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Kaltura Alternatives — 5 Best Video Streaming Platforms Like Kaltura

There are a vast number of video streaming solutions available in the market like today: Kaltura, Vplayed, Contus Vplay and so on.

Kaltura has been in the market for a couple of years. Although their features are award-winning, they hold some pitfalls in not offering some exemplary features that other video streaming solutions do offer. So, progressing with some Kaltura alternatives will be the best option to enhance your video streaming business.

This list of Kaltura alternatives has some specific niche streaming possibilities with features and functionalities that adapt to your streaming needs.

Here is the list of video streaming solution providers in the market:

#1 Vplayed — A Top-notch video streaming solution

Vplayed, known for its enterprise-grade streaming features and functionalities to build your live video streaming platform. The solution lets content owners and creators facilitate entire streaming possibilities into a scalable video streaming platform on different platforms such as Android, iOS and Web applications.

The solution is completely a one-time payment for all your streaming possibilities. Unlike Kaltura, Vplayed’s live streaming solution is absolutely an appropriate fit for any type of industrial streaming capabilities.

Highlights of Vplayed:

  • Vplayed offers a highly customizable video streaming solution for content creators.
  • They hold extensive features from managing video content to monetizing the content.
  • Their hosting possibilities are quite different and effective, On-premises or on-cloud.
  • To prevent the security breach, Vplayed ensures 3-tiered security walls to tighten unauthorized access.
  • Vplayed withholds 300+ in-house development team to contrive your best-in-class video streaming platform.

#2 Contus Vplay — End to End Video Streaming Platform

It is one heck of exquisite video streaming platform that can compete with Kaltura. The solution empowers content owners to stream content across multiple platforms with glitch-free experience. Contus Vplay offers an end-to-end development and deployment for your video streaming platform with an absolute streaming engine and CDN to live stream the content across geographical areas.

Their solution is capable of providing customization as the key that adapts to any of your industrial purposes. Unlike Kaltura, Contus Vplay offers an impeccable feature like multiple monetization models to reap profitable revenue with your live streaming content.

Highlights of Contus Vplay that you cannot find in Kaltura:

  • Contus Vplay’s platform optimizes your video asset with an authentic global delivery network to ensure faster playback and high-quality streaming content on any device.
  • Their platform makes sure the cloud infrastructure in scalable to upload, encode and deliver the content at real-time processing.
  • Contus Vplay offers flash-supported HTML5 video player to stream live content across multiple devices and browsers.
  • To ensure the security breach, Contus Vplay is inbuilt with multiple layers of security such as DRM, access control and end-to-end encryptions.
  • As enriching the hosting possibilities, Contus Vplay offers flexible hosting of your live streaming platform under On-premises and Cloud-infrastructure.

#3 Brightcove — Powerful Video Streaming Platform

Meet one of the finest video streaming software that reduces the complication of live streaming. In terms of the video streaming functionality, Brightcove rivals with Kaltura but when it comes to the availability of streaming possibility across industries, Brightcove sinks. The product is absolutely pricing based on features and functionalities you demand with some pricing plans.

Highlights of Brightcove that you should get noticed:

  • The live streaming product offers a cloud-based architecture that specifically runs of AWS across the regions to host the live streaming platform.
  • Their platform offers monetization functionality to reap profit with every buffer-free views.
  • Brightcove provides integration of the video streaming platform with social media to extend the reach of the content globally.

#4 Dacast — Live Video Streaming Service

A complete video streaming API provider to embed video streaming service anywhere you want and control the entire content streaming platform. Dacast ensures of offering a secure, hassle-free & completely feature equipped solution for corporate and professional requirements. The live video streaming platform avails integration of platforms on Facebook which is not available in Kaltura.

Highlights of Dacast that you should get noticed:

  • Dacast is embedded with Akamai CDN to experience 24/7 streaming on all compatibility.
  • Its completely a free streaming product with limited features and ensures subscription for premium features.
  • Their platform offers analytics to increase the performance of video streaming.

#5 Muvi — A Scalable Live Video Streaming Solution

Muvi, named as the top alternative platform to Kaltura where its features approximately matches Kaltura. The solution assists content owners and professionals to go live from this streaming product. Muvi plays multiple roles across industries such as sports live stream, business conference, training classes, and events to leverage business streaming purposes.

Highlights of Muvi that you should get noticed

  • With their CDN, streaming of content on multiple channels is applicable at once.
  • Their solution supports unlimited concurrent viewers for any live stream on hybrid platforms.
  • Muvi offers monetization tools to earn immense revenue directly to bank accounts.


Every video streaming solution differs according to the kind of business requirement. Before choosing the right solution to partner with, make sure the kind of features and best alternative to Kaltura you are looking to scale up your business growth.

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