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Free & Premium Bootstrap Landing Page Templates for Your Project

Landing pages generate leads and increase conversion. Landing pages usually contain only the key information about the product you market. Landing page templates based on Bootstrap are cross-browser compatible. Bootstrap allows you to build a visually appealing website to draw people’s attention. Digilab is a responsive bootstrap landing page that is reasonable to use to create a website for an agency. It comes with a split-screen slider that divides the landing page HTML template visually into logical sections. It also includes call-to-action buttons.
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Nowadays websites have become a popular marketing tool. People use them to promote almost everything, starting from products and finishing with services. The aim of the business defines the type of website that is necessary to build. It can be either a web page with a hierarchical structure and various pages or a landing page.

If your objective is to advertise one single item or some services, it’s better to opt for the landing page. It usually contains only the key information about the product you market. Moreover, it doesn’t distract people’s attention from the main action they have to take.

What Are Other Advantages of Landing Pages?

  1. Help you gain more credibility. You inform people that one or another product or service solves a certain problem. Thus, your visitors understand that you offer exactly what they need.
  2. Multiple call-to-action buttons encourage visitors to make the right decision.Landing pages generate leads and increase conversion.
  3. Help you stand out from the crowd of competitors. As a result, it contributes to creating a strong brand image.

There are even more benefits of using landing pages. However, the question is how to build them effectively without spending much time on the process. Landing page templates may come in handy in this case. There is a variety of them on the Internet designed for different purposes.

Besides the purposes, it’s worth paying attention to the framework used to create the landing page templates.

Bootstrap is a widely-used front-end framework that web developers use to create dynamic websites. It ensures fast processing of the files that allows speeding up the process of web development. Bootstrap contains design templates for image carousels, forms, tables, etc, based on HTML and CSS. Moreover, it also includes some JavaScript plugins.

Why Is It Worth Using Bootstrap for Landing Page Templates?

  1. It’s possible to create a website prototype rather quickly.
  2. Bootstrap provides you with elements that are easy to customize.
  3. There are such ready-made landing page templates where you have to change only the text and images. Still, it may be necessary to edit some elements, as well.
  4. Bootstrap offers responsive structures, images, and styles.
  5. Landing page templates based on Bootstrap are cross-browser compatible. Thus, you will face less cross-browser problems.
  6. Bootstrap allows you to build a visually appealing website to draw people’s attention. You may achieve this with drop-down menus, navigation menus, call-to-action buttons, etc.
  7. It makes coding process more comprehensive.
  8. There is a Flexbox based grid that is available in Bootstrap 4 version.

Thus, these are the main advantages of the Bootstrap framework that you may find in the landing page templates. Let’s take a look at some examples of such landing pages to see how everything works.




Digilab is a responsive bootstrap landing page that is reasonable to use to create a website for an agency. It comes with a variety of useful features.

There is a split-screen slider that divides the landing page html template visually into logical sections.

Thus, it’s possible to highlight the key information to make it more noticeable for clients. You will find call-to-action buttons included in all the necessary sections of the landing page.

They will encourage people to take the required action.It’s possible to make a slideshow for the portfolio and present the successful projects in the best possible way. Testimonials slider allows adding feedback from clients to the website.

Moreover, the slider feature will help make the comments more lively and impressive.There is also a functional contact form where you may place all the necessary contacts you want. Using Google maps, it will be possible to show the location of the registered office to make it easier for customers to find it.




Lintense is a responsive multi-purpose bootstrap landing page template. It’s suitable for a SEO agency, E-book, One Product Presentation, and other purposes. The main features are the following:

  • 8 ready-made landing pages to choose from;
  • a complete SEO optimization that comes with fast speed and efficient performance of the website;
  • Novi Visual HTML page builder to create and launch a website that meets your requirements;
  • regular updates to enrich Lintense with new niche themes and features;
  • a variety of technologies and plugins to make the process of building the website more effective. For instance, there is the Bootstrap 4 HTML technology to ensure faster website development. Moreover, it gives you more flexible control of the components;
  • the landing pages come with two types of animation. For example, JS scripts are responsible for header or menu buttons animation. Parallax effect provides the animation for other elements.Support Service that is available on a round-the-clock basis to solve all the issues you may come across.

PC Fixer



PC Fixer is an html5 landing page template that is a good option to build a website for an IT-related business. It has different features that will help you create a functional website.

  1. There is a ready-made landing HTML page to start with. However, it’s necessary to have some knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 to edit the layout.
  2. A rich UI kit allows you to solve the issue with the website design.The code is W3C valid, well-commented and SEO-friendly.
  3. The package contains SCSS and pug files. Thus, you will be able to work with website styles and edit the pages.
  4. The website layout is fully responsive due to the Bootstrap 4 technology.
  5. You will take advantage of great CSS3 animation effects and transitions to make a more impressive website for your clients.
  6. Moreover, there is also the Parallax effect that will add functionality to the website animation.
  7. The landing page html template is cross-browser compatible. Thus, it doesn’t matter what browser you use to work on the website. Your clients will be able to open it in any browser, as well.

