Introducing reactjs-popup 🎉 —React popup, Modals, Tooltips and Menus — All in oneby@yjose
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70,957 reads

Introducing reactjs-popup 🎉 —React popup, Modals, Tooltips and Menus — All in one

by Youssouf El AziziJanuary 28th, 2018
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Today, we are excited to announce reactjs-popup 1.0.
featured image - Introducing reactjs-popup 🎉 —React popup, Modals, Tooltips and Menus — All in one
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reactjs-popup Home page

This article is about giving you a simple overview of what you can do with reactjs-popup and how to use it effectively.

Today, we are excited to announce reactjs-popup 1.0.

Reactjs-popup is a simple and very small (3 kb) react popup component, with multiple use cases. we created reactjs-popup to create a color picker for our project picsrush a new online image editor. After a while, We decided to make it available for everyone in GitHub and npm repository.

Why do you need to choose reactjs-popup over all other implementation?

  • Built with react fragment that’s mean no additional wrapper Divs in your code or in the trigger element. 😮
  • Does not inject HTML outside your app root. 📦
  • Function as children pattern to take control over your popup anywhere in your code. 💪
  • Modal, Tooltip, Menu, Toast(coming soon) : All in one component🏋️
  • Full style customization. 👌
  • Easy to use. 🚀
  • All these clocks in at around 3 kB zipped. ⚡️
  • Animation (coming soon).

How can reactjs-popup help you in your next react project?

If you need to create a simple modal, tooltip or a nested menu this component is your best choice to start with. but first let get started with the component.

Getting Started

This package is available in npm repository as reactjs-popup. It will work correctly with all popular bundlers.

yjose/reactjs-popup_reactjs-popup - React Popup Component - Modals,Tooltips and Menus - All in

npm install reactjs-popup --save#using yarnyarn add reactjs-popup -S

Now you can import the component and start using it :

import React from "react";import Popup from "reactjs-popup";export default () => (  <Popup trigger={<button> Trigger</button>} position="right center">    <div>Popup content here !!</div>  </Popup>);

You can also use it with function as children pattern.

import React from "react";import Popup from "reactjs-popup";export default () => (  <Popup trigger={<button>Trigger</button>} position="top left">    {close => (      <div>        Content here        <a className="close" onClick={close}>          &times;        </a>      </div>    )}  </Popup>);

Complete component API : Reactjs-popup Component API

Use Cases 🙌

ALL in one demo

reactjs-popup demo (Modal,tooltip,Menu)

What’s Next For reactjs-popup ?

The next version of reactjs-popup will support creating Simple Toast with full customization, But our big deal is to add Animation API to the component so feel free if you have any ideas 💪.

Thanks for reading! If you think other people should read this post and use this component, clap for me, tweet and share the post.

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It your turn now to try it !!!

Show your support!

That’s all, thank you for your attention, please star the repo to show your support…

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