Mobile vs. PC: 3 New Trends in Gaming Development by@jbarney

Mobile vs. PC: 3 New Trends in Gaming Development

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When it comes to video game development, gaming companies used to focus most of their attention on creating games that people can play on their PCs. Then, they would focus on consoles and consequently to other video game devices, until they reached smartphones. But as the popularity of mobile games gained traction, gaming companies are shifting their focus on developing mobile games.

It also helps that in-app purchases on mobile games are a huge source of profit for many companies. This gives them more motivation to focus on developing mobile games. Data from WePC showed that mobile games are the highest revenue generator since 2017 with consoles coming in second and PCs in third. What’s more telling is that the percentages are declining for both PC and consoles while mobile games are rising.

With this huge shift in focus, what would be the latest trends that we can expect when it comes to gaming development? Let’s discuss this in this article.

3 Latest Trends in Gaming Development


1.Consumers Will Have More Say in Game Development

Gone are the days where consumers have no say or voice when it comes to gaming development. Players are now expecting more from gaming companies than just providing them with a fun and entertaining experience. They want to be involved and they want their voices to
be heard on the kind of game and experience they are looking for.

Besides that, they also want to be able to influence how a game will come out, what kind of elements work, and what kind doesn’t. Just check out Fortnite, a battle royale shooting game that also has a building component.


If you check out the game’s original release and compare it to what it is now, you will see major changes implemented on the game. The developers are constantly putting out updates, adding new things to the game, and removing things that don’t work based on players' feedback and comments. That is why Fortnite is one of the most popular games today because the developers listen to what players have to say and make the necessary changes.

2. Games That Promote Competitive Gameplay or Creativity

Another trend that will influence gaming development is that games that promote creativity and competition will be popular. This is because of the increase in gaming content creators and live streamers. It is much easier for creators and streamers to showcase games that promote creativity or competitive gameplay on their respective channels. Besides that, gamers are also more interested in watching content from these types of games because it always creates great and captivating moments.

Why do you think Minecraft is one of the top viewed game on YouTube? It’s because gamers are eager to see streamers showcase their creativity in the game. They also use it as a way to learn how they can imitate or mimic what these creators are doing as well.

Similarly, games like Mobile Legends, PUBG, and other competitive games are also popular content because of the many amazing and exciting moments that these games provide.

This scenario also shows that video game titles no longer just interact with players through the game itself. Other forms of content, like video, is another way that a game interacts with people. So the more popular the game is for content creators, the more people are
likely to play the game.

3.Mobile Gaming Will Continue to Dominate the Gaming Industry

It is also important for gaming companies to realize that the popularity of mobile games will still continue to rise. One major reason for this is that more people have access to smartphones than gaming consoles or PCs. This is why mobile games are constantly on the rise because numerous people are using their smartphones for gaming.


This is also the reason why popular franchises like Call of Duty came out with a mobile version. Even developers of the popular battle royale game PUBG also came out with PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite to target gamers who spend most of their gaming time on their mobile devices.

What Do These Gaming Trends Mean for PC?

Just because many gaming companies are shifting their focus more on mobile games doesn’t mean that PCs will be left behind. Many companies are still making PCs their primary target for gaming development.

One such company is Blizzard, which said last year that they will still be a PC developer. So, PC games are not going to be left behind as there are still a slew of great games that are being released for desktop.

It is also important to note that mobile games can also be played on PC, even if they are designed for smartphone devices. This is done with the help of websites offering ghost emulation, which will allow you to download and install mobile games directly to your computer.

One example is, which is a convenient site that allows you to download and install mobile games on your PC for free without taking up too much storage space on your computer. You just need to go to the site to download the software and start installing mobile games on your computer.


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