Inside Musk's Social Circle: Yes-men, Media Personalities, and (a lot of) right-wing VCsby@legalpdf
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Inside Musk's Social Circle: Yes-men, Media Personalities, and (a lot of) right-wing VCs

by Legal PDFNovember 30th, 2022
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Twitter v. Elon Musk Court Filing July 12, 2022 is part of HackerNoon’s Legal PDF Series. This is Exhibit H with texts between Elon Musk and his social circle with regard to the Twitter deal.

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featured image - Inside Musk's Social Circle: Yes-men, Media Personalities, and (a lot of) right-wing VCs
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Twitter v. Elon Musk Court Filing by Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP, July 12, 2022 is part of HackerNoon’s Legal PDF Series. You can jump to any part in this filing here. This is Exhibit H with texts between Elon Musk and his social circle with regard to the Twitter deal. HackerNoon’s Context Notes is in green.

Feature Image: HackerNoon’s Midjourney AI, Prompt “surround yourself with only yes men”

Exhibit H

Highly Confidential

2022-01-21 to 2022-01-24: Alex Shillings <> Elon Musk

Presumably Alex just helped Musk with Tech Support.

  • Alex Shillings: Elon- are you able to access your Twitter account ok? I saw a number of emails held in spam. Including some password resets attempts
  • Elon: I haven't tried recently
  • Elon: Am staying off twitter
  • Elon: Is my twitter account posting anything?
  • Alex: Not posting but I see one deactivation email and a dozen password reset emails. Assuming this is a scammer attempt but wanted to check to ensure you still had access to your Twitter
  • Elon: It Is someone trying to hack my twitter
  • Elon: But I have two-factor enabled with the confirmation app
  • Alex: OK, great to hear.
  • Alex: Yes -FaceTimed with them to confirm my identity(hah) and they are hopefully gonna reset your 2FA to SMS soon. Asking for an update now
  • Elon: Sounds good
  • Elon: I can also FaceTime with them if still a problem
  • Alex: Tldr; your account is considered high profile internally over there. So they've made it very hard to make changes like this by their teams. They are working through it...
  • Elon: Happy to FaceTime directly
  • Elon: Not sure how I was able to make Twitter work on this new phone, as I didn't use the backup code.
  • Alex: Connecting with their head of Trust & Safety now
  • Alex: I assume we used your old phone to verify the new, once upon a time
  • Elon: Oh yeah
  • Alex: They can fix it by disabling all 2FA for your account which will let you in and then you can re-enable it. Are you available in 90 mins to have them coordinate it?
  • Elon: ["liked" above]
  • Alex: I know things are in flux right now, but is EMDesk SpaceX still your primary calendar? I realize there a meeting on there in 1 hour. In case I should move this twitter fix out a bit.
  • Elon: Yeah
  • Elon: But I can step off the call briefly ta Face Time them if need be
  • Alex: Sounds good. And ideally I'm just texting you ta sign in once they disable 2FA and then you can immediately sign in and re-enable. No FaceTime needed.
  • Elon: ["liked" above]
  • Alex: Elon-we are ready to make the change if you are
  • Elon: ["liked" above]
  • Alex: 2FA disabled. Please try to log in now
  • Alex: Able to get back in ok?
  • Elon: ["liked" above]
  • Alex: And once in you can enable 2FA Settings> Security and account access> Security> 2FA Alex Stillings
  • Alex: App only is suggested
  • Elon: Thanks!
  • Alex: And reminder to save that backup code 👍
  • Elon: ["liked" above]

2022-03-05: Antonio Gracias <> Elon Musk

Antonio Gracias’s a VC, Former Tesla Director (tenure ended in 2021)

  • Antonio Gracias: Wow...I saw your tweet re free speech. Wtf is going on Elon...

  • Elon: EU passed a law banning Russia Today and several other Russian news sources. We have been told to block their IP address.

  • Elon: Actually, I find their news quite entertaining

  • Elon: Lot of bullshit, but some good points too

  • Antonio: This is fucking are totally right. I 100% agree with you.

  • Elon: We should allow it precisely bc we hate it...that is the ping of the American constitution.

  • Antonio: Exactly

  • Elon: Free speech matters mast when it's someone you hate spouting what you think is bullshit.

  • Antonio: I am 100% with you Elon. To the fucking mattresses no matter what .....this is a principle we need to fucking defend with our lives or we are lost to the darkness.

  • Antonio: Sorry for the swearing. I am getting excited.

  • Elon: ["loved" "I am 100%..."]

  • Elon: [2022-04-26] On a call. Free in 3O mins.

  • Antonio: Ok. I'll call you in 30

2022-03-24: Talulah Riley <> Elon Musk

Talulah Riley is a Canadian actress and Musk’s ex-wife from his 2nd & 3rd marriage.

  • Talulah Riley: can you buy Twitter and then delete it, please!? xx

  • Talulah Riley: America is going INSANE.

  • Talulah Riley: The Babylon Bee got suspension is crazy. Raiyah and I were talking about it today. It was a fucking joke. Why has everyone become so puritanical?

  • Talulah Riley: Or can you buy Twitter and make it radically free-speech?

  • Talulah Riley: So much stupidity comes from Twitter xx

  • Elon: Maybe buy it and change it to properly support free speech xx

  • Elon: ["liked" "Or can you buy Twitter..."]

  • Talulah Riley: I honestly think social media is the scourge of modern life, and the worst of all is Twitter, because it's also a news stream as well as a social platform, and so has more real-world standing than Tik Tok etc. But it's very easy to exploit and is being used by radicals for social engineering on a massive scale. And this shit is infecting the world. Please do do something to fight woke-ism. I will do anything to help! xx

2022-03-24 to 2022-04-06: Joe Lonsdale <> Elon Musk

Joe Lonsdale = Founder of Palantir, is not a big fan of tax the rich.

  • Joe Lonsdale : I love your "Twitter algorithm should be open source" tweet -I'm actually speaking to over 100 members of congress tomorrow at the GOP policy retreat and this is one of the ideas I'm pushing for reigning in crazy big tech. Now I can cite you so I'll sound less crazy myself :). Our public squares need to not have arbitrary sketchy censorship.

  • Elon: ["liked" above]

  • Elon: Absolutely

  • Elon: What we have right now is hidden corruption!

  • Joe: ["loved" above]

  • [2022-04-04]: Joe: Excited to see the stake in Twitter -awesome. "Back door man" they are saying haha. Hope you're able to influence it. I bet you the board doesn't even get full reporting or see any report of the censorship decisions and little cabals going on there but they should -the lefties on the board likely want plausible deniability !

  • Elon: ["liked" above]

  • [2022-04-16] Joe: Haha even Governor DeSantis just called me just now with ideas how to help you and outraged at that board and saying the public is rooting for you. Let me know if you or somebody on your side wants to chat w him. Would be fun to see you if you guys are around this weekend or the next few days.

  • Elon: Haha cool

2022-03-26: Jack Dorsey <> Elon Musk

Jack Dorsey is a co-founder and former CEO of Twitter

  • Jack Dorsey: Yes, a new platform is needed. It can't be a company. This is why I left.

  • jack:,=20&t=8z3h0h0JGSnt86Zuxd61Wg

  • Elon: Ok

  • Elon: What should it look like?

  • jack: I believe it must be an open source protocol, funded by a foundation of sorts that doesn't own the protocol, only advances it. A bit like what Signal has done. It can't have an advertising model. Otherwise you have surface area that governments and advertisers will try to influence and control. If it has a centralized entity behind it, it will be attacked. This isn't complicated work, it just has to be done right so it's resilient to what has happened to twitter.

  • Elon: Super interesting idea

  • jack: I'm off the twitter board mid May and then completely out of company. I intend to do this work and fix our mistakes. Twitter started as a protocol. It should have never been a company. That was the original sin.

  • Elon: I'd like to help if I am able to

  • jack: I wanted to talk with you about it after I was all clear, because you care so much, get it's importance, and could def help in immeasurable ways. Back when we had the activist come in, I tried my hardest to get you on our board, and our board said no. That's about the time I decided I needed to work to leave, as hard as it was for me.

  • Elon: ["loved" above]

  • jack: Do you have a moment to talk?

  • Elon: Bout to head out to dinner but can for a minute

  • jack: I think the main reason is the board is just super risk averse and saw adding you as more risk, which I thought was completely stupid and backwards, but I only had one vote, and 3% of company, and no dual class shares. Hard set up. We can discuss more.

