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Integrated Logistics Management Software: Uber For Supply Chain Management

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As per statistics, upto 61% of customers want quicker deliveries, while 66% consider that the delivery method must be central to their shopping experience. Also, 93% of customers say that they wish to stay informed and receive constant and live updates from the retailers about the expected shipments.

As a result, it can no longer be denied that delivery speed and quality impact the purchasing decisions of consumers significantly. Furthermore, 94% of customers blame the retailer whenever a delivery goes poorly. It is but obvious that a large percentage of these customers are continuously facing late or failed deliveries.

The automation of data relating to the supply chain management is the best definition of logistics management software. There are freight technology software that caters to field force tracking, route optimization and vehicle management. Likewise, this component meets customer demands via planning and implementation of the various information.

These range from effective movement and storage of goods and services from origin to destination. This software automates supply chain management for shipments, carriers and single map interface optimized in real-time. A modern logistics software like FarEye can significantly improve your customers’ delivery experience and consequently, help boost your business.

Want to know how? Read this curated article to know more.

How does a Logistics Management Software automate Supply Chain Management?

Intelligent task allocation and dispatching along with dynamic routing and real-time visibility can be facilitated easily with the latest freight technology methods. Logistics management forms an integral part of the supply chain management procedure to reduce expenses and provides an opportunity to enhance customer service.

From planning & managing their dispatch schedule, delivery routes and capacity in the most cost optimized way. As a result, integrated logistics management software has virtually revolutionized the old system.

Is there really a need for a Logistics Management Software?

Certainly, online orders have become pretty common in this age with the given technology. Logistics Management helps in ensuring that customers receive their orders in a timely fashion. It helps in optimizing every single possibility with the delivery plans as well as route optimization with the right people allocation. People trust Amazon and FedEx because these happen to be the experts in this industry.

Consequently, irrespective of the size and scope of your business, if you opt for integrated software for your company’s logistics management, you get facilitated with the following perks:

  1. Capacity Planning
  2. Resource Management
  3. Real-Time Visibility
  4. Detailed Reports
  5. Real-Time Analytics
  6. Real-time dispatch
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5 Key Features Of A Supply Chain Management Tool

First of all, time has become a valuable resource. It is essential in a business to have a proper channelized system for supply chain management. A reliable route planning system can drastically cut down on the time taken for achieving proper deliveries and scheduling fleet movements. While getting automated logistics management software developed, make sure that the interactive features listed below are included:

1. Driver and Vehicle Tracker:

Fleet owners now have the advantage of opting for various freight technology tools available. One can have peace of mind when they are able to access the details about their vehicles and drivers at a given point of time. Now, getting notified of every move of the vehicle and driver is possible, thanks to the GPRS in logistics management software.

2. Assigning Order to the Nearest Driver & Order Pick Up:

When there are numerous orders at once that have to be managed urgently, this feature of automatically ordering dispatch of the order via delivery & logistics management software helps business owners in automatically assigning the orders to their nearest drivers. Thus, avoiding any delay.

3. Real-Time Chat:

It has become necessary to be in constant touch with the drivers. That is to say, several clients and drivers having varied needs are expected to be dealt with by the fleet business owners. Consequently, in-app real-time chats help in enhancing the communication within the network of the fleet.

4. Regular Log Record of Drivers & Vehicle Inspection:

Sending the driver’s log automatically eases the pain of the driver while empowering business owners to efficiently handle tasks like checking the hours of performance, number of trips, client reviews and time taken for the deliveries made.

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Similarly, with tools like vehicle inspection, business/ fleet owners can access information about their vehicles such as the mileage, distance covered or details in cases of rash driving, if any. The maintenance needs and repairing details get notified with the essential data like fuel indicators, pressure check, brakes etc.

5. Route Planning and Live Delivery Statistics:

This forms another integral part of freight technology. Features like route pre-planning in logistics management app ensure that business owners and managers are adequately aware about the route taken by their drivers. When the vehicle reaches the desired delivery location, an instant notification can be sent with the live delivery statistics.

To improve the productivity of your delivery executives, automatically assign them highly efficient routes. Parcel distribution or deliveries form a vital part of CX summing up the customers’ perception of how they get treated by the company. If you invest in the right technology, you gain more transparency and can control the supply chain. With your delivery system being more efficient and accurate, you save time and money for everybody, while retaining the loyalty of your customers.

Choosing The Right Development Company For Logistics Management Software

When it comes to the development of any web or mobile app product, you have to be careful. There are a lot of factors that go into the success of your desired product. Before introducing your product in the market, make sure you have thoroughly researched. It includes your competitors and their weak and strong points, both.

Hiring the right tech partner is one of those first few right decisions that you need to take. Furthermore, the pricing plans being offered to you are not as important as the quality. Also, they must be able to help you with suggestions, if any. The appropriate frameworks, the coding standards followed by them that would be implemented for your business niche are some other must-haves.

Explore their portfolio and check if they’ve done any similar work before. Was it a successful project? Just go through the reviews to cross-check. The application must be scalable, secure and robust. The UI and UX must be interactive and user friendly.

To Sum Up…

By adopting the innovative delivery management system, business owners get improved asset utilization, better customer satisfaction with reduced fuel usage. Also, regardless of whether it’s for transport or logistics, wherever the goods are to be moved, it becomes important to keep tabs on your fleet consistently. Automation via reliable logistics management software is the answer to this. I am very open any kind of suggestion feedback or question. Drop it on the comment section below.

EngineerBabu has previously developed applications in this domain. Delivr and MaalGaadi are the 2 of our best ones, yet. Yours could be next!  Just drop us an email at Don’t like waiting?

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