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10 Cool Data Table Libraries with Advanced Features

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JavaScript library

JavaScript is on the list of requirements for a position as a web developer in any IT company at the moment. It is hard to imagine building modern web applications without JavaScript. This programming language provides IT specialists with an effective and relatively easy way to create interactive applications able to comply with the tastes of any picky customer. The choice of the JS libraries and frameworks adds dedicated followers to this language. 

In this overview, we will focus on the data table libraries for JavaScript. Data tables comprise huge arrays of information in editable and easy-to-manage structures. Additional features usually include pagination, sorting, filtering, field validation, and others. JS libraries offer ready-made components for elegant and rational user interfaces. This list will shrink the staggering choice of the products found online. Let's get started. 



It is a plug-in for the jQuery JS library. The product has an extensive documentary, forums, a blog, and a manual to get started. Such support shortens the learning curve. So, the tool is very flexible offering a range of various features: 

  • pagination
  • search 
  • any data source usage 
  • mobile compliance 

Webix DataTable 


It is a powerful grid control. It helps to deal with table data ranging from compact forms to huge data sets. The component claims to offer the best rendering speed among similar solutions. Among numerous features are the following: 

  • drag and drop support 
  • tree tables 
  • saving current state 
  • advanced filters 

PrimeNG Table 


PrirmeNG is a collection of UI components for Angular. The widget is open source. Features include: 

  • dynamic columns 
  • row grouping and expansion 
  • data export 
  • column reordering 



This is a data table component, that converts JSON data into HTML table format. It can work with any CSS framework.

One of the remarkable features is field definition which allows you to define which fields you want to use before displaying them. Among other features are: 

  • advanced field customization 
  • operating with API data or existing data 
  • pagination 
  • single or multiple sorting 

jExcel Spreadsheet 


This is a lightweight plugin for building interactive tables and spreadsheets. Tables can be created from an array, JSON, CSV, and XSLX files. It is possible to copy and paste from Excel.

The solution is easily integrated into any application. Other features are: 

  • CRUD operations 
  • drag and drop 
  • resizable rows 
  • image upload 

React Table 


React Table represents a set of tools for building tables and data grids. The peculiarity of the library is that it does not render any markup or styles. It enables the solution to integrate into any existing theme or style.

The features are: 

  • materialized data 
  • sorting, filtering, and grouping 
  • pagination 
  • customization 

Kendo React 


This one is an extensive library with all the necessary features, including export to PDF, Excel, and accessibility. The library is known for fast performance and easy customization. The features are: 

  • splitting data records  
  • details about the data records 
  • locked column functionality 
  • globalization features 



This product includes components for creating data grid widgets.

The interface is intuitively simple. The components offer all the basic functions. The library supports all the modern browsers in both desktop and mobile versions.

The functions include: 

  • lightweight 
  • documentation 
  • customizable modules 
  • fully reactive 



This is a fully-featured JS data table. It may be integrated with any Angular version. The library includes more than 60 features. The detailed documentation and well-developed community help to learn fast and effectively.

The features are: 

  • grouping and pivoting 
  • rendering 
  • integrated charts 
  • selection 



This data table is similar to a spreadsheet. It works with React, Vue, Angular, and JavaScript. The learning curve is short as the product resembles Excel and Google sheets. Among other useful features, the following can be found: 

  • data validation 
  • CRUD 
  • exporting 
  • scrolling and stretching 


We have managed to create a list of data table libraries that are popular nowadays. All of them contain many useful features that facilitate the developing process for IT specialists. The choice of the library depends on the required features and the price. But it is always better to choose the product which is regularly updated and supported by the team of creators.


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