  • Elon: Let's definitely discuss more

  • Elon: I think it's worth both trying to move Twitter in a better direction and doing something new that's decentralized

  • jack: It's likely the best option. I just have doubts. But open

  • Elon: ["liked above]

2022-03-26 to 2022-03-27: Egon Durban <> Elon Musk

Egon Durban was one of the Twitter directors who also runs a private equity firm

  • Elon to Egon Durban: This is Elon. Please call when you have a moment.

  • Elon: It is regarding the Twitter board.

  • Egon: Have follow-up. Let's chat today whenever convenient for you.

2022-03-27 to 2022-04-26: Larry Ellison <> Elon Musk

Larry Ellison is the CEO of Oracle

  • Larry Ellison: Elon, I'd like to chat with you in the next day or so ... I do think we need another Twitter 👍

  • Elon: Want to talk now?

  • Larry: Sure.

  • [2022-04-17] Elon: Any interest in participating in the Twitter deal?

  • Larry: Yes ... of course 👍

  • Elon: Cool

  • Elon: Roughly what dollar size? Not holding you to anything, but the deal is oversubscribed, so I have to reduce or kick out some participants.

  • Larry: A billion ... or whatever you recommend

  • Elon: Whatever works for you. I'd recommend maybe $2B or more. This has very high potential and I'd rather have you than anyone else.

  • Larry: I agree that it has huge potential... and it would be lots of fun

  • Elon: Absolutely:)

  • [2022-04-26] Larry: Since you think I should come in for at least $2B... I'm in for $2B 👍

  • Elon: Haha thankss:)

2022-03-27: Brett Taylor <> Elon Musk

Brett Taylor is CEO of Salesforce and Chairman of Twitter Board in March 2022

  • Brett Taylor: This is Bret Taylor. Let me know when you have a minute to speak today.Just got off with Parag and I know he is eager to speak with you today as well. Flexible all day
  • Elon: Later tonight would work - maybe 7pm? I have a minor case of Covid, so am a little under the weather.
  • Brett: Sorry to hear -it can knock you out. 7pm sounds great
  • Elon: ["liked above]

2022-03-27 to 2022-03-31: Egon Durban, Martha Spurrier, Brett Taylor, Parag Agrawal, and Elon Musk

In March 2022, they were all part of Twitter Board. Egon Durban is in Private Equity, Martha Spurrier advocates for human rights and was chair of Nominating/Governance (NomGov), Brett Taylor was Twitter Chairman and CEO of Salesforce, Parag Agrawal was Twitter CEO.

  • Egon: Hi everyone Parag (Ceo), Bret (Chairman) and Martha (head of gov) -You are connected w Elon. He is briefed on my conversations w you. Elon -everyone excited about prospect of you being involved and on board. Next step is for you to chat w three of them so we can move this forward quickly. Maybe we can get this done next few days🤞

  • Elon: Thanks Egon

  • Parag: Hey Elon - great to be connected directly. Would love to chat! Parag

  • Martha: Hey Elon, I'm Martha chair of Twitter nomgov- know you've talked to Bret and parag - keen to have a chat when you have time - im in Europe (also hope covid not too horrible as I hear you have it)

  • Parag: Look forward to meeting soon! Can you let us know when you are able to meet in the Bay Area in the next couple of days?

  • Martha: Hey Elon, I'm Martha chair of Twitter nomgov - know you've talked to Bret and parag -I'm v keen to have a chat when you have time - im in Europe but will make anything work

  • Elon: Sounds good. Perhaps a call late tonight central time works? I'm usually up until ~3am.

  • Martha: If ok with you I'll try you 10am CET (8am PST) looking forward to meeting you

  • Elon: Sure

  • Martha: Thanks v much for the time Elon -pls let us know who in your office our GC can talk to -sleep well!

  • Elon: You're most welcome. Great to talk!

2022-03-27: Parag Agrawal <> Elon Musk

Parag Agrawal was Twitter CEO, after Jack Dorsey

  • Parag: Would love to talk. Please let me know what time works - I'm super flexible. -Parag

  • Elon: Perhaps tonight around 8?

  • Parag: That works! Look forward to talking.

  • Elon: ["liked" above]

  • Elon: Just finishing a Tesla Autopilot engineering call

  • Parag: ["liked" above]

2022-03-27 to 2022-04-24: Bradley Jabour <> Elon Musk

Bradley Jabour is a radiologist

  • "Dr Jabour": Hi E, Pain settling down? Time for a latter-day Guttenburg to bring back free speech ..... and buy Twitter.

  • [2022-04-04] Elon: ["liked" above]

  • [2022-04-24] Jabour: Hi E, looks like a TWITTER board member scurrying around unbalanced trying to deal with your offer.... Am loving your tactics, ( vid taken from my house on Monica beach)-Brad

  • Elon: ["loved" above]

2022-03-29 to 2022-04-01: Will MacAskill <> Elon Musk

Will MacAskill is an Oxford Professor - his research focuses on Effective Altruism

  • Will MacAskill: Hey - I saw your poll on twitter about Twitter and free speech. I'm not sure if this is what's on your mind, but my collaborator Sam Bankman-Fried ( has for a while been potentially interested in purchasing it and then making it better for the world. If you want to talk with him about a possible joint effort in that direction, his number is [redacted] and he's on Signal.

  • Elon: Does he have huge amounts of money?

  • Will: Depends on how you define "huge"! He's worth $24B, and his early employees (with shared values) bump that to $30B. I asked about how much he could in principle contribute and he said: "~$1-3b would be easy-$3-8b I could do ~$8-15b is maybe possible but would require financing"

  • Will: If you were interested to discuss the idea I asked and he said he'd be down to meet you in Austin

  • Will: He's based in the Bahamas normally. And I might visit Austin next week, if you'd be around?

  • Will: That's a start

  • Will: Would you like me to intro you two via text?

  • Elon: You vouch for him?

  • Will: Very much so! Very dedicated to making the long-term future of humanity go well

  • Elon: Ok then sure

  • Will: Great! Will use Signal

  • Will: (Signal doesn't work; used imessage instead)

  • Elon: Ok

  • Will: And in case you want to get a feel for Sam, here's the Apr 1st tweet from his foundation, the Future Fund, which I'm advising on -I thought you might like it:

  • Will

  • Will: And here's the actual (more informative) launch tweet· moving $100M-$1B this year to improve the future of humanity:

  • Will

2022-03-29 to 2022-04-14: Mathias Döpfner <> Elon Musk

Mathias Döpfner is a billionaire who owns a media group

  • Mathias Döpfner: Why don't you buy Twitter? We run it for you. And establish a true platform of free speech. Would be a real contribution to democracy.

  • Elon: Interesting idea

  • Mathias: I'm serious. It's doable. Will be fun.

  • [2022-04-04] Mathias: Congrats to the Twitter invest! Fast execution 🤩 Shall we discuss wether we should join that project? I was serious with my suggestion.

  • Elon: Sure, happy to talk

  • Mathias: I am going to miami tomorrow for a week. Shall we speak then or Wednesday and take it from there?

  • Elon: Sure

  • [2022-04-06] Mathias: A short call about Twitter?

  • Mathias: # Status Quo: It is the de facto public town square, but it is a problem that it does not adhere to free speech principles. => so the core product is pretty good, but (i) it does not serve democracy, and (ii) the current business model is a dead end as reflected by flat share price. # Goal: Make Twitter the global backbone of free speech, an open market place of ideas that truly complies with the spirit of the first amendment and shift the business model to a combination of ad-supported and paid to support quality # Game Plan: 1.),,Solve Free Speech" 1a) Step 1: Make it censorship-FREE by radically reducing Terms of Services (now hundreds of pages) to the following: Twitter users agree to: (1) Use our service to send spam or scam users, (2) Promote violence, (3) Post illegal pornography. 🙃 1b) Step 2: Make Twitter censorship-RESISTANT • Ensure censorship resistance by implementing measures that warrant that Twitter can't be censored long term, regardless of which government and management • How? Keep pushing projects at Twitter that have been working on developing a decentralized social network protocol (e.g., BlueSky). It's not easy, but the backend must run on decentralized infrastructure, APls should become open (back to the roots! Twitter started and became big with open APIs). • Twitter would be one of many clients to post and consume content. • Then create a marketplace for algorithms, e.g., if you're a snowflake and don't want content that offends you pick another algorithm. 2.) ,,Solve Share Price" Current state of the business: • Twitters ad revenues grow steadily and for the time being, are sufficient to fund operations. • MAUs are flat, no structural growth • Share price is flat, no confidence in the existing business model and/or

  • [2022-04-14] Mathias: Our editor of Die Welt just gave an interview why he left Twitter. What he is criticising is exactly what you most likely want to change. I am thrilled to discuss twitters future when you are ready. So exciting.

