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Mawile in Pokémon Sword: How to Find it and Catch it

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The Pokémon world is chock full of Pocket Monsters to catch, train and battle. Some creatures are tough to find and notoriously tricky to capture within the Pokémon games, such as Dreepy.

Another creature is Mawile in Pokémon Sword. This Pocket Monster is one of the game’s most elusive creatures and can be a real pain to get. The monster is popular amongst fans and is a version exclusive for the Sword games. Thus, it is highly sought after by trainers.

What is Mawile?

Mawile is a Pocket Monster introduced in generation three of the franchise. It is a steel and fairy type being one of the only creatures to have a type change. Before generation six of the games, the creature was primarily a steel type with an additional fairy typing added during generation six. 

Despite the Pocket Monster having no known evolution into or from another Pokémon, the creature can mega evolve into Mega Mawile using an item known as the Mawilite. The beast can learn powerful moves such as the fairy-type move Play Rough at level 48 and the dark-type attack Fake Tears at level 44.

The creature is bipedal, with much of its body mirroring a skirt or Hakama. It also has a pair of large dinosaur-like jaws protruding from its head to attack enemies. When it mega evolves, the creature has two giant heads, capable of tearing apart enemies. 

It is known as the deceiver Pokémon, acting innocent then devouring foes using its powerful set of jaws. Therefore, the monster is dangerous and can be a formidable opponent. The creatures Pokedex entry reads:

"Mawile, the Deceiver Pokémon. Mawile has jaw-like appendages at the ends of its steel horns. It deceives any opponent who lowers its guard with its hypnotic expression, then quickly spins around to bite them"


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3 ways to Find Mawile in Pokémon Sword

1. Explore the Wild Area: The Dusty Bowl

You can find the Pokémon across several locations in the Sword games. Firstly, you can obtain the creature within the game’s wild area. More specifically, you can find the beast in the Dusty Bowl.

The Dusty Bowl is a location within the wild area located to the north of the region. You can only find Mawile in this area during blizzards, with a 35% chance the creature will appear.

Likewise, you can also find the monster within the Bridge Field. The Bridge Field is located in the central region of the wild area, with the Pocket Monster found at a 10% probability during blizzard conditions.

2. Tackle a Den

Secondly, you can find it within Pokémon dens scattered throughout the wild area. You can find the Pocket Monster within the Bridge field, Giant Seat, Hammerlocke Hill, Lake of Outrage, Stony Wilderness and Rolling Field dens. 

The chances of obtaining the creature through the dens vary between 10-20% under a five-star challenge rating. The Rolling Field den has a 20% chance of the Pocket Monster appearing, so it is recommended to use this den to obtain Mawile. 

3. Traverse the Crown Tundra

Finally, you can obtain the Mawile by purchasing the expansion pass for the game and exploring the Crown Tundra area. Within the Crown Tundra, you can find the Pocket Monster in the Lakeside Cave. The Lakeside Cave is an area that connects to Ballimere lake.

The cave can be tricky to find but is the residence of rare and powerful monsters such as the legendary Pokémon Terrakion. You can find Mawile within grass patches in the cave at level 60-65, with the chances of the obscure creature appearing being 10%.


How to catch Mawile in Pokémon Sword

You should use high-level items, such as ultra balls or great balls, to give yourself the best chance of catching Mawile. Similarly, it would help if you used a fire or ground type Pokémon to weaken it before attempting the catch. On the contrary, it is not advised that you use dragon or poison creatures to fight the beast as it is immune to these move types. 

It would be best to use Pokémon with status effect capabilities to help increase your chances of capturing the creature.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, Mawile is a rare Pokémonr you can only find in a few locations in Sword. The creature has a low appearance rate and is version exclusive, making Mawile in Pokémon Sword highly sought after.

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