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How to Use Github's README Feature to Track Your Stats in One Click

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Github recently released profile README feature, which became a hit among developers. As it provides good place to showcase current projects and skills, many addons like

has been developed.

I got tired of updating my github profile README again and again to get:

  • uniformity in dev/social icons
  • cool and minimal look
  • new features like visitors-count or github-stats

So I came up with an amazing tool to make this an easy experience. Github Profile README Generator tool provides a beautiful UI to create the same.

It lets you add the latest add-ons like visitors count, shields, dev icons, github stats, etc to your README in just one click.

Just fill the details like

Dev Platforms Username
Current Work
Portfolio, Blog
etc using minimal UI.

πŸš€ Try the tool: https://rahuldkjain.github.io/gh-profile-readme-generato

Click on

Generate README
button after filling the form, to get your README in markdown. You can preview the README too.

This project is developed using Gatsby and can be found on github


Give it a try if it sounds interesting.

If you like the tool, show some love by leaving a star 🌟 on github repository at https://github.com/rahuldkjain/github-profile-readme-generator


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