  • Elon: Interesting!

2022-03-31 to 2022-04-01: Bret Taylor, Parag Agrawal, and Elon Musk

In March 2022, Brett Taylor & Parag Agrawal were all part of Twitter Board. Brett Taylor was Twitter Chairman and is CEO of Salesforce, Parag Agrawal was Twitter CEO. Jehn is presumably, Jehn Balajadia - COO of the Boring Company

  • Elon: I land in San Jose tomorrow around 2pm and depart around midnight. My Tesla meetings are flexible, so I can meet anytime in those 10 hours.

  • Bret: By "tomorrow" do you mean Thursday or Friday?

  • Elon: Today

  • Parag: I can make any time in those 10 hours work.

  • Bret: I land in Oakland at 8:30pm. Perhaps we can meet at 9:30pm somewhere? I am working to see if I can move up my flight from NYC to land earlier in the meantime

  • Bret: Working on landing earlier and landing in San Jose so we can have dinner near you. Will keep you both posted in real time

  • Bret: Ok, successfully moved my flight to land at 6:30pm in San Jose. Working on a place we can meet privately

  • Elon: Sounds good

  • Elon: Crypto spam on Twitter really needs to get crushed. It's a major blight on the user experience and they scam so many innocent people.

  • Bret: It sounds like we are confirming 7pm at a private residence near San Jose. Our assistants reached out to Jehn on logistics. Let me know if either of you have any concerns or want to move things around. Looking forward to our conversation.

  • Parag: Works for me. Excited to see you both in person!

  • Elon: Jehn had a baby and I decided to try having no assistant for a few months

  • Elon: Likewise

  • Bret: The address is [redacted]

  • Bret: Does 7pm work for you Elon?

  • Elon: Probably close to that time. Might only be able to get there by 7:30, but will try for earlier.

  • Bret: Sounds good. I am going to be a bit early because my plane is landing earlier but free all evening so we can start whenever you get there and Parag and I can catch up in the meantime

  • Bret: This wins for the weirdest place I've had a meeting recently. I think they were looking for an airbnb near the airport and there are tractors and donkeys 🤷

  • Elon: Haha awesome

  • Elon: Maybe Airbnb's algorithm thinks you love tractors and donkeys (who doesn't!)

  • Elon: On my way. There in about 15 mins.

  • Bret: And abandoned trucks in case we want to start a catering business after we meet

  • Elon: Sounds like a post-apocalyptic movie set

  • Bret: Basically yes

  • Elon: Great dinner:)

  • Bret: Really great. The donkeys and dystopian surveillance helicopters added to the ambiance

  • Elon: Definitely one for the memory books haha

  • Parag: Memorable for multiple reasons. Really enjoyed it

2022-03-31 to 2022-04-02: Will MacAskill, Sam Bankman-Fried, and Elon Musk

Will MacAskill is an Oxford Professor - his research focuses on Effective Altruism Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) was CEO of crypto exchange FTX.

  • Will: Hey, here's introducing you both, Sam and Elon. You both have interests in games, making the very long-run future go well, and buying Twitter. So I think you'd have a good conversation!

  • Sam: Great to meet you Elon-happy to chat about Twitter (or other things) whenever!

  • Elon: Hi!

  • Elon: Maybe we can talk later today? I'm in Germany.

  • Sam: I'm on EST-could talk sometime between 7pm and 10pm Germany time today?

2022-04-03 to 2022-04-04: Jared Birchall, Martha Spurrier, and Elon Musk

Jared Birchall is CEO of Neurallink and Elon Musk’s right-hand man. Martha Spurrier advocates for human rights and was chair of Nominating/Governance (NomGov) at Twitter

  • Elon: Connecting Martha (Twitter Norn/Gov) with Jared (runs my family office).

  • Elon: Jared, there is important paperwork to be done to allow for me to hopefully join the Twitter board.

  • Martha: Thanks Elon - appreciate this - hi Jared - I'm going to put Sean Edgett in touch with you who is GC at Twitter

  • Jared: Sounds good. Please have him call anytime or send the docs to my email: [...]

  • Martha: 👍

  • Martha: Elon - are you available to chat for 5 mins?

  • Martha: I'd like to relay the board we just finished

  • Elon: Sure

  • [2022-04-04] Martha: Morning elon -you woke up to quite a storm.... Great to hear from Bret that you agree we can move this along v quickly today -Jared, I'm assuming it's you I should send the standstill they discussed to you? It will be the same as egon and silverlake undertook. Let me know if should go to someone else - we're really keen to get this done in next couple of hours. Thank you

  • Elon: You can send to both of us

  • Elon: Sorry, I just woke up when Bret called! I arrived from Berlin around 4am.

  • Martha: No apologies necessary. Let's How would you like it sent? If by email, pis let me know where

  • Elon: Text or email

  • Elon: My email is [redacted]

  • Martha: 👍

  • Martha: <Attachment-application/vnd.openxmlformatsofficedocument.wordprocessingml.document-Twitter Cooperation Agreement-Draft April 4 2022.docx>

  • Martha: Here it is -also gone by email Same as Egon's but even more pared back

  • Martha: Just copying you both to confirm sent agreement-v keen to get this done quickly as per your conversation

2022-04-03: Bret Taylor <> Elon Musk

Brett Taylor was Twitter Chairman and is CEO of Salesforce

  • Bret: Just spoke to Martha. Let me know when you have time to talk today or tomorrow. Sounds like you are about to get on a flight — flexible

  • Elon: Sounds good. I'm just about to take off from Berlin to Austin, but free to talk anytime tomorrow.

  • Bret: I am free all day. Text when you are available. Planning to take a hike with my wife and that is the only part where my reception may be spotty. Looking forward to speaking. And looking forward to working with you!

  • Elon: ["liked" above]

2022-04-03: Parag Agrawal <> Elon Musk

Parag Agrawal was Twitter CEO

  • Parag: I expect you heard from Martha and Bret already. I'm super excited about the opportunity and look forward to working closely and finding ways to use your time as effectively as possible to improve Twitter and the public conversation.

  • Elon: Sounds great!

2022-04-03: Jack Dorsey <> Elon Musk

Jack Dorsey was CEO of Twitter and is its cofounder

  • jack: I heard good things are happening

  • Elon: ["liked" above]

2022-04-04: Ken Griffin <> Elon Musk

Ken Griffin is a hedge fund manager and CEO of Citadel

  • Ken Griffin: Love it !!

  • Elon: ["liked" above]

2022-04-04: Bret Taylor <> Elon Musk

Brett Taylor was Twitter Chairman and is CEO of Salesforce

  • Bret Taylor: Hey are you available?
  • Bret Taylor: Given the SEC filing, would like to speak asap to coordinate on communications. Call asap when you are back

2022-04-04: Name Redacted <> Elon Musk

  • [redacted]: Congratulations!! The above article ☝️ was laying out some of the things that might happen: Step 1: Blame the platform for its users Step 2. Coordinated pressure campaign Step 3: Exodus of the Bluechecks Step 4: Deplatforming "But it will not be easy. It will be a war. Let the battle begin."

  • [redacted]: It will be a delicate game of letting right wingers back on Twitter and how to navigate that (especially the boss himself, if you're up for that) I would also lay out the standards early but have someone who has a savvy cultural/political view to be the VP of actual enforcement

  • [redacted]: A Blake Masters type

2022-04-04 to 2022-04-17: Egon Durban <> Elon Musk

Egon Durban was one of the Twitter directors who also runs a private equity firm

  • Egon Durban: Hi -if you have a few moments call anytime? Flying to UK

  • Elon: Just spoke to Bret. His call woke me up haha. Got it from Berlin at 4am.

  • Egon: 🙏

  • [2022-04-17] Elon: You're calling Morgan Stanley to speak poorly of me ...

