I looked through all 14,227 photos from the Apollo Missions. Here’s what I found. by@Soundnoodle

I looked through all 14,227 photos from the Apollo Missions. Here’s what I found.

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Jared Kinsler

The views are out of this world.

I don’t think I could get anything done with that view.

There’s no flag waving in space.

Prior to the Apollo missions, the United Nations passed a treaty stating, “outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation.” But a young NASA engineer, Tom Moser, was tasked with creating a flag in secret that could be deployed on the moon. “Someone in Congress said ‘make it happen,’” he said. So he created a collapsible flagpole with extendable horizontal rods sewn into the seams and snuck it onto the shuttle hours before the Apollo 11 launch.

Do you see the rods sewn into the fabric of the flag?

When Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong tried to set up the flag they ran into a snag. “As hard as we tried, the telescope wouldn’t fully extend. Thus the flag which should have been flat had its own permanent wave.” Said Astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

Sorry folks, Stanley Kubrick didn’t stage the moon landing.

Driving on the moon rules!

Until you get stuck in a moon ditch.


Collapsible space bottles are fantastic.

It’s so eco-friendly and a great example of form following function.

No need to pack light when everything weighs less.

Hey, where are you going with my bags!

Moon Warrior Goddess is real!

Do you see the silhouette of her face?

Turtle Warrior is also real!

Do you see his shield or his tiny and pointy hat?

Forget no-gravity pens, I want these space shades!

Duct tape saved the lives of the Apollo 13 crew

A little ingenuity and duct tape were able to give the Apollo 13 crew a fighting chance of making it home. Here’s the makeshift filter that saved their lives.

Duct tape is as good as they say.

With cardboard to hold its shape and duct tape to prevent leaking, the crew aboard Apollo 13 were able to stabilize the ship’s air filtration system.

It ain’t pretty but it worked!

What does this goopy meter indicate?

“Houston, we have a…I’m not sure what we have here.”

Astronauts are fantastic photographers

If YOU have the camera, how am I taking this picture?

Want to see more photos from Apollo? Here’s a link to the rest of the high-resolution photos captured by astronauts on the Apollo missions—1961 to 1972.

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