Webline Project



Webline Project is a powerful multipurpose template that you may use to create a functional website for any business. These are the features that will help you achieve the set objective:

  • different layouts to choose the proper one for your project and customize it according to your needs;the template is retina ready that matters much for web design. This feature will make the images and text look sharper. The colors will also be more vivid;
  • the template has logical sections to present each piece of information on a separate place;
  • there is a Testimonials feature to share the feedback from the clients;
  • Newsletter Subscription Form encourages people to leave their email addresses. You may send them updates or special offers;
  • The Blog feature makes it possible to attract more customers to the website due to informative posts. Moreover, the more visitors are eager to read the posts, the more traffic you will drive to the website.




Umeet is a bootstrap landing page template that is a good variant for advertising any business event or forum. It offers diverse useful features to ensure the effective functioning of the future website.

  1. Umeet has a corresponding eye-catching design to keep people interested in the event you promote.
  2. The template consists of several sections to present the main facts about the event, the speakers, the sponsors, etc.
  3. There is an opportunity to add a conference schedule, information about pricing plans.
  4. It’s possible to use less text but more various images and videos to deliver the key message to the audience.
  5. The navigation menu is sticky that is rather convenient for clients. It improves user experience to a great extent.
  6. Contact section contains a form to get in touch with the organizers of the event. There is also the Google Maps widget, using which you will show the exact location of the venue.
  7. Due to the Bootstrap framework, you may be sure in responsiveness and mobile-readiness of the template layout.

InHouse HTML Template



InHouse is an HTML template that you can use to create a website for a real estate company. It may become an effective advertising tool for your business due to the features it has.

  1. It’s a free template. However, using it, you will be able to build a functional website and use it for your business.
  2. Thanks to a professionally developed code, the template has such feature as responsiveness. Thus, the website will look the same way no matter what device you or your clients use. The same refers to the screen resolution.
  3. The template is SEO-friendly. As a result, the finished website won’t be lost among others on the Internet. On the contrary, people will see it at the top of the search results.
  4. The template comes with the gallery feature to include the images on the website.
  5. Extra pages layouts, such as an animated introduction page, will add functionality to the future website.




Landing is a bootstrap 4 landing page template that is possible to use for various kinds of landing pages. You will find different features at your disposal.

  1. The latest technologies in website building such as HTML5, CSS3, Sass and jQuery are responsible for the functioning of the website.You may take advantage of the template free of charge.
  2. The theme comes with the slick slider. It uses CSS3 when it’s possible. However, it functions without it, as well. You may remove the unnecessary items from the list and add the proper ones.
  3. There is also a smooth scrolling menu to make it easier for customers to navigate the sections. Moreover, they will also be able to find the necessary content faster.
  4. An easy-to-use Accordion FAQ widget allows you to anticipate questions visitors may ask. They will understand your activity better when you provide answers to the most popular questions.




Intense Travel Agency is a template to use for creating a bootstrap landing page for your business. Besides the advantages of the Bootstrap framework, it offers you other useful characteristics.

  1. There is a rich UI kit with a variety of useful components. It will save you much time, as you may use the ready-made buttons, checkboxes, avatars, lists, etc.
  2. The package includes a lot of high-quality images on different travel topics to use them to your advantage.
  3. The Landing Page HTML template comes with the Responsive Slider that is easy to customize. You may benefit from it, demonstrating the best offers right on the top of the page.
  4. There is a sticky navigation bar where you may add your phone number and email address to contact you.
  5. Сall-to-action buttons located in various places of the landing page. It will make a positive impact on the conversion rate of the website.




MobApp provides you with an opportunity to build a bootstrap 4 landing page for your business. It’s a good solution for those who want to promote any mobile application or desktop software. It’s completely free of charge but rather functional.

  1. First of all, it’s worth mentioning the bright color scheme of the template. Due to it, your landing page has no chances to stay unnoticed by clients.
  2. The template consists of 14 sections to present your software or application in the best possible way.Due to the on-hover animation, you will be able to draw your clients’ attention to the most significant elements on the website.
  3. Sticky navigation bar on top of the landing page. It lets your customers find the proper section or the necessary information fast and effortless.
  4. No need to design the Pricing plan section and FAQ section. You will find them among the integrated features.
  5. Separate section on the page with two download buttons for Google Play and AppStore. Thus, you will make it convenient for clients to choose the platform to download your application or software.