2022-04-04: Elon Musk <> Jared Birchall

Jared Birchall is CEO of Neurallink and Elon Musk’s right-hand man

  • Elon to Jared Birchall: Please talk to Martha about the filing

  • Jared: ok

2022-04-04: Bret Taylor <> Elon Musk

Brett Taylor was Twitter Chairman and is CEO of Salesforce

  • Bret Taylor: Do you have five minutes?

  • Elon: Sure

2022-04-04: Elon Musk <> Parag Agrawal

Parag Agrawal was Twitter CEO

  • Elon to Parag: Happy to talk if you'd like

  • Parag: That will be very helpful. Please call me when you have a moment

  • Elon: Just on the phone with Jared. Will call as soon as that's done.

  • Parag: ["liked" above]

2022-04-04: Kyle Mann <> Elon Musk

Kyle is presumably Kyle Mann, editor in chief of Babylon Bee

  • "Kyle": So can you bust us out of Twitter Jail now lol

  • Elon: I do not have that ability

  • Kyle: Lol I know I know. Big move though, love to see it

2022-04-04: Egon Durban, Martha Spurrier, Brett Taylor, Parag Agrawal, and Elon Musk

In April 2022, they were all part of Twitter Board. Egon Durban is in Private Equity, Martha Spurrier advocates for human rights and was chair of Nominating/Governance (NomGov), Brett Taylor was Twitter Chairman and CEO of Salesforce, Parag Agrawal was Twitter CEO.

  • Elon: Thank you for considering me for the Twitter board, but, after thinking it over, my current time commitments would prevent me from being an effective board member. This may change in the future. Elon

2022-04-04: Joe Rogan <> Elon Musk

Joe Rogan is a media personality and host of the Joe Rogan Podcast

  • Joe Rogan: Are you going to liberate Twitter from the censorship happy mob?

  • Elon: I will provide advice, which they may or may not choose to follow

2022-04-04: Bret Taylor <> Elon Musk

Brett Taylor was Twitter Chairman and is CEO of Salesforce

  • Bret Taylor:

  • Elon: ["laughed at" above]

2022-04-04 to 2022-04-05: Parag Agrawal <> Elon Musk

Parag Agrawal was Twitter CEO.

  • Parag: You should have an updated agreement in your email. I'm available to chat.
  • Elon: Approved
  • Parag: ["loved" above]
  • Parag: Have a few mins to chat? I'm eager to move fast
  • Elon: Sure, I'm just on a SpaceX engine review call.
  • Parag: Please call me after
  • Parag: I'm excited to share that we're appointing @elonmusk to our board! Through conversations with Elon in recent weeks, it became clear to me that he would bring great value to our Board. Why? Above all else, he's both a passionate believer and intense critic of the service which is exactly what we need on Twitter, and in the Boardroom, to make us stronger in the long-term. Welcome Elon!
  • Elon: Sounds good
  • Elon: Sending out shortly?
  • Parag:

  • Elon: Cool
  • Parag: Super excited!
  • Elon: Likewise!
  • Elon: Just had a great conversation with Jack! Are you free to talk later tonight?
  • Parag: Yeah, what time?
  • Elon: Would be great to unwind permanent bans, except for spam accounts and those that explicitly advocate violence.
  • Elon: 7pm CA time? Or anytime after that.
  • Parag: 7p works! Talk soon
  • Elon: Calling back in a few mins
  • Parag: ["liked" above]
  • Elon: Pretty good summary

2022-04-05: Jared Birchall, Martha Spurrier, and Elon Musk

Jared Birchall is CEO of Neurallink and Elon Musk’s right-hand man. Martha Spurrier advocates for human rights and was chair of Nominating/Governance (NomGov) at Twitter

  • Martha: I'm so thrilled you're joining the board. I apologise about the bump of the first agreement-I'm not a good manager of lawyers. I really look forward to meeting you.

  • Elon: Thanks Martha, same here.

2022-04-05: Bret Taylor <> Elon Musk

Brett Taylor was Twitter Chairman and is CEO of Salesforce

  • Bret: I am excited to work with you and grateful this worked out

  • Elon: Likewise

2022-04-05: Jack Dorsey <> Elon Musk

Jack Dorsey was CEO of Twitter and is its cofounder

  • jack: Thank you for joining!

  • Elon: Absolutely. Hope I can be helpful
  • jack: Immensely. Parag is an incredible engineer. The board is terrible. Always here to talk through anything you want.
  • Elon: When is a good time to talk confidentially?
  • jack: anytime
  • Elon: Thanks, great conversation!
  • jack: Always! I couldn't be happier you're doing this. I've wanted it for a long time. Got very emotional when I learned it was finally possible.
  • Elon: ["loved" above]
  • Elon: Please be super vocal if there is something dumb I'm doing or not doing. That would be greatly appreciated.
  • jack: I trust you but def will do
  • Elon: ["liked" above]
  • Jack:

  • jack: Looks like there's a "verified" account in the swamp of despair over there. (promoting crypto too!)

  • Elon: Haha

  • [2022-04-26] jack: I want to make sure Parag is doing everything possible to build towards your goals until close. He is really great at getting things done when tasked with specific direction. Would it make sense for me you and him to get on a call to discuss next steps and get really clear on what's needed? He'd be able to move fast and clear then. Everyone is aligned and this will help even

  • Elon: Sure

  • jack: great when is best for you? And please let me know where/ifyou want my help. I just want to make this amazing and feel bound to it

  • Elon: How about 7pm Central?

  • Elon: Your help would be much appreciated

  • Elon: I agreed with everything you said to me

  • jack: Great! Will set up. I won't let this fail and will do whatever it takes. It's too critical to humanity.

  • Elon: Absolutely

  • jack: <Attachment-image/jpeg-Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 15.05.00.jpeg>

  • jack: I put together a draft list to make the discussion efficient. Goal is to align around 1) problems we're trying to solve, 2) longterm priorities, 3) short-tenn actions, all using a higher level guide you spoke about. Think about what you'd add/remove. Getting this nailed will increase velocity.

  • jack: Here's meeting link for 7pm your time

  • jack: [meeting URL]

  • Elon: Great list of actions

  • jack: We're on hangout whenever you're ready. No rush. Just working on refining doc.

  • Elon: ["liked" above]

  • Elon: It's asking me for a Google account login

  • Elon: You and I are in complete agreement. Parag is just moving far too slowly and trying to please people who will not be happy no matter what he does.

  • jack: At least it became clear that you can't work together. That was clarifying.

  • Elon: Yeah

2022-04-06: Ira Ehrenpreis <> Elon Musk

Ira Ehrenpreis is a VC

  • Ira Ehrenpreis: If you plan on joining the Nom/Gov or Comp Committees, lmk and I can give you some tips! Haha! 🤪

  • Elon: Haha, I didn't even want to join the Twitter board! They pushed really hard to have me join.

  • Ira: You're a pushover! 😂

  • Ira: And you already got them to try the edit! Oh yeah... it had already been in the works. Sure.

  • Elon: It was actually in the works, but I didn't know.

2022-04-06 to 2022-04-08: Justin Roiland <> Elon Musk

Justin Roiland is the co-creator of Rick & Morty

  • Justin Roiland: I fucking love that you are majority owner of Twitter. My friends David and Daniel have a program that verifies identity that would be nice to connect to Twitter. As in, if people chose to use it, it could verify that they are a real person and not a troll farm. I should introduce you to them.

  • Elon: I just own 9% of Twitter, so don't control the company.

  • Elon: Will raise the identity issue with Parag (CEO).

2022-04-06 to 2022-04-14: Gayle King <> Elon Musk

Gayle King is a media personality, eco-host for CBS Mornings and editor for The Oprah Magazine]

  • Gayle King : Gayle here! Have you missed me (smile) Are you ready for to doa proper sit down with me so much to discuss! especially with your twitter play ... what do I need to do ???? Ps I like a twitter edit feature with a24 hour time limit ... we all say shit we regret want to take back in the heat of the moment ...

  • Elon: Twitter edit button is coming

  • Gayle: The whole Twitter thing getting blown out of proportion

  • Elon: Owning ~9% is not quite control

  • Gayle: I never thought that it did ... and I'm not good in math

  • Elon: Twitter should move more to the center, but Parag already thought that should be the case before I came along.

