Math: the React.js Way

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@bitwiseloverBrandon Newton

Have you found yourself doing intense math problems using weird symbols like +, −, ÷, and×? Do you enjoy the speed and developer experience of React.js? Thanks to react-real-math you can now harness the power of the React.js Virtual DOM to make your Math blazing🔥 fast!

react-real-math provides an incredibly easy to understand API out of the gate, for free. What a deal! Let’s take a look at an example of react-real-math in action. Consider this old-school almost obfuscated math problem:


Incredibly hard to parse. But with react-real-math this is a breeze to understand:

import { computeValue, Multiple, One, Two } from 'react-real-math'
<Multiply by={<Two/>}>

Now that’s what I call 💯💯💯 family. Blazing fast, amazing DX, and great DSL. Not only is this incredibly easy to read, new developers can easily understand what’s going on here. If you would like to contribute to react-real-math please check out the project’s Github:


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