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Mega Man: The Wily Wars to Receive Special Collector's Edition

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In the 1990s, if you were a fan of Mega Man who lived in North America and wanted to play The Wily Wars, it was only available through the now-defunct Sega Channel. In 2019, the game finally became widely available as part of the digital library for the Sega Genesis Mini console release. That said, after all these years, The Wily Wars is now finally set to receive a physical cartridge release in North America for SEGA Genesis, courtesy of Retro-Bit Publishing.

This won't be a simple cartridge release for The Wily Wars. It's going to be a deluxe Special Collector's Edition that's loaded with goodies. Besides a special Mega Man-themed cartridge for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive, the set will also feature a reversible cartridge sleeve featuring Japanese and original Artwork, a full-color instruction manual (remember those?) with tips, tricks, and facts on the game's Robot Masters and a Certificate of Authenticity for the game.

Other goodies include some Robot Master lenticular cards, a custom sticker art book, original collectors cards with stats on the Robot Masters, a double-sided poster showcasing the original or Japanese artwork and an interchangeable outer sleeve to display a specific lenticular card. This is basically the ultimate set for any Mega Man or retro gamer.

Mega Man: The Wily Wars Physical Collector's Edition Release Date, Price, and Preorders

The game will be available for pre-orders at Retro-Bit Publishing starting Friday, May 21. The Collector's Edition will be available in North America for $69.99 and €69.99 in the EU.

What's exciting about Wily Wars is that the game featured 16-bit remakes of the first three Mega Man games, plus new original levels called Wily Tower that are unlockable after players beat the original trilogy. Now, players in North America will finally get a chance to own their own physical copy of The Wily Wars, since it was only released on cartridge outside of the United States.

This Collector's Edition will only be available for a limited run, and it will only be available to purchase during the pre-order window, which ends on June 21. Following the close of the pre-order window, the set is slated to arrive 2-3 months later.

You can view some images of the new Collector's Edition below:


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