  • Elon: ["laughed at" "I never thought..."]

  • [2022-04-14] Gayle: ELON! You buying twitter or offering to buy twitter Wow! Now Don't you think we should sit down together face to face this is as the kids of today say a "gangsta move" I don't know know how shareholders turn this down .. like I said you are not like the other kids in the class ....

  • Elon: ["loved above]

  • [2022-04-18] Elon: Maybe Oprah would be interested in joining the Twitter board if my bid succeeds. Wisdom about humanity and knowing what is right are more important than so-called "board governance" skills, which mean pretty much nothing in my experience.

2022-04-07 to 2022-04-08: Parag Agrawal <> Elon Musk

Parag Agrawal was Twitter CEO.

  • Parag: A host of ideas around this merit exploration - even lower friction ones than this.
  • Elon: I have a thought about this that could take out two birds with one stone
  • Elon: Btw, what's your email?
  • Parag: [...]
  • Parag: Would you be able to do a q&a for employees next week virtually? My travel is causing too long of a delay and only about 10-15% of audience will be in person so we will be optimizing for virtual anyways. Would any of Wed/Thu 11a pacific next week work for you for a 45 min video q&a?- else I can suggest other times. Trying to maximize attendance across global timezones.
  • Parag: Would love to hear more when we speak nexts-do you have any availability tomorrow?
  • Elon: Sure
  • Elon: It would be great to get an update from the Twitter engineering team so that my suggestions are less dumb.
  • Parag: Yep-will set up a product+ eng conversation ahead of q&a -they said, I expect most questions to not get into specific ideas / depth - but more around what you believe about the future of Twitter and why it matters, why you can personally, how to want to engage with us, what you hope to see change... -but also some from people who are upset that you are involved and generally don't like you for some reason. As you said yesterday, goal is for people to just hear you speak directly instead of make assumptions about you from media stories. Would Thursday 11a pacific work next week for the q&a?
  • Elon: 11am PT on Wed works great
  • Elon: Exactly. Thurs 11 PT works.
  • Parag: Ok cool. So will confirm a convo Wed 11a PT with small eng and product leads. And the AMA on Thu 11a PT.
  • Parag: Also: my email to company about AMA leaked already+ lots of leaks from internal slack messages:

-I think there is a large silent majority that is excited about you bring on the board, so this isn't representative. Happy to talk about it-none of this is a surprise.

  • Elon: Seedy

  • Elon: *awesome (damn autocorrect!)

  • Elon: As expected. Yeah, would be good to sync up. I can talk tomorrow night or anytime this weekend. I love our conversations!

  • Parag: I'm totally flexible after 530p pacific tomorrow -let me know what works. And yes this is expected -and I think a good thing to move us in a positive direction. Despite the turmoil internally-I think this is very helpful in moving the company forward.

  • Elon: Awesome!

  • Elon: I have a ton of ideas, but lmk if I'm pushing too hard. I just want Twitter to be maximum amazing.

  • Parag: I want to hear all the ideas -and I'll tell you which ones I'll make progress on vs. not. And why.

  • Parag: And in this phase -just good to spend as much time with you. + have my Product and Eng team talk to you to ingest information on both sides.

  • Elon: I would like to understand the technical details of the Twitter codebase. This will help me calibrate the dumbness of my suggestions.

  • Elon: I wrote heavy duty software for 20 years

  • Parag: I used to be CTO and have been in our codebase for a long time.

  • Parag: So I can answer many many of your questions.

  • Elon: I interface way better with engineers who are able to do hardcore programming than with program managero/ MBA types of people.

  • Elon: ["liked" "I used to be CTO..."]

  • Elon: 🔥🔥

  • Parag: in our next convo-treat me like an engineer instead of CEO and lets see where we get to. I'll know after that convo who might be the best engineer to connect you to.

  • Elon: Frankly, I hate doing mgmt stuff. I kinda don't think anyone should be the boss of anyone. But I love helping solve technical/product design problems.

  • Elon: You got it!

  • Parag: Look forward to speaking tomorrow. Do you like calendar invites sent to your email address?

  • Elon: ["liked" above]

  • Elon: I already put the two dates on my calendar, but no problem to send me supplementary stuff.

  • Parag: I'm available starting now if you want to have a chat about engineering at Twitter. Let me know!

  • Elon: Call in about 45 mins?

  • Parag ["liked" above]

  • Elon: Will call back shortly

  • Elon: <Attachment• image/pngs-Screenshot 2022-04-08 at 10.10.09 PM.png>

  • Elon: I am so sick of stuff like this

  • Parag: We should be catching this

  • Elon: Yeah

2022-04-09 to 2022-04-24: Kimbal Musk <> Elon Musk’

Kimbal Musk is Elon Musk’s brother and owns a restaurant

  • Kimbal Musk: I have an idea for a blockchain social media system that does both payments and short text messages/links like twitter. You have to pay a tiny amount to register your message on the chain, which will cut out the vast majority of spam and bots. There is no throat to choke, so free speech is guaranteed.

  • Kimbal: The second piece of the puzzle is a massive real-time database that keeps a copy of all blockchain messages in memory, as well as all message sent to or received by you, your followers and those you follow.

  • Kimbal: Third piece is a twitter-like app on your phone that accessed the database in the cloud.

  • Kimbal: This could be massive

  • Kimbal: I'd love to learn more. I've dug deep on Web3 (not crytpo as much} and the voting powers are amazing and verified. Lots you could do here for this as well

  • Elon: I think a new social media company is needed that is based on a blockchain and includes payments

  • Kimbal: Would have them pay w a token associated w the service? You'd have to hold the token in your wallet to post. Doesn't have to expensive it will grow over time in value

  • Kimbal: Blockchain prevents people from deleting tweets. Pros and cons, but let the games begin!

  • Kimbal: If you did use your own token, you would not needs advertising it's a pay for use service but at a very low price

  • Kimbal: With scale it will be a huge business purely for the benefit of the users. I hate advertisements

  • Elon: ["liked" above]

  • Kimbal: There are some good ads out there. The voting component of interested users (only vote if you want to) could vote on ads that add value. The advertisers would have to stake a much larger amount of tokens, but other than there is no charge for the ads. It will bring out the creatives and the ads can politically incorrect/art/activision/philanthropy

  • Kimbal: Voting rights could also crowdsource kicking scammers out. It drives me crazy when I see people promoting the scam that you're giving away Bitcoin. Lots of bad people out there

  • [2022-04-24] Elon: Do you want to participate in the twitter transaction?

  • Kimbal: Let's discuss tomorrow

  • Elon: Ok

  • Kimbal: I can break away from my group a lot of the time. Will text tomorrow afternoon and if you're free we can meet up

  • Elon: Ok

2022-04-09: Parag Agrawal <> Elon Musk

Parag Agrawal was Twitter CEO.

  • Parag: You are free to tweet "is Twitter dying?" or anything else about Twitter -but it's my responsibility to tell you that it's not helping me make Twitter better in the current context. Next time we speak, I'd like to you provide you perspective on the level of internal distraction right now and how it hurting our ability to do work. I hope the AMA will help people get to know you, to understand why you believe in Twitter, and to trust you -and I'd like the company to get to a place where we are more resilient and don't get distracted, but we aren't there right now.

  • Elon: What did you get done this week?

  • Elon: I'm not joining the board. This is a waste of time.

  • Elon: Will make an offer to take Twitter private.

  • Parag: Can we talk?

2022-04-09 to 2022-04-10: Bret Taylor <> Elon Musk

Brett Taylor was Twitter Chairman and is CEO of Salesforce

  • Bret: Parag just called me and mentioned your text conversation. Can you talk?

  • Elon: Please expect a take private offer

  • Bret: I saw the text thread. Do you have five minutes so I can understand the context? I don't currently

  • Elon: Fixing twitter by chatting with Parag won't work

  • Elon: Drastic action is needed

  • Elon: This is hard to do as a public company, as purging fake users will make the numbers look terrible, so restructuring should be done as a private company.

  • Elon: This is Jack's opinion too.

  • Bret: Can you take 10 minutes to talk this through with me? It has been about 24 hours since you joined the board. I get your point, but just want to understand about the sudden pivot and make sure I deeply understand your point of view and the path forward

  • Elon: I'm about to take off, but can talk tomorrow

  • Bret: Thank you

  • Bret: Heyo-can you speak this evening? I have seen your tweets and feel more urgency about understanding your path forward

  • [next day] Bret: Acknowledging your text with Parag yesterday that you are declining to join the board. This will be reflected in our 8-K tomorrow. I've asked our team to share a draft with your family office today. I'm looking forward to speaking today.