DJ FOX is a music website template that you can use to promote either music or the corresponding events. Although it’s free, DJ FOX offers a variety of characteristics that you may find in full-featured templates.

  • modern and stylish design to catch people’s attention at first sight;
  • an opportunity to add high-quality images and video files to the landing page.
  • a blog feature allows presenting the news in the format of relevant posts. This will increase the number of visitors to your website.
  • social media buttons to let you share the information on social networks. Thus, it can become one more means of advertising your activity.
  • mobile-friendly. So, people will get the information from your landing page, using devices with different types of screen resolution.
  • SEO optimization is one of the key features of the template. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the quality and quantity of traffic driven to the website.

One Page Wonde



One Page Wonder is a one-page website template to build a bootstrap landing. It’s suitable for business related to music or any other similar activity. The following useful features will help you make the future website functional:

  • simple but attractive design to build an impressive landing page;
  • interesting color scheme that contributes to creating a corresponding image;
  • fixed top navigation menu to let visitors perform the necessary actions while browsing the landing page;
  • header with repeating background image. If you want to edit it, you may easily do it, using CSS;
  • different content sections with images and text. You may add the required information you would like to deliver to your visitors;
  • responsiveness which makes the template a good solution to use it for mobile devices;
  • one has an opportunity to customize the main images of the landing page. It’s also possible to change the color of the navigation bar.

Rather App



RatherApp is a bootstrap 4 landing page template that is possible to use to make a functional website. It will be beneficial for a company dealing with software or mobile applications. The template offers various features to achieve the desired outcome.

  1. Ready-made bootstrap 4 landing page HTML template. You may fill it with the required information about the product you want to showcase.
  2. Rich UI kit to choose the necessary elements for your landing page.
  3. Special giveaways are waiting for you in the form of high-quality images on various software topics.
  4. The integrated Google Fonts and Font icons will help you create the required appearance of your landing page.
  5. One of the main features is website speed optimization. It will have a positive impact on website performance.
  6. It’s possible to create an illusion of depth in 2D environments on your landing page due to the Parallax effect.

Awesome Landing Page



Awesome Landing Page is a free one-page template that you may use to create a bootstrap landing. It’s a good option if you need the landing to promote mobile applications or similar items. Various features will make the process of building the landing more enjoyable.

  1. 3 example pages to examine and select the one that meets your requirements.
  2. Each page consists of a set of sections to present the required information to the best advantage.
  3. The color scheme consists of 5 bright colors to choose from. It’s possible to opt for the proper ones to highlight the key characteristics of the items you market.
  4. The template includes 15 handcrafted elements to make the website look more stylish.
  5. There is the Testimonials section to include feedback from your clients. It’s possible to demonstrate the company portfolio to show the most successful projects.
  6. The template has the Blog feature. So, it will be possible to write relevant posts and encourage visitors to make the right decision.

LeadGEN Website Template



LeadGEN is a free html5 landing page template to create a website for a marketing agency. Moreover, it’s suitable for a SEO agency or any company providing Internet services. The template comes with different features that let you build an efficient website.

  1. It’s a mobile-friendly template. Thus, it’s possible to use the ready website from any device no matter what resolution it has.
  2. Newsletter subscription form to collect visitors’ emails. It allows you to get in touch with them and turn them into regular customers.
  3. A sticky navigation panel contains a phone number to make it visible for potential clients. Moreover, there is also a call-to-action button offering to fill it in to get a consultation.
  4. The template has a clean and well-structured layout. It contains all the necessary sections to provide people with information about the company, services, demonstrate the portfolio.
  5. Besides the main pages, there are also extra pages layouts, such as an Under Construction page, an animated intro page and others.

Get Shit Done Kit



Get Shit Done Kit is a free Bootstrap UI Kit with a clean interface and responsive design. It’s a good foundation for various online projects. It contains a variety of basic elements, such as buttons, switches, checkboxes, etc. There are also different Javascript components and images. The features you may find useful are the following:

  • Bootstrap 3 support. Thus, it’s a good solution to apply it for bootstrap 3 landing page;
  • easy integration. The UI Kit includes CSS resources that make it possible to add it to any HTML template and take advantage of all the features.
  • a bright color scheme to help you make the website look more colorful;
  • the tutorial that explains how to work with the kit if you have any questions. Moreover, there is the detailed documentation for all the components of the kit;
  • 22 handcrafted elements, 3 customized plugins and 1 example page to see how everything functions.

Wrapping Up

These are the samples of popular landing page templates based on the Bootstrap framework. They may significantly ease your work while creating the landing page for your company or your clients. I have analyzed their functionality and main features.

So, feel free to leave comments and suggest more examples of your favorite templates.

Disclaimer: I am an employee for company TemplateMonster and help them with affiliate program.

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