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Believe it or not: GitHub edition

Developing on a collaborative social network such as GitHub may be productive but at the same time can be mysterious. Here are a few interesting facts about GitHub.

16 year-old issue found in 9 year-old GitHub using 12 year-old Git.

An issue has been found which was formed even before GitHub was established or Git was released. Take a look at it here

“Sounds like my relationship with my dad. “— Xirious on Reddit
16 year-old issue

A man who had been committing on GitHub continuously for 100 years.

Ciro Santilli, a humble man has been committing on GitHub for over 100 years. Unfortunately, his dedication was not perceived well by others and GitHub decided to hide his contributions. Take a look at his profile here

Committing for over 100 years
Learn more about this in the words of Ciro Santilli here.

You can make Linus Torvalds commit on your GitHub repository

In general, you can make a commit on anyone’s behalf and consider it as a claim to fame.

The trick is to change your git to the same email that is linked to the GitHub account of the person whom you want to make a precious commit.

Try out this command:

git config — global “

Following this, try pushing a commit on GitHub from your terminal and enjoy!

See why Linus Torvalds does not commit on GitHub here

A man who has lost his GitHub contribution graph.

Ciro Santilli has lost his contribution graph. Take a look at his mysterious profile here
Luckily, you can take a look at how his graph would look like now using this feature of Repository Hunter.

Can you help find his graph?

An username extending vertically indefinitely.

Usernames can extend vertically infinitely as well. Take a look at his mysterious profile here

He/ She, certainly, has a tall name.

You can make a commit on a date before your birth!

Try out the following command: git commit --date="Sat Jan 01 10:00 2000 +0100" for making a commit dated 1st January 2000.

Patterns within the GitHub contribution graph

Often, you will find beautiful patterns in contribution graph and it might seem to be the result of a persistent effort. In fact, it can be produced through automation as a consequence of the above fact.

“Hi there”

GitHub, Inc. was originally known as Logical Awesome LLC

Check out the present Logical Awesome LLC site here

Logical Awesome LLC
There are a lot of other interesting facts on GitHub at Repository Hunter.
GitHub is, in fact, a network of mystery.

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