  • Elon: Sounds good

  • Elon: It is better, in my opinion, to take Twitter private, restructure and return to the public markets once that is done. That was also Jack's view when I talked to him.

2022-04-12: Michael Kives <> Elon Musk

Michael Kives is an investor in many of Elon Musk’s companies

  • Michael Kives: Have any time to see Philippe Laffont in Vancouver tomorrow?

  • Elon: Maybe

  • Michael: Any particular time of best?

  • Michael: any time best?

  • Elon: What exactly does he want?

  • Michael: Has some ideas on Twitter Owns a billion of Tesla Did last 2 or 3 SpaceX rounds And-wants to get into Boring in the future (I told him to help with recruiting) You could honestly do like 20 mins in your hotel He's super smart, good guy

  • Elon: Ok, he can come by tonight. Room 1001 at Shangri-La.

  • Michael: Need to find you a great assistant! I'm headed to bed I'll tell Philippe to email you when he lands tonight in case you're still up and want to meet

  • Michael

  • Michael: Could be cool to do this with Sam Bankman-Fried

  • [2022-04-28] Elon: Twitter is obviously not going to be turned into some right wing nuthouse. Aiming to be as broadly inclusive as possible. Do the right thing for vast majority of Americans.

  • Michael: ["liked" above]

2022-04-13 to 2022-04-15: Elon Musk <> Bret Taylor

Brett Taylor was Twitter Chairman and is CEO of Salesforce

  • Elon to Bret: After several days of deliberation -this is obviously a matter of serious gravity-I have decided to move forward with taking Twitter private. I will send you an offer letter tonight, which will be public in the morning. Happy to connect you with my team if you have any questions. Thanks, Elon

  • Bret: Acknowledged

  • Bret: Confirming I received your email. Also, please use [...] going forward, my personal email.

  • Elon: Will do

  • [2022-04-14] Bret: Elon, as you saw from our press release, the board is in receipt of your letter and is evaluating your proposal to determine the course of action that it believes is in the best interest of Twitter and all of its stockholders. We will be back in touch with you when we have completed that work. Bret

  • Elon: Sounds good

  • [2022-04-17] Bret: Elon, I am just checking in to reiterate that the board Is seriously reviewing the proposal in your letter. We are working on a formal response as quickly as we can consistent with our fiduciary duties. Feel free to reach out anytime.

  • Elon: ["liked" above]

2022-04-14: Elon Musk <> Steve Davis

Steve Davis is the president of the boring company

  • Elon to Steve Davis: My Plan B is a blockchain-based version of twitter, where the "tweets" are embedded in the transaction as comments. So you'd have to pay maybe 0.1 Doge per comment or repost of that comment.
  • Elon Self
  • Steve: Amazing! Not sure which plan to root for. If Plan B wins, let me know if blockchain engineers would be helpful.

2022-04-14: Will MacAskill, Sam Bankman-Fried, and Elon Musk

Will MacAskill is an Oxford Professor - his research focuses on Effective Altruism Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) was CEO of crypto exchange FTX.

2022-04-14 to 2022-04-16: Marc Merrill <> Elon Musk

Marc Merrill is the Co-Founder, Co-Chairman, and President of Games for Riot Games, the game developer and publisher behind League of Legends.

2022-04-14 to 2022-04-15: Jason Calacanis <> Elon Musk

Jason Calacanis is a VC

  • Jason Calacanis: You should raise your offer
  • Jason: $54.21
  • Jason: The perfect counter
  • Jason: You could easily clean up bots and spam and make the service viable for many more users —Removing bots and spam is a lot less complicated than what the Tesla self driving team is doing (based on hearing the last edge case meeting)
  • Jason: And why should blue check marks be limited to the elite, press and celebrities? How is that democratic?
  • Jason: The Kingdom would like a word..  😂😂😂

  • Jason: Back of the envelope... Twitter revenue per employee: $5B rev / 8k employees = $625K rev per employee in 2021 Google revenue per employee: $257B rev2/ 135K employee2= $1.9M per employee in 2021 Apple revenue per employee: $365B rev / 154k employees= $2.37M per employee in fiscal 2021
  • Jason: Twitter revenue per employee if 3k instead of 8k: $5B rev/ 3k employees= $1.66m rev per employee in 2021 (more industry standard)
  • Elon: ["emphasized" above]
  • Elon: Insane potential for improvement
  • Jason: <Attachment-image/gif-lMG_2241.GIF>
  • Jason: Day zero
  • Jason: Sharpen your blades boys 🗡️
  • Jason: 2 day a week Office requirement= 20% voluntary departures

  • Jason: I mean, the product road map is beyond obviously
  • Jason: Premium feature abound ... and twitter blue has exactly zero [unknown emoji]
  • Jason: What committee came up with the list of dog shit features in Blue?!? It's worth paying to turn it off
  • Elon: Yeah, what an insane piece of shit!
  • Jason: Maybe we don't talk twitter on twitter OM @
  • Elon: Was just thinking that haha
  • Elon: Nothing said there so far is anything different from what I said publicly.
  • Elon: Btw, Parag is still on a ten day vacation in Hawaii
  • Jason: No reason to cut it short... in your first tour as ceo
  • Jason: (!!!)
  • Jason: Shouldn't he be in a war room right now?!?
  • Elon: Does doing occasional zoom calls while drinking fruity cocktails at the Four Seasons count?
  • Jason: 🤔
  • Jason
  • Jason: I'm starting a DAO
  • Jason: 😂😂😂
  • Jason: Money goes to buy twitter shares, if you don't wine money goes to open source twitter competitor 😂😂😂
  • Elon: ["liked" above]
  • [2022-04-23] Elon: I will be Universally beloved, since it is so easy to please everyone on twitter
  • Jason: It feels like everyone wants the same exact thing, and they will be patient and understanding of any changes ... Twitter Stans are a reasonable, good faith bunch
  • Jason: These dipshits spent a years on twitter blue to give people exactly..... Nothing they want! * Jason: Splitting revenue with video creators like YouTube could be huge unlock
  • Jason: We could literally give video creators 100% of their ad revenue up to $1m then do split
  • Elon: Absolutely
  • Jason: 5 Teams: 5 Northstar metrics 1. Legacy Opps: uptime, speed 2. Membership team: remove bots while getting users to pay far "Real Name Memberships" $5 a month $SO a year. Includes 24 hours response to customer service 3. Payments: % of users that have connected a bank account/made a deposit 4. Creator Team: get creators to publish to twitter first (musicians, You Tubers, tiktokers, etc) by giving them the best % split in the industry (and promotion) 5. Transparency Team: make the Algorithm & Moderation understandable and fair
  • Jason: I think those are the 5 critical pieces ... everyone agrees to "year one" sprint, including coming back to offices within the first 60 days (unless given special dispensation for extraordinary contribution)
  • Jason: Hard Reboot the organization
  • Jason: Feels like no one is setting priorities ruthlessly .. 12,000 working on whatever they want?!? No projects being cancelled?!
  • Jason: Move HQ to Austin, rent gigafactory excess space
  • Elon: Want to be a strategic advisor if this works out?
  • Elon: Want to be a strategic advisor to Twitter if this works out?
  • Jason: Board member, advisor, whatever ... you have my sword
  • Elon: ["loved" above]
  • Jason: If 2, 3 or 4 unlock they are each 250b+ markets
  • Jason: Payments is $250-500b, YouTube/creators is $250b+
  • Jason: Membership no one has tried really .... So hard to estimate. 1-5m paid members maybe @ Jason $50-100 a year? 250k corporate memberships @ 10k a year?
  • Elon: You are a mind reader
  • Jason: Put me in the game coach!
  • Jason: [unclear emoji]
  • Jason: Twitter CEO is my dream job
  • Jason
  • Jason: we should get Mr Beast to create for twitter ... we need to win the next two generations (millennials and Z are "meh" on twitter)
  • Elon: For sure
  • Jason: Just had the best idea eve.for monetization ... if you pay .01 per follower per year, you can DM all your followers upto 1x a day.
  • Jason: 500,000 follows = $5,000 and 1 DM them when 1 have new podcast episode, or I'm doing an event... or my new book comes out
  • Jason: And let folks slice and dice... so, you could DM all your twitter followers in Ber1in and invite them to the GigaRave
  • Jason: Oh my lord this would unlock the power of Twitter and goose revenue massively .... Who wouldn't pay for this!?!?
  • Jason: and if you over use the tool and are annoying folks would unfollow you ... so it's got a built in Jason safe guard {unlike email spam)
  • Jason: Imagine we ask Justin Beaver to come back and let him DM his fans ... he could sell $10m in merchandise or tickets instantly. Would be INSANE for power users and companies
  • Elon: Hell yeahl!
  • Elon: It will take a few months for the deal to complete before I'm actually in control

2022-04-14: Jake Sherman <> Elon Musk

Jake Sherman is a journalist

  • [redacted]: Hey Elon -my name is Jake Sherman. I'm a reporter with Punchbowl News in Washington I cover Congress. Wonder if you're game to talk about how Twitter would change for politics if you were at the helm?

