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Do’s and Don’ts of Using Hashtags to Be the Real Game Changer of Social Media Marketing

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Do’s and Don’t’s of Using Hashtags to Be the Real Game Changer of Social Media Marketing.
Who doesn’t want hundreds of followers and thousands
‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on a social media post? With the advent of social media, the face of marketing is changing every day. People have to cope up with the new trends in order to be a part of this rat race. Did you notice that hashtags are taking over social media all over? The most unused and forgotten character on your keyboard has become the real game-changer in the world of ‘social media marketing.’ 
 Sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr have made
hashtag their best friend to organize content and make it more engaging for the people. According to research conducted by ‘BuddyMedia’ one single hashtag has the power to increase readers’ engagement by 100%. Unbelievable, Right? 
However, there are still a lot of social media marketers who either do not know the new trend or have failed to nail it properly. Being unaware of the proper usage of this hack, they are unable to build up a good user base and engage them with their creative contents. While the power of the hashtag is undeniable, using it improperly is not going to help you in any way.Here are some essential Do’s and Don’ts of hashtag use in your social media marketing and bring potential customers. So are you ready to boost your business? Read on! 
The way to effective hashtags- Do’s of hashtag usage 
1.      Know the perfect words: If you think that putting hashtags with every word of your post is the best way, you are utterly wrong. The primary purpose of this little character is to organize the content and help customers find it easily.Thus, the primary way to do it is to put a hashtag before the words that are directly connected to the search words. 
For example, if you have written content on simple beauty
hacks, you need to put hashtags before the word that are directly connected to the content. Your customer might search like #beautyhacks, #skinproblems #glowingskin, etc. Now, if you put a hashtag before words like #properdiet #healthyphysique, your content will not be relatable anymore. 
Hashtags are much focused and to-the-point. Therefore,
you have to hit the bull’s eye tactfully to get the desired result. 
2.      Test your content
Marketing is all about experiment and tests. Before putting hashtags in your social media contents and posts, you need to test the platform you intend to use. It is essential to understand what relates perfectly to your customers. You must do proper research before uploading a post. Look for the most useful words before you give the final call. 
After all, perfection matters! 
Targeting customers is the most challenging thing in marketing. You need to understand the vast market and target your customers in a specific market base. When you get to know the preferences of your customers,
testing will become more comfortable for you. 
3.      Be creative with your hashtags
You should remember that using hashtags is the way to showcase your creative mind. It is not necessary to mention your brand name in your hashtags. You can include a lot of popular hashtags to highlight your
content and increase the accessibility of it. For example, if you are an
e-retailer for footwear, you can go with the popular hashtag #tuesdayshoesday.
This is indeed a smart move to draw the attention of all shoe aficionados
According to the experts of sitespower, the more creative you will be with your hashtags, the better engagement rates you can ensure. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your thinking cap and get ready to bring in more customers. 
4.      Do make it simple
At the end of the day, hashtags are promotion and aim to enhance the business. Hence, there is no point of making your hashtags difficult that users are unable to comprehend and have no clues about them. You
can create and use hashtags which your readers can also use in their posts. A food chain business first started the hashtag #foodporn or #foosgasm. Now, the hashtag has become so popular that people used these on their own Instagram posts. 
So, simple keywords with an essence of creativity are the key to success. 
5.      Streamline your hashtags for social media 
Finally, you need to use hashtags according to the need of the social media platform you use. Twitter requires a formal tone for the hashtags that carry a purposeful message. On the other hand, Instagram posts are
full of unique and creative hashtags. You can break the mould and go for
experimenting if you want. 
Make sure to transform your hashtag in a successful call to action. Encourage or even compel your customers to share the posts as much
as possible. Drive your business to a new level of success by utilizing
hashtags to its best. 
Get over the cringe-worthy way—Don’t of hashtags usage
1.      Don’t pack your posts with too many hashtags
This is indeed surprising that posts with a lesser number
of hashtags have more share and popularity than others. It is wise to use three hashtags per post. Over stuffing the post with lots of hashtags can ruin the post and cannot assure engagement of the customers. Enlisting your post under a lot of hashtags can make them all useless. 
Use trendy and worthy hashtags in your post is the cleverest way to keep your readers stick to your post. 
2.      Don’t go for ALL CAPS hashtag
Post with all CAPS hashtag can turn off the ‘interest point’ of your content. DM or emails with excessive capitals can instantly make you irritated. As you know, hashtags are the way to interact with the target audience. You would not want your readers to scroll down without even noticing your post. Thus, avoid using ALL CAPS unless you use acronyms like #WHO, #NASA, #LOL, etc. 
3.      Don't make your hashtag way too long
A lot of social media marketers make this mistake and fail to win the war. Faculties of marketing associated with sitespower.com suggest keeping your hashtags small and catchy. Every time you try to come up with new hashtags for promoting your business, keep in mind the character limitation of Twitter posts. It is best to chop off long sentences and use simple and short hashtags. Otherwise, your readers can get distracted. 
4.      Do not ever punctuate your hashtag 
In the case of a hashtag, avoiding punctuation is the best. You can use an occasional underscore is alright; anything more than this can be hashtag heresy. Punctuation can break the hashtag and make it look incomplete. 
Wrapping it up 
If you are a budding social media marketer, these do’s and don’t’s suggestions can come real handy. Follow the rules discussed in this post and be the inspiration of other social media marketers. Promote your brand by using the best way of hashtags. If you find it too difficult to do it on your own, a proper course can help you learn the essential techniques of marketing. You can opt for a social media marketing course in sitespower.com to learn from the basic. Good luck for your brand
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