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3 Proven Technology Trends for Logistics Enterprise Makeover

We are living in an age in which a new tech term seems to pop up every day. When considering a business operations makeover, it can be difficult to know where to even begin: How can you streamline in a way that makes sense for your business? Here are a few technology trends for logistics and supply chain businesses to focus on right now.

Digital Transformation and Single-Point Orchestration of IT Systems

Speaking about the latest technology trends for logistics, there is a variety of new methods and technologies to help companies transform their operations. Those proving especially germane to logistics and supply chain operations include automation, adaptive planning, rapid response, and continuous improvement of apps and procedures.

Businesses are moving toward single-point orchestration, which means bringing all the computer capability into one synchronised system.

For example, a large European car-rental business is benefiting from a new centralised system for its everyday operations. The system helps to automate management tasks and provides centralised fleet planning along with data-driven car disposition based on predictions of weekly demand.

Internet of Things

The development of new hardware — robotics, drones, and autonomous vehicles — is reshaping the way supply chain works. With a little tinkering, engineers can gear these machines to operate in any way they deem helpful to the business at hand.

Companies are implementing digital controllers and actuators, connected vehicles, and real-time connected sensors for smart asset tracking. They are rolling out identity-centric security to defend this gear from data breaches. The result: smoother, more secure warehouse and delivery operations.

Data Science and Machine Learning

Machine learning can revolutionise supply chain businesses, for example by enabling anticipatory customer service. For the car-rental business described above, the Data Science solution can predict weekly demand for car rentals and suggest how to move the fleet among stations to meet the forecasted need. More generally, predictive analysis allows providers to exceed rather than merely meet customers’ expectations, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

If your company is ready to explore implementing some of these technologies, let us know your needs and we can help you look at custom options and decide on the most appropriate and effective approach.

Originally published at eleks.com on February 1st, 2018.


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