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Hackernoon logoLevels of expertise in HTML โ€” Are you ready for the tutorial? by@brianbest

Levels of expertise in HTML โ€” Are you ready for the tutorial?

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@brianbestBrian Best

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To help with those creating tutorials, as well as my own future tutorials, I would like to quantify levels of expertise in HTML. I have found that sometimes these skill levels are not well defined. So as a resource for students to gage if a tutorial is right for them Iโ€™ve come up with the following. For this scale, I will use Beginner, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced to indicate what prior knowledge a student should know before taking on a tutorial. For each level, the student should know or have:


  • absolutely no previous knowledge of HTML.

Basic HTML

Intermediate HTML

Advanced HTML

  • Knowing all the HTML tags
  • The ability to manipulate the DOM
  • Understanding how to create your own attributes using data-*
  • Build HTML documents semantically
  • How your HTML will be read by Google, Facebook, etc. for content

In the end, this is only a guideline. There will be some tutorials out there that fall in that grey space between basic and intermediate, or intermediate and advanced.


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