2022-04-14: Adeo Ressi <> Elon Musk

Adeo Ressi is a VC

  • Adeo Ressi: Would love you to buy Twitter and fix it 🙏

  • Elon: ["loved" above]

2022-04-14: Omead Afshar <> Elon Musk

Omead Afsha works for Tesla

  • Omead Afshar: Thank you for what you're doing. We all love you and are always behind you! Not having a global platform that is truly free speech is dangerous for all. Companies are all adopting some form of content moderation and it's all dependent on ownership on how it shifts and advertisers paying them, as you've said.

  • Omead: Who knew a Saudi Arabian prince had so much leverage and so much to say about twitter.

2022-04-20: Elon Musk <> Brian Kinston

  • Elon to Brian Kingston: Not at all

2022-04-20 to 2022-04-22: Jared Birchall <> Elon Musk

Jared Birchall is CEO of Neurallink and Elon Musk’s right-hand man.

  • Elon: Larry Ellison is interested in being part of the Twitter take-private

  • Jared: ["liked above]

  • Jared

  • Jared: <Attachmento-text/vcard - Sam Bankman-Fried.vcf>

  • Jared: He seems to point to a similar blockchain based idea Also, we now have the right software engineer for you to speak with about the blockchain idea. Do you want an intro? Or just contact info?

  • Elon: Who is this person and who recommended them?

  • Elon: The engineer

  • Elon: I mean

  • Elon: The idea of blockchain free speech has been around for a long time. The questions are really about how to implement it.

  • Jared: former spacex'r, current CTO at Matter Labs, a blockchain company. TBC is on the verge of hiring him.

  • Jared

  • Elon: Ok

  • Jared: best to intro you via email?

  • Elon: Yeah

  • Jared: Investor calls are currently scheduled from 1pm to 3pm. They'd like to do a brief check in beforehand.

  • Elon: Ok

  • Elon: Whatever time works

  • Jared: ["liked" above]

  • Jared: I'll be dialing in to the calls as well. Let me know if you prefer that I'm there in person at the house or if remote is better.

  • Elon: Remote is fine

2022-04-22: “BL Lee" <> Elon Musk

  • "BL Lee": i have a twitter ceo candidate for you -bill gurley/benchmark. they were early investors as well so know all the drama. want to meet him?

2022-04-23: Elon Musk <> James Gorman

James Gorman is the CEO of Morgan Stanley

  • Elon to James Gorman: Thanks James, your unwavering support is deeply appreciated. Elon

  • Elon: I think the tender has a real chance

2022-04-23: Elon Musk <> Bret Taylor

Brett Taylor was Twitter Chairman and is CEO of Salesforce

  • Elon to Bret: Would it be possible for you and me to talk this weekend?

  • Elon: Or any group of people from the Twitter and my side

  • Bret: Yes, that would be great. I would suggest me and Sam Britton from Goldman on our side. Do you have time this afternoon / evening?

  • Elon: Sounds good

  • Elon: Whatever time works for you and Sam is good for me

  • Bret: Can we call you in 15 mins? 4:30pm PT (not sure what time zone you are in)

  • Bret: I can just call your mobile. Let me know if you prefer Zoom, conference call code, or something different

  • Elon: Sure

  • Elon: Mobile is fine

  • Bret: ["liked" above]

  • Bret: Just tried callings-please call whenever you are available

  • Elon: Calling shortly

  • Bret: Great thanks

  • Elon: Morgan Stanley needs to talk to me. I will call as soon as that's done.

  • Bret: No problem -here when you are ready

  • Elon: ["liked" above]

  • Bret: I understand our advisors just had a productive call. I am available to speak after you've debriefed with them.

  • Elon: Sounds good

2022-04-23: Joe Rogan <> Elon Musk

Joe Rogan is a media personality and host of the Joe Rogan Podcast

  • Joe Rogan: I REALLY hope you get Twitter. If you do, we should throw a hell of a party.

  • Elon: 💯

2022-04-23 to 2022-04-26: “Mike Pop” <> Elon Musk

  • "Mike Pop": For sure

  • Mike: defiantly things can be better and more culturally engaged

  • Mike: I think you're in a unique position to broker better AI to detect bots the second they pop up

  • Elon: ["liked" above]

  • [2022-04-026] Mike: When do I start boss

  • Elon: It will take at least a few months to dose the deal

  • Mike: ["loved" above]

2022-04-25: Bret Taylor <> Elon Musk

Brett Taylor was Twitter Chairman and is CEO of Salesforce

  • Bret: Time for a quick check in?
  • Bret: Will call you back
  • Bret: In a bit
  • Elon: Ok
  • Bret:

  • Elon: ["loved" above]
  • Elon: Thank you
  • Bret: Here to make this successful in any way I can
  • Elon: ["liked" above]

2022-04-25 to 2022-04-26: Elon Musk <> Parag Agrawal

Parag Agrawal was Twitter CEO

  • Elon to Parag: Can I call you later? I have the SpaceX exec staff meeting right now. Will be done in half an hour. Do you need to talk before then?

  • Parag: No -can talk in 30!

  • Elon: ["liked above]

  • [2022-04-26] Elon: Good question ...

  • Elon:

2022-04-25: Jack Dorsey <> Elon Musk

Jack Dorsey cofounded Twitter and was CEO before Parag Agrawal

  • jack: Thank you ❤️

  • Elon: ["loved" above]

  • Elon: I basically following your advice!

  • jack: I know and I appreciate you. This is the right and only path. I'll continue to do whatever it takes to make it work.

  • Elon: ["liked" above]

2022-04-25: Elon Musk <> Tim Urban

Tim Urban is the creator of Wait But Why

  • Elon to Tim Urban: Absolutely
  • Tim: i haven't officially started my podcast yet but if you think it would be helpful, i'd be happy to record a conversation with you about twitter to ask some of the most common questions and let you expand upon your thoughts Tim Urban
  • Tim: but only if it would be helpful to you
  • Elon: Suee
  • Tim: Any day or time that's best for you? And best location? I'm in LA but can zip over to Austin if you're there.
  • Elon: Probably in a few weeks
  • Tim: ["liked" above]

2022-04-25: Michael Grimes <> Elon Musk

Michael Grimes works at Morgan Stanley

  • Michael Grimes: Do you have 5 minutes to connect on possible meeting tomorrow I believe you will want to take?

  • Elon: Will call in about half an hour

  • Michael: Sam Bankman Fried is why I'm calling

  • Elon: ??

  • Elon: I'm backlogged with a mountain of critical work matters. ls this urgent?

  • Michael: Wants 1-Sb. Serious about partner w/you. Same security you own

  • Michael: Not urgent unless you want him to fly tomorrow. He has a window tomorrow then he's wed-Friday booked

  • Michael: Could do $5bn if everything vision lock. Would do the engineering for social media blockchain integration. Founded FTX crypto exchange. Believes in your mission. Major Democratic donor. So thought it was potentially worth an hour tomorrow a la the Orlando meeting and he said he could shake hands on 5 if you like him and I think you will. Can talk when you have more time not urgent but if tomorrow works it could get us $5bn equity in an hour

  • Elon: Blockchain twitter isn't possible, as the bandwidth and latency requirements cannot be supported by a peer to peer network, unless those "peers" are absolutely gigantic, thus defeating the purpose of a decentralized network.

