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Report Week #28

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@aworkerAnton Cherkasov, CEO Aworker

May 16 — May 22

Hope everything is great, guys. Aworker team had a crazy week with four blockchain conferences and hackathons, AMA session, and more exciting events. Find out more about all of them in the report.

Key events of the week:

  1. AMA session with Aworker founders
  2. Aworker CEO at the Human Capital Convention
  3. Aworker team at the World Blockchain Summit
  4. Publications on the HackerNoon
  5. Publication on the Decentralize Today
  6. Joseph Lowe is the newest member of the Advisory Board
  7. Publication in Qukuaiwang
  8. Video review
  9. Publication in new listings

AMA session with Aworker founders

Last Thursday we had AMA session on Facebook LIVE with myself and Aworker HR partner and co-founder Michael Barkov. We discussed recent Aworker news and answered the most popular questions from Telegram members.

All videos from previous AMA session you can find on the new Aworker Youtube channel.

We also had lots of questions about the T-shirts, so we are considering making more of them for you!

I want to thank everyone who joined us for the session and watched our video after that. We will have these live sessions more often, so stay tuned!

Aworker CEO at the Human Capital Convention

Recently I went to the Human Capital Convention as an expert to evaluate projects in the Human Resources industry. I also spoke in front of the guests of the conference which was cool because I like hearing interesting questions from the audience which I was happy to answer. I would like to thank the organizers for the great event and everyone who attended!

Aworker team at the World Blockchain Summit

This weekend we went to the World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit with the members of Aworker core team myself included. It was a two-day conference for blockchain powered projects and crypto enthusiasts from different industries including the Advisor of the President of Russian Federation to meet in one place.

We got to meet a lot of interesting people with whom we’d like to collaborate in the future. I also gave a speech about the potential for the Recruitment Industry to grow with the blockchain technology implementation.

Here are some photos from the event.

Publications on the HackerNoon

Centralized Giants Move To the Decentralization — Here Is Why

Description: Recently the CoinTelegraph shared the news about Microsoft and Amazon considering implementation of the blockchain even though it goes against their centralized values. These companies simply can’t ignore the decentralization because it has become apparent that blockchain is the future.

You can read the full article in the HackerNoon.

American Dream: Where To Find a Job In the United States

Description: Every year thousands of people fly to the US to build better lives for themselves and find better jobs. Not all of them succeed, as you might’ve noticed. To stay ahead of the curve and give yourself a fighting chance to get hired, you’ll need more than a Facebook resume. You need to be active on the best job search sites out there.

You can read the full article in the HackerNoon.

Publications on the Decentralize Today

I recently posted an article titled: ‘Two Men in Singapore Face More Than 400 Charges for Recruitment Scam’.

Description: The Commercial Affairs Division and Ministry of Manpower (MOM) charged two Singaporean men for running the sham employment businesses that fraudulently collected fees from foreign job seekers.

Terry Tan-Soo I-Hse, 39 years old, and Clarence Lim Jun Yao, 30 years old, face a total of 442 charges for using three scam companies that took fees from more than 300 foreign job seekers for jobs that did not exist.

To read the full story visit Decentralize Today.

The Newest Aworker Advisor: Joseph Lowe

I am excited to announce the new member of Aworker Advisory Board, Joseph Lowe.

Joseph Lowe is a Certified Cryptocurrency Expert by Blockchain Council. Oct 2017 till Feb 2018 Joseph was appointed as a Strategist to the CoinHealth Community, an innovative blockchain startup dedicated to decentralized EHR, biometric wearables, and incentivizing the user to become healthier by token rewards in a gamified experience. In April 2018, Joseph joined Jury.Online as an Arbiter. As a Certified Expert. He is not an Advisor in name only, but he has experience, certification and a proven background to deliver.

With a history of successful bootstrap startups, Joseph can help Aworker to improve current marketing strategy and give valuable pieces of advice on other sides of the project development.

Read the full release in our Medium blog.

Review on Daily Fintech

We recently found Aworker review at the Chinese website www.qukuaiwang.com.cn It is always great to see the words about Aworker internationally.

You can read the full article here.

Video reviews

Relevant, a Youtube channel about promising projects in Russian, made a review on the Aworker. In the video, authors go through Aworker one-pager and explain the main advantages of the project and its’ potential to disrupt the recruitment industry.

You can watch the full video on the Youtube.

Publication on new listings

It’s nice to see how Aworker increases its presence on listings.

This week we appeared on these sites:

Thanks for taking time and reading this report!


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