A Search Engine that works offline — OpenGenus Quark by@adityatakesnote

A Search Engine that works offline — OpenGenus Quark

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Since the last decade, our World has been moving to social from searching. Still, the basic human act on the Internet is search. This supports the high traffic that is enjoyed by search engines like Google, Bing and others.

Can we enjoy searching in situation of no internet?

Yes. OpenGenus Foundation is on its mission to bring the best parts of the internet offline and we have our first Offline Search Engine.

In recent times, we have seen two faces of our future. On one hand, internet coverage is rapidly expanding through innovative projects like Project Loon and is getting cheaper day by day. On the other hand, we had a glimse of a World with limited connectivity. Opposition to net neutrality and the 60% of the World’s population being disconnected alarms our future.

If you are reading this, you are lucky. You enjoyed the internet.

One of the central use of the internet is to learn. The journey of learning and human endeavour is endless. Yet on the basic level, we tend to search the same things over and over and this is the reason why search history works so well and is a precious information.

Every generation of students search nearly the same thing that the previous generation searched for.

If a generation collects this information, then the next generation can reduce its search time.

One of the core objective of OpenGenus Foundation is to reduce the time spend on searching and increase the time spend learning.

This search engine has been the outcome of a massive collaboration that started a couple of months back. Over 800 people have left a mark in history.

We are heading towards an Offline World.
The World’s first Offline Search Engine

This is the first version and can be though of as a preview of a great product coming soon. The present search engine resolves the problem for programmers. Coders tend to search for implementation of a particular algorithm or data-structure in their favorite language.

Implementation is quite useful as people tend to expand existing code to build the next big thing.

How can David search if there is no internet?
How can DHH search bubble sort if there is no internet?

The same question is posed to millions of people around the World.

The answer to all such query is use OpenGenus Quark.

It comes as an extension and works offline just for you. This is the next thing that you need to take your learning to the next level. The search engine returns code for all kinds of algorithms and data structures and is the prefect tool to reassure us of our future.

The best part is the OpenGenus Foundation runs through an open culture and you can join too and leave a mark in World history. This search engine does not track you, so, your searching is private.

Go and search that code you have been told to write!

You can use the search engine by downloading a chrome extension and clicking on the icon that appears on your browser.

Let us make our future stable and great

OpenGenus: OpenGenus.org ; GitHub ;

World’s first Offline Search Engine: OpenGenus Quark

Stay tuned for further exciting updates from the massive group that runs OpenGenus Foundation.


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