The Journey to Mars

How do you achieve such big leaps of faith?

Why would someone think like this in the first place? Why does thinking big is scary and are always accompanied by a chain of thoughts that try to negate the idea as quickly as they enter your head?

What do you get by such thoughts taking over your brain?

How many times in the past have you dreamt of something really crazy and forgot about it? (Maybe you were trying to sow the seeds of this Mars mindset early on — but did not have anything to back it up, or never spoke of it with anyone)

What triggers this kind of changing-the-world-thinking?

How can you learn from what others have built, and then build a mind set that constantly looks out for inspirations and innovate from there. Remember humans have always stood on the shoulder of giants and moved forward over the centuries. Things that you have done in the past may or may not help you think big. really big. crazy big. Out of this world big, maybe all-the-way-up-to-Mars-big.

At each step in life there’s something really important to do. That’s a fact. The idea is to analyse if you can come up with something that takes over this step and multiplies it by 100 and see if you can accept this as a challenge to pursue. Overcoming the thought barriers in your brain that don’t allow deviating from the routine and ‘safe’, is the first step to following something that’s truly big.

We are bound by the place we live in, the friends we meet everyday, family that keeps everything in check, colleagues who expect you to function in a certain way and most important — strangers who may not approve of what you might do. Everything that happens, there’s a carefully orchestrated plan behind it. Also there is the speed at which you live your everyday life, the speed, which decides if you will meet hurdles up ahead or not.

If you need reasons, you will always find one.

No dearth of them. How you manage reasons and avoid them spiralling down a rabbit hole is the key.

Breaking away from monotony is what everyone wants
but nobody trusts the road less trodden.

Because courage is a very big word and availability is usually low. When you decide to do something, it chips away a small bit from the inner courage. This happens all the time. The more you decide to do trivial things, the larger the chunk that falls out of your courage keep.

Thats why, when you are faced with something really big, you need an equally big chunk of courage to face it and more often than not, that chunk goes missing. And every-time this happens, the mind goes on a spin. The mind is a complex organism. Every second is spent thinking — some trivial, some above average and some mind-blowing (which is very rare) and this can cause the brain to drown in its own doing.

Sift through the haze, find you may your idea
- Not Master Yoda

It’s this invisible haze in your head that holds you back from taking that leap, it also slowly eats into your courage and ultimately keeps all dreams as they were. Dreams.

Why I am saying this? Because it took me the best part of 30 yrs to stop taking sugar in my daily coffee intake. Such a small thing to achieve, but the neurons always avoided biting the bullet.

Motor neurons — there’s a reason they are called that way. They influence the chain of thoughts, carry information, offload them, keep moving.. and always on the look out for the next thought that germinates. There’s so much going on at any given moment that a lot of things in life start getting manipulated by the subconscious.

To find an idea you truly believe is one thing. Bringing your courage up to speed is another. Believing that this idea is life changing and following it, is another story.

It’s not easy to break a chain of thought, implant it with another crazy idea that you would want to believe — it takes a lot of will power, instinct, courage and a lot of energy. (all at the same time)

20% to 25% of our total energy budget goes on running our brains.

All this is in no way to hold you back, but to provide you with a new thought …

Take that leap when you can!

It’s not about loving what you do. The subconscious mostly wins that battle. The courage to do bigger, scarier things is what helps the subconscious improve its line of thought and truly love what you do.

Believe in your why, not on your what?*

And now coming back to the story headline…

Few people on this planet truly believe that Mars can be colonised. That thought did not enter their brain with ease — it won a race of ideas and came first because a leap is what it takes to go from the present to the future. A future that’s unknown and full of challenges that is far bigger than the biggest of the chasms.

Big leaps always start with small steps in a different direction …

Knowing that direction is what counts…

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