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If Arduino Boards were Dog Breeds

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For Arduino novices (and dog lovers), this might be a good resource to get acquainted with the different varieties of boards/microprocessors available.

Arduino Uno: Golden Retriever

Well-loved and ubiquitous, if not a little pricey. You see these everywhere.

Arduino Mega: Alaskan Malamute

Probably a little bigger than you need for your purposes, but they look darn good. Won’t fit in a standard project housing.

Arduino Esplora: Border Collie

Always up for a good romp. Like to play. Also come with onboard sensors.

LilyPad Arduino: Chihuahua

Some people like to use these as fashion accessories. Fit quite nicely in a purse.

LightBlue Bean: Pomeranian

Good communications skills. Come in a small form factor.

LightBlue Bean+: Beagle

Good communications skills. Come in a slightly larger form factor.

ATtiny85: Corgi

Not very smart, but they’re darn cute and you see a lot of them around.

Moteino: German Shepard

You can hear their bark for miles, with some with antenna tweaks.

Cortex M0: Shetland Sheepdog

Smarter than all the other dogs, but no one seems to have any.


An enigma to the majority of the human race. Just stick with dogs.

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