6 Reasons for Using Bootstrap Framework by@loctavio

6 Reasons for Using Bootstrap Framework

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Usually, when we are making a web page, we need to use the code that we created before in other projects. That means that we are going to redo the same features over and over again.

To avoid that problem, we can use frameworks to simplify our work.
We can create our frameworks or use a free opensource one.

Bootstrap is one of the most popular CSS frameworks, is an open-source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS.

This time I'm going to explain why the Bootstrap framework is a great choice.

Free to use.

You don't need to pay for using the framework. It's free for all the people who want to use it.

Just download the files and include them in your project.

There is an option to add the link to your page as well if you don't want to download the files.


There are default properties like colors or borders.

You can use the default Bootstrap properties but is not mandatory.

If you want to change something you don't like, you can overwrite the code.


It means that anyone can help to improve the features.

In the case of Bootstrap, there is immense community support.

Some companies use this framework or similar

You can add your knowledge of this framework in your curriculum.
Even if you are not going to work with Bootstrap, you will have the concept of how to use similar frameworks.

Many of them have their own framework so is useful to have knowledge about the basics.

Reduce the amount of work

The main focus of frameworks is to make our life easier while working.
This is not the exception, you can use the predefined features to not write code from the beginning.

Make responsive pages

It is much easier to make your page responsive with bootstrap.
There are some predefined classes to use for getting your web page responsive. If you want your page to be responsive you need to call the classes and that's it.

There is documentation enough

The Bootstrap page has documentation about how to use it and the features that are available to use.

All the information inside the page is pretty organized and is easy to read.

I definitely recommend learning bootstrap. It is not something that is mandatory to use or a need but is a tool that can help us to work in a better way.


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