  • Elon: ["disliked" "Could do $5bn ..."]

  • Elon: So long as I don't have to have a laborious blockchain debate

  • Elon: Strange that Orlando declined

  • Elon: Please let him know that I would like to talk and understand why he declined

  • Elon: Does Sam actually have $3B liquid?

  • Michael: I think Sam has it yes. He actually said up to 10 at one point but in writing he said up to 5. He's into you. And he specifically said the blockchain piece is only if you liked it and not gonna push it. Orlando referred Sams interest to us and will be texting you to speak to say why he (Orlando) declined. We agree orlando needs to call you and explain given everything he said to us and you. Will make that happen We can push Sam to next week but I do believe you will like him. Ultra Genius and doer builder like your formula. Built FTX from scratch after MIT physics. Second to Bloomberg in donations to Biden campaign.

2022-04-25 to 2022-04-28: Elon Musk <> David Sacks

David Sacks founded Yammer and is a VC

  • Elon to David Sacks

  • David Sacks: RT'd

  • David: Justin Amash (former congressman who's liberterian and good on free speech) asked for an intro to you: "I believe I can be helpful to Twitter's team going forward-thinking about how to handle speech and moderation, how that intersects with ideas about governance, how to navigate actual government (including future threats to Section 230), etc.-and I'd love to connect with Elon if he's interested in connecting (I don't have a direct way to contact him). I believe my experience and expertise can be useful, and my genera! outlook aligns with his stated goals. Thanks. All the best." Please LMK if you want to connect with him.

  • David

  • Elon: I don't own twitter yet

  • David: Understood.

  • [2022-04-28] Elon: Do you and/or find want to invest in the take private?

  • Elon: *fund

  • David: Yes but I don't have a vehicle for it (Craft is venture} so either I need to set up an SPV or just do it personally. If the latter, my amount would be mice-nuts in relative terms but I would be happy to participate to support the cause.

  • Elon: Up to you

  • David: Ok cool, let me know.

  • David: I'm in personally and will raise an SPV too if that works for you.

  • Elon: Sure

2022-04-26: James Murdoch <> Elon Musk

James Murdoch is the son of Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox

  • James Murdoch: Thank you. I will link you up. Also will call when same of the dust settles. Hope all's ok..

  • Elon: ["liked" above]

2022-04-26: Kathryn Murdoch, James Murdoch, and Elon Musk

James Murdoch is the son of Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox. Kathryn Murdoch is his wife and calls herself “a radical centrist”

  • Kathryn Murdoch: Will you bring back Jack?

  • Elon: Jack doesn't want to come back. He is focused on Bitcoin.

2022-04-27: Maddie, Larry Ellison’s Assistant <> Elon Musk

Maddie seems to be Larry Ellison’s Assistant

  • [redacted]: Hi Elon, This is Maddie, Larry Ellison's assistant. Larry asked that I connect the head of his family office, Paul Marinelli, with the head of yours. Would you please share their contact details? Alternatively, please provide them with Paul's: Cell: [...] Email: [...]

  • Elon: [Jared's email]

  • [redacted]: Thank you.

2022-04-27: Marc Benoiff <> Elon Musk

Marc Benoiff is the co-CEO of Salesforce alongside Larry Ellison

  • Marc Benoiff Happy to talk about it if this is interesting: Twitter conversational OS-the townsquare for your digital life.

  • Elon: Well I don't own it yet

2022-04-27: Reid Hoffman <> Elon Musk

Reid Hoffman is a VC. Satya is presumably Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

  • Reid Hoffman [VC] Great. I will put you in touch with Satya.

  • Elon: Sounds good

  • Elon: Do you want to invest in Twitter take private?

  • Reid: It's way beyond my resources. I presume you are not interested in ventures$.

  • Elon: There is plenty of financial support, but you're a friend, so just letting you know you'd get priority. VC money is fine if you want.

  • Reid: Very cool! OK -if I were to put together$, what size could you make available? [unclear emoji, some kind of smiling face]

  • Elon: Whatever you'd like. I will just cut back others.

  • Elon: I would need to know the approximate by next week

  • Reid: What would be the largest $ that would be ok? I consulted with our LPs, and I have strong demand. Would be fun!

  • Elon: $2B?

  • Reid: Great. Probably doable -let me see.

  • Elon: Can be less if easier. The round is oversubscribed, so I just have to tell other investors what their allocation is ideally bv early next week.

  • Elon: Should I connect you with the Morgan Stanley team?

  • Reid: Yes please. Especially with the terms, etc. I know Michael Grimes, btw.

  • Elon: Please feel free to call him directly

  • [group chat message connecting Reid to Jared Birchall]

  • Reid: OK-I'll do that. (Trying to simplify your massively busy life.) The Morgan Stanley deal team is truly excellent and I don't say such things lightly.

  • [group chat messages between Reid and Jared to exchange emails]

  • Reid: Indeed! I took U public and the MSFT-U deal with them!

2022-04-27: Viv Hantusch <> Elon Musk

Viv Hantusch is a fan of Tesla (did a podcast with Elon)

  • Viv Hantusch: From a social perspectives-Twitter allowing for high quality video uploads (1080p at a minimum) & adding a basic in-app video editor would have quite a big impact I think. Especially useful for citizen journalism & fun educational content. Might even help Twitter regain market share lost to TikTok

  • Elon: Agreed

  • Elon: Twrtter can't monetize video yet, so video is a loss for Twitter and for the those who post

  • Elon: Twitter needs better guidance

  • Viv: Yeah, 100%

  • Viv: They should have a subscription that's actually useful (unlike Twitter Blue haha)

  • Elon: Totally

2022-04-27: Satya Nadella, Reid Hoffman, and Elon Musk

Satya Nadella is CEO of Microsoft. Reid Hoffman is a VC

  • Elon, Satya: as indicated, this connects the two of you by text and phone.
  • Satya: Thx Reid. Efon -will text and coordinate a time to chat. Thx

2022-04-27: Satya Nadella <> Elon Musk

Satya Nadella is CEO of Microsoft

  • Satya: Hi Elon .. Let me know when you have time to chat. can do tomorrow evening or weekend. Look forward to it. Thx Satya

  • Elon: I can talk now if you want

  • Satya: Calling

  • Satya: Thx for the chat. Will stay in touch. And will for sure follow-up on Teams feedback!

  • Elon: sounds good :)

2022-04-27: Elon Musk <> Brian Acton

Brian Acton is interim CEO of Signal

  • Elon to Brian Acton: Trying to figure out what to do with Twitter DMs. They should be end to end encrypted (obv). Dunno if better to have redundancy with Signal or integrate it.

2022-04-27: Elon Musk <> Bret Taylor

Brett Taylor was Twitter Chairman and is CEO of Salesforce

  • Elon to Bret Taylor: I'd like to convey some critical elements of the transition plan. Is there a good time for us to talk tonight? Happy to have anyone from Twitter on the call.

  • Elon: My biggest concern is headcount and expense growth. Twitter has ~3X the head count per unit of revenue of other social media companies, which is very unhealthy in my view.

2022-04-28: Jared Birchall, Sam Bankman-Fried, and Elon Musk

Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) was CEO of crypto exchange FTX. Jared Birchall is CEO of Neurallink and Elon Musk’s right-hand man

  • Jared Birchall: Elon -connecting you with SBF.

  • Sam BF: Hey!


Steve Jurvetson is a VC

  • Steve Jurvetson [VC]
  • Steve: If you are looking for someone to run the Twitter revamping .... perhaps as some kind of CXO under you ... Emil Michael is a friend that just offered that idea. Genevieve loved working for him at Klout. He went on to become Chief Business Officer of Uber for 2013-17.
  • Elon: I don't have a Linkedin account
  • Elon: I don't think we will have any CXO titles
  • Steve: OK. Are you looking to hire anyone, or do you plan to run it?
  • Steve: <Attachmente-image/jpeg-Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at5.49.53 PM.jpeg>
  • steve: This is his experience prior to Uber:
  • Elon: Please send me anyone who actually writes good software
  • Steve: Ok, no management; good coders, got it.
  • Elon: Yes
  • Elon: Twitter is a software company (or should be)
  • Steve: Yes. My son at Reddit and some other young people come to mind. I was thinking about who is going to manage the software people (to prioritize and hit deadlines), and I guess that's you.
  • Elon: I will oversee software development