MHW brutal bone is low and down to luck.

You can also get the material by completing certain high-level quests as base rewards. 

For example, the high-rank quest Lavasioth, Monster of Magma rewards you with a 15% chance of acquiring the item. 

Likewise, the Master Rank mission The Lord of the Underworld Beckons has a 12% chance of the Monster Hunter World brutal bone dropping. 

A complete list of quests that drop the brutal bone can be found here:

  1. A Meow for Help
  2. A Scalding Scoop
  3. Chef Quest! Gajalaka Lockdown
  4. Tracking the Delivery
  5. Dodogama Drama
  6. The Lord of the Underworld Beckons
  7. Lavasioth, Monster of Magma
  8. Ore-eating Occupier
  9. Ruler of the Azure Skies
  10. Bazelgeuse in the Field of Fire
  11. USJ Blazing Azure Stars!

How can MHW Brutal Bones be used?

The Monster Hunter World brutal bone is used to craft high-level armour, weapons and charms. 

You can use the material to craft master rank armour, such as the bone mail alpha + sets, and high-rank armour, such as the Dopher Alpha set. 


A complete list of armour sets that require the item can be found here

Furthermore, you can use the item to produce high-level charms. Such charms include the Attack Charm III and the Recovery Charm III. 

Here is a complete list of charms that require the material:

  1. Bleed Charm III
  2. Speed Heal Charm III
  3. Blight Charm III
  4. Master's Charm III
  5. Evasion Charm III
  6. Guard Charm III
  7. Maintenance Charm I
  8. Attack Charm III
  9. Stun Charm III
  10. Health Charm III
  11. Recovery Charm III
  12. Enervate Charm III
  13. Friendship Charm III
  14. Blessing Charm III

Likewise, you can use the material to forge powerful weapons such as the Dragonbone Cannon III as part of the Dragonbone weapon set and the Glass Royale + as part of the Vespoid weapon tree. 

You can also find a complete list of weapons that require the material here.

Final Thoughts 

Conclusively, the Monster Hunter World brutal bone is one of the most valuable and rare items you can find in the game. For more coverage on how to find Monster Hunter's rarest items and features covering the newly released Monster Hunter Rise, keep it locked on Hacker Noon.

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