Making the web an enjoyable place with React

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@talTal Bereznitskey

React — what an amazing development experience

React is such an amazing framework with amazing DX (Developer Experience) — it’s just very enjoyable and fun to code in. We should pay it forward and make remarkable experiences for our users.

One such experience are transitions of elements from one state to another. Native mobile apps already achieved smooth transitions and today I want to make it easier to do the same on the web.

React Overdrive is an open-source project to do just that. Transition one state of our app to the next in an extremely enjoyable manner for the users.

React Overdrive

React Overdrive was built to handle transition of the same element changing positions, transition between two different elements and transitioning elements from one page to the next.

Though not perfect (yet), it’s a starting point in a journey to an enjoyable web.

Transition elements from a thumbnail to the full image

Checkout the website, github repo and the examples: 1, 2, 3.



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