Introducing Dragos: What it Means to be a Fully On-Chain NFT by@ascend

Introducing Dragos: What it Means to be a Fully On-Chain NFT

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2021 has been the year of NFTs. The space has risen from relative obscurity to experiencing rapid growth throughout the world. The booming NFT world has attracted lots of players with all kinds of projects.

Unfortunately, some of those players hurriedly copied what the rest were doing for a quick money grab. The good news is that there are still developers willing to do the required work to achieve excellent results, such as Dragos.

The Dragos project is owned by coldpizza, Earth Top, and Papi.

Dragos is one of the few NFT projects that are fully built on a blockchain and are decentralized. In simple terms, this means that all the media is stored in a smart contract on the blockchain and no centralized servers have access.

Even though some developers claim their NFT is decentralized, most of their media are placed on a web server. That means that in the event of a web server outage, that NFT can go offline. This is not the case for Dragos. You get an NFT that is 100% on-chain and that will live as long as the blockchain exists.

The project has different factions of Dragons for like-minded users. As a user, you will be able to access faction-specific Discord chats to communicate with your community. This will allow you to bond with your tribe.

Two, you can name your dragon instead of having it appear as a number. This builds an even stronger connection with the project. Three, each dragon has a birthday and is given a special birthday gift as a celebration.


The development team behind Dragos NFT has worked on other successful projects like Neo Tokyo. It’s also the team behind, an NFT marketplace, and launchpad. Dragos NFT is one of the first projects on the launchpad and part of the byt ecosystem.

“Our core team has built multiple 8 figure businesses with large teams, so we understand how to run and grow a business along with hitting targets,” the Dragos NFT team says. “An NFT project is a business at the end of the day, and we have that experience to hit targets and keep our customers happy.”

The team admits that making the Dragos NFT project was expensive and more time-consuming than copying what others were doing. However, they are committed to doing things properly.

To new people that want to get into the NFT space, their advice is simple. “If you’re looking to launch an NFT, stop looking at it as a money play and start looking at it as an actual business. Real businesses require good products, a great team, and clients/a community that is taken care of. You need realistic goals and a proper team to carry them through. Innovation will always win. Copying will always lose.”

Dragos NFT is not a hobby to the owners and operators but a project they plan to see into the future. They plan to continue growing the team and instilling proper SOPs and systems to